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Udemy Review 2022: Should You Sell Your Online Course on Udemy?

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Udemy Review

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Udemy is a US-based online enrichment and education course provider. The platform enables subscribers to watch different courses and educational content on demand. Udemy was founded in 2009 and currently has over 44 million students, 183,000 courses, and 65 course instructors. If you have a passion or a skill, you can teach a course on Udemy and get paid for sharing your knowledge with others.



Legit & Safe


Earning Potential

Ease of Use


  • Wide target audience of learners – Udemy has over 44 million students and over 480 enrolments, so you are likely to be able to find willing students.
  • Earn passive income – there are 0 fees to publish your courses on the platform. You can earn each time a student watches one of your courses.
  • Fast processing time for payouts – receive your funds in your bank account within 1 to 2 working days from the time you request a withdrawal.
  • Short minimum course duration – each course only needs to have at least 30 minutes of video content and at least 5 lecture or learning modules.


  • Maximum pricing limit – Udemy operates on a per course basis and you can only charge up to $199.99 per course and cannot offer monthly subscriptions.
  • Potentially high fees – if a student purchases your course without using your coupon or link, you will only get 37% of the profit from the sale.

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What is Udemy & How Does it Work?

Udemy is one of the largest online learning and teaching marketplaces that currently has over 130,000 courses and 35 million students.

Since Udemy’s mission is to improve lives through learning, they have provided a global marketplace that features extensive, multi-language courses about a range of topics taught by expert instructors.

On the other hand, Udemy gives you as an expert an opportunity to put your courses in front of its large audience of students who are eager to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

To simplify the learning process even more, Udemy provides an app for iOS and Android devices. This way, students can learn the courses on the go.

Is Udemy Legit?

Udemy is a legitimate company that’s been around the world since 2009.

Customer reviews on App Store (4.8/5-star rating) and Google Play (4.5/5-star rating) also confirm the legitimacy of the company.

However, Udemy cannot boast with Trustpilot reviews (rating of 2.5) and the Better Business Bureau rating of D-. Nevertheless, most of the negative reviews on these platforms mention that they have bought useless courses, which is not the direct flaw of Udemy. On the other hand, Udemy instructor reviews show us that you can leverage the Udemy student base and succeed as an instructor.

How Much Can You Make Selling Online Courses on Udemy?

How much you can make selling online courses on Udemy is a fairly subjective question. There are instructors who make $20,000 per month while many aren’t making a single cent.

But the difference between those high earning instructors and people who aren’t making money on the platform is the huge efforts successful instructors have made to reach that earning point.

Just like any other business, selling courses on Udemy requires research and hard work before you get profitable.

However, there are a number of limitations on the platform that you cannot avoid. First of all, no matter how extensive your course is, you can’t price it for more than $199.99. Moreover, since Udemy handles the marketing part of your courses, they often set your course on the sale, bringing it down to $9.99.

What Topics Can You Teach on Udemy?

Udemy lets you publish an online course about almost any topic (except for the restricted ones of course).

On the other hand, you cannot teach topics related to:

  • Sexuality
  • Nudity and attire
  • Dating and relationships
  • Weapons instruction
  • Violence and bodily harm
  • Animal cruelty
  • Illegal or unethical activities
  • Misinformation and misleading content 
  • Sensitive or otherwise inappropriate topics or language
  • Content for young people

Check out the Udemy’s Restricted Topics page for more information.

Top Udemy Categories

Udemy offers courses in a range of categories, including top categories like:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • IT & Software
  • Personal Development
  • Business
  • Photography
  • Music

Top-Selling Courses on Udemy

Some of the best selling topics on Udemy include:

  • Python
  • AWS Certification
  • Excel
  • Web Development
  • Data Science
  • Javascript
  • Microsoft Certification
  • Unity
  • Machine Learning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • English Language
  • Project Management

Udemy Course Requirements for Instructors

When it comes to publishing your course, Udemy requires you to have at least 30 minutes of video content and at least 5 lectures or learning modules.

Udemy course length: from 30 minutes to 100 hours.

Additionally, Udemy needs to ensure that students have a great learning experience. That’s why they perform a Quality Review Process that your course will go through before it rolls out to the larger audience.

But what are the criteria your course gets reviewed upon? Let’s check it out.

Udemy Course Quality Checklist

Udemy has broken down its Course Quality Guideline into 2 parts: required and recommended. Let’s take a look at both segments.

HD video quality (720p or 1080p)Lots of engagement from your side
Good audio quality – Audio that comes out of both channels and is synced to videoSuper helpful supplemental resources
Minimum of 5 lecturesAn innovative approach to presenting the material
At least 30 minutes of video content
Source: Udemy Course Quality Checklist

Udemy Pricing / Udemy Fees for Instructors

There’s no fee associated with creating and hosting a course on Udemy and you can publish as many free and paid courses as you’d like.

If you’re wondering how’s that even possible, let me tell you: Udemy operates completely on the revenue share model.

Now, let’s break down how the Udemy revenue share model works.

1. Instructor Promotion

You’ll get a 97% revenue share on sales made by you – meaning when students purchase your course using your coupon code or course referral link.

2. Udemy Organic

You’ll get a 50% revenue share when students find your course organically – meaning they purchase without your coupon code or referral link. 

Note: For sales made through iOS and Android apps, Apple and Google charge a 30% fee of the total sale.

3. Paid User Acquisition Channel Sales

You’ll get a 25% revenue share in most cases. In order for Udemy to help you optimize your sales, they partner with affiliates globally, who advertise your course. In this case, the revenue share may vary depending on the partner or costs of advertising. But Udemy sets aside 75% to pay for advertising costs and pay to partners who advertise your course.

Note: You can control your inclusion via the Udemy Marketing Boost program.

How to Make Money on Udemy? Selling Your Online Courses on Udemy

Once you have an online course wrapped up according to the Udemy requirements, publishing it is a complex, yet pretty straightforward process. That’s why I’ve decided to go through all the steps one by one.

Step 1 – Create Your Course Landing Page

The course landing page (CLP) is the page where potential students will lend after selecting your course. The landing page is one of the most important parts of your Udemy success as students make a decision whether to purchase your course based on the information you include on this page.

Landing page elements you need to include:

  • Course title
  • Course subtitle
  • Course description
  • Course image
  • Preview video
  • Your bio

However, you don’t have to worry about the landing page design itself as Udemy provides a template that’s the same for everyone. 

The only thing you have to deal with is to market your course the best way you can and showcase the value students will get out of it on the CLP.

Step 2 – Price Your Course

You have 2 options when it comes to pricing your course:

  • Free course – you can launch your course as free to generate a following and get your name out there
  • Paid course – alternatively, if you want to charge students right from the start, you can set the price for your courses. Note that you can choose the price between $20 and $200.

Pro tip: When you’re just starting out and trying to find the right course price, consider leveraging discounts strategy. Offering a discount on your course can create a sense of urgency and push its sales.

Step 3 – Submit Your Course for Review

As I’ve mentioned above, the Udemy team reviews each course that instructors publish on their platform. However, the review process doesn’t take long and you’ll know the answer within 2 business days. 

Plus, if for any reason your course gets rejected, Udemy will let you fix the issue and resubmit your course for the new review procedure.

how to sell an online course

Udemy Premium Instructor

While anyone can create a free course on Udemy, you need to become a premium instructor to charge students a fee for your courses.

However, there are no fees associated with becoming a Udemy premium instructor and you’ll most likely get approved within 2 days after submitting your application.

Plus, applying as an Udemy premium instructor is simple:

  1. Start building a course
  2. Click the List Price field from the course management page
  3. Enter your price for the course and hit save
  4. Continue with publishing your online course

Get Paid as an Udemy Instructor

Udemy has a convenient and secure payout system. They release all your earnings to your PayPal or Payoneer account every month.

Udemy Pros & Cons


  • Udemy markets your courses for you
  • Passive income opportunity – you create and publish your course once and it sells for unlimited times
  • Leverage the base of over 35 million online learners Udemy has
  • Udemy gives you insights into your target market 


  • No flexible pricing plans – no matter how extensive your course is, you can’t price it for more than $199.99 or offer monthly subscriptions
  • Lack of support – there’s no phone support available, you can only get answers to your questions through the online forum

Is Teaching on Udemy Worth it?

Weighing all the pros and cons Udemy has, I’d say it’s worth teaching on Udemy, especially if you’re a beginner instructor and want to get your name on the market.

The revenue share model is pretty fair – you’ll earn 97% of the sales that you’ve driven to the platform and less if Udemy got you customers.

However, teaching on Udemy might not be a good option for you if you create extensive courses that are valued at more than $200.

Udemy Alternatives

Udemy vs. Teachable

Teachable Summary

  • Low transaction fees from $1 + 10%
  • Get paid instantly with Teachable payments
  • Offer 3 different payment gateways
  • Detailed transaction reports available

Teachable is one of the best alternatives to Udemy. While Teachable is a one-stop-shop platform that lets you easily create and publish your online course, you’re all alone when it comes to marketing. On the other hand, Udemy helps you with the marketing side as well and even advertises your course.

Udemy vs. LearnDash

Udemy and LearnDash have different uses. As we’ve seen, Udemy lets you publish your online course for sale, while LearnDash is a learning management plug-in for WordPress that allows you to easily build courses on your WordPress website.

Udemy vs. Thinkific

Just like Udemy, Thinkific lets you create and publish your online course. However, the main difference between the two platforms is that Udemy helps you with marketing while Thinkific offers flexible site design and requires marketing efforts from your side.

Udemy FAQ

Does Udemy own my course?

No! Udemy provides a marketplace where you publish your online course and all the credits and rights to your content stay yours.

Will Udemy promote my course?

Yes! The best thing about Udemy is that they help you with marketing and may even advertise your course if you opt-in for it.

Does Udemy offer money-back guarantee to itsstudents?

Yes, Udemy offers 30-day money-back guarantee and if for any reason a student requests a refund within this timeframe, Udemy issues the refund from your account automatically.


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