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Surveytime Review: Can You Money Completing Surveys?

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Surveytime Review

Surveytime logo

Surveytime is a mobile friendly survey platform, so you can participate in surveys at home or on the go. Most surveys only take a few minutes and you’ll earn $1 each. You’ll even receive notifications everytime a new survey becomes available.



Legit & Safe

Earning Potential

Pay Per Survey

Payout Process


  • Easy to use interface
  • No minimum cash out
  • Available worldwide
  • Earn $1 per survey


  • Lack of available surveys
  • Exclusive referral program where you need to apply

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Compare to Other Survey Sites

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys logo

$0.50 – $5 on average per survey with bonus points ($1 sign up bonus)

Average survey length is 10-20 minutes and minimum withdrawal is $5

Collect rewards in PayPal, Direct Deposit or gift cards (100+ brands)


Swagbucks logo

$0.50 to $2.50 per survey – earn up to $100 each month using Swagbucks

18 unique ways to earn money and free gift cards, plus $5 sign up bonus

Redeem e-gift cards from $1 or withdraw $5 minimum payment from PayPal

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie logo

$0.50 – $3 per survey + extra ways to earn up to $100 with focus groups

Each survey time varies, but on average it takes 15 minutes to complete

Redeem rewards using PayPal, e-giftcards or bank transfer ($5 min)

How Does Surveytime Work?

Surveytime is a survey platform that has been operating since 2018. Owned by, a well-established media company, this company allows you to take surveys and get rewarded instantly.

Surveytime allows you to;

  • Sign up and complete your profile.
  • Complete surveys as they come in and get paid
  • Collect your payment immediately, as soon as you submit your answers

Like most survey sites, Surveytime acts as an intermediary between survey takers and companies offering surveys that pay. This enables the companies to conduct market research about their products and services.

When you complete a Surveytime survey, companies can gain insight into your habits, interests and preferences. The company collects this data from other users to help companies to improve their consumer experience and marketing strategies. 

What sets Surveytime apart from other survey for cash sites is that whenever a new survey is available, the company notifies its members.

How Much Can You Make from Surveytime Online Surveys?

You can expect to make $1 for each completed survey on the site. However, the length of the surveys can vary. While there are many surveys that take less than five minutes, there are others that take up to 15 minutes. 

This means that there is the potential to earn at least $4 per hour, which is significantly higher than many other survey sites, such as Green Panthera

What Is Unique About the Platform

What makes Surveytime quite unique is that there is a survey scan button in the member’s area. When you click this button, the site generates a list of available surveys. Of course, there are not always surveys available, but you can always check back later to see a new list. 

What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on Surveytime?

The Ambassador Program:

This is the exclusive referral/affiliate program. However, unlike many survey sites that simply allow you to refer family and friends, you need to apply to join the Ambassador program. 

Anyone can apply to join, but Surveytime will give preference to members with an active following on YouTube, social media or a blog. If you only plan to refer a few friends, you may struggle to be accepted. 

As an Ambassador, you will earn $1 for each new user who signs up with your unique referral link. However, you’ll only receive this bonus once the new member completes at least one paid survey. 

You’ll receive your referral payments each month via Payoneer, Amazon gift card or PayPal.

Surveytime Reviews: is Surveytime Legit?

Surveytime is a legit platform that pays users for taking surveys hence not a scam.The platform has a number of positive Surveytime review comments on various review sites. 

For instance, it’s rated 4.5 on Trustpilot and 3.7 on Facebook. According to panelists, Surveytime is a reliable platform that lets them make extra money.

Other users also praised them for offering fun and interesting surveys. Unfortunately, some users believe it’s not the best, claiming it offers a  low payment of $1 for all surveys. In addition, they argued that the company is not  quick to respond to their queries.


Who is Surveytime for?

Surveytime is designed for users who want to make extra money online by sharing their opinions. It’s also meant for companies looking for data and opinions on how to improve their consumer experience and marketing strategies.

Who Can Join Surveytime?

Surveytime is far more flexible than most survey platforms. This includes;

  • Age: No requirement, but under 18 years need parental supervision
  • Country: Available worldwide, but those in the US are more likely to get surveys

However, Surveytime does have restrictions on who can use the platform. You will need a verified;

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • PayPal account

How Much Surveytime Points Are Worth?

Surveytime does not reward using a points system. Instead, it offers real dollars which you can withdraw via PayPal and gift cards.

Surveytime Hacks

  • Enable push  and email notification
  • Be honest when taking surveys
  • Take the surveys as soon as they come
  • Regularly update your profile

How to Withdraw Your Survey Earnings

Unlike many survey platforms, Surveytime does not have a minimum redemption level. After you successfully complete a survey, you’ll immediately be redirected to a payment page. Depending on your location, Surveytime will offer a variety of payment methods including:

Once you select your payment method, you’ll receive a confirmation email detailing how you can redeem your reward. Typically PayPal payments can take just a few minutes, but you may need to wait several hours. 

Surveytime Pros and Cons

Surveytime Pros

  • You can set push notifications for email or text, so you’ll get an alert each time a new survey becomes available. 
  • Simple and easy to use platform
  • While there is no Surveytime app, the site is mobile-friendly  
  • No minimum cashout

Surveytime Cons

  • Surveys vary in length
  • No disqualification compensation

How to Sign Up With Surveytime

To get started with Surveytime;

  • Visit the website and click on join
  • Choose to sign up with Google, Facebook or email
  • Provide your name and address to allow Surveytime to establish your demographics 
  • Confirm your email to verify your account
  • Complete your profile
  • Start receiving survey notifications

Once you verify your account, the platform will generate a secure password. This is necessary for Surveytime login each time you want to complete a survey. 

The entire sign up process takes up to 15 minutes.

Surveytime Review Verdict: is Surveytime Worth It?

SurveyTime offers opportunities to earn money by taking surveys. Besides its well-designed website, it’s easy to use and has a secure instant payout system.

Moreover, they’ll notify you automatically if there are surveys available for you. 

If you are patient and committed you can make up to $1 per survey. This is perhaps all you can ask for in a survey site, which makes it quite legit.

However, there are some downsides with the platform. For instance, you can only redeem your earnings via PayPal or gift cards. Nevertheless, the platform works well for those who want to use it as a side hustle to make extra money.

Sites Like Surveytime

CompanySurveytimeBranded SurveysSurvey JunkieSwagbucks
Logo surveytime logo branded-surveys logo survey-junkie logo swagbucks logo
Pay per survey$1$0.3 to $3$2 to $5$0.05 to $2.50
Minimum withdrawal$None$5$5$3
Best forAmbassador programMobile surveysFocus groupsElectronic gift cards

Surveytime vs. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys Summary

  • $1 sign up bonus
  • Earn $0.50-$5 on average per survey
  • Average survey length is 15 min
  • Pays by bank transfer, PayPal & gift cards

Branded Surveys is a legitimate website that pays users for taking surveys. While Branded Surveys is available to members living in the USA, Canada, and the UK, Surveytime is available worldwide. Branded Surveys also let you make $0.3 to $3 compared to Surveytime, which offers $1.

In terms of withdrawal threshold, Branded Surveys allows you to withdraw at least $5 compared to Surveytime, with no minimum payout threshold. Overall, both platforms offer legit opportunities, with Surveytime offering a faster way to start earning.

Surveytime vs Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Summary

  • $0.50-$3 average earnings per survey
  • Extra points if you screened out of survey
  • Additional ways to earn up to $100
  • Install Survey Junkie extension for bonus

Survey Junkie is another popular survey platform and like Surveytime, you will need to build your profile to access available surveys. While Survey Junkie is open to the residents of the United States, Australia, and Canada, Surveytime is available worldwide.

Survey Junkie also offers $2 to $5 per survey compared to Surveytime’s expected earnings of $1. However, you’ll need to accumulate earnings of $10 or more before you can exchange your points for a gift card or PayPal payment. 

Surveytime vs Swagbucks

Swagbucks Summary

  • 18 ways to earn money and e-gift cards
  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Up to 10% cashback when shopping online
  • $1 minimum e-gift card withdrawal

Swagbucks is one of the most well-regarded survey platforms. However, unlike Surveytime, you’ll earn points or SBs for each survey. This can make calculating your earnings a little more complicated. 

However, Swagbucks does offer various ways to earn money including watching videos, downloading apps, and online shopping in addition to participating in surveys. 

Additionally, there is a minimum payout of $5 compared to Surveytime which does not have any minimum threshold. So, there will be a delay claiming your earnings. 

Surveytime vs. iSurveyWorld

iSurvey World Summary

  • Average payout for surveys is $1 to $2
  • Sign up bonus of $5 for new users
  • You can only earn money by doing surveys
  • Minimum age to join is just 16 years old

iSurveyWorld has a dedicated app that makes it easy to find surveys that are interesting to you. As with Surveytime, iSurveyWorld requires you to complete a full profile to receive more survey invites. 

In terms of earnings, you can earn up to $1 to $2 per survey with iSurveyWorld compared to Surveytime which offers $1. More so,  iSurveyWorld does not typically disqualify users once they begin a survey compared to Surveytime.

Other Sites Like Surveytime

Surveytime FAQs

What is Surveytime?

The company aims to help users make extra money in their free time, from the comfort of working from home, on their own terms. Despite being a relatively new platform, Surveytime has created an online fan base. 

Is Surveytime free?

Surveytime is free to sign and use.

How to download Surveytime mobile app?

Although there is no Surveytime app, the site is mobile friendly. This allows you to access the platform and complete surveys on any smartphone or mobile device. 

Where Surveytime is available?

Surveytime is available worldwide.

Is Surveytime a scam?

Surveytime is not a scam but a legitimate site that rewards users for completing surveys and taking other tasks.

Is your information safe with Surveytime?

Surveytime promises not to share your data with third parties unless required by law or with your consent.

How to contact Surveytime customer service?

To contact Surveytime customer service, you can send an email at

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