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Best 15 Slow Paced Jobs: Your Guide to Finding a Low-Stress Gig

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15 Slow Paced Jobs

Animal Caretaker

(Average salary: $22,980 per year)

If you enjoy working with animals a position as an animal caretaker may be the ideal career for you. In these low stress jobs, you get to spend time with animals, you feed, groom and bathe them to make their lives more comfortable. 

Most employers require a high school diploma or some vocational training in a related field to get started. If you want to move into a more advanced role such as working as an animal trainer or at a zoo you will need a bachelor’s degree in biology or animal science. If you have a degree in animal psychology this may suffice for certain positions. You can expect to earn around $22,980 per year.

If you prefer a side gig, you could gain some animal caretaker experience with platforms like Rover. This allows you flexible hours and you can set your own rates for dog walking and pet sitting. 

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(Average salary: $47,360 per year)

An archivist is responsible for the appraisal, processing, preservation and cataloging of important records and valuable documents that have historical value. In this role, you will find yourself working with photos, manuscripts, maps or even old motion picture footage.

Some archivists have a speciality in a certain historical period. This is to better understand the context of the documents they may be working with. To work in this field, you would need at least a master’s degree in a related area of study. The majority of archivists work in museums in a supporting role. But some do work with the public directly in various outreach programs. The average rate of pay for an archivist is $47,360 per year.


(Average salary: $54,170 per year)

A drafter converts an architectural or engineering design into a series of technical drawings using software. Most drafters work in very specialized areas. They may draft anything from tiny microchips up to huge bridges or even skyscrapers.

During the process, slight changes may be needed to make a detailed rendering possible. This can be a higher pressure task. 

You will need specialized raining from a technical school and/or an associate degree in the field. Typically you’ll work in an office. However, some drafters do work in the field to better understand the needs of a particular project. You can expect to earn approximately $54,170 per year.

Funeral Directors

(Average salary: $56,300 per year)

A funeral director helps a family and the friends of a deceased person with the necessary funeral arrangements. This involves planning, preparing documentation, dealing with state officials and arranging the actual ceremony. 

You will need to have some knowledge of different religious practices. This can have a major impact on the family service for a loved one. Additionally, a degree in a related field, such as mortuary science. Every state outside Colorado requires a license. As a funeral director, you would work at a funeral home or in a crematorium on the premises. You can expect to earn around $56,300 per year.


(Average salary: $58,520 per year)

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As a librarian in a smaller library, you will:

  • Help the visitorso locate their books,
  • Plan various programs,
  • Choose the new materials,
  • Manage staff
  • Maintain the book collection. 

In a larger location, you’re likely to have a focus in a dedicated area. This may include technical, user or perhaps admin services. 

To work in this role, you will need a masters degree in library science. Certain positions may also require a degree in another field or perhaps a teaching certificate. 

A librarian will often work in an academic, public or medical library. A great deal of time will be spent in offices or out on the floor. You can find work on platforms like ZipRecruiter and expect to earn around $58,520 per year.


(Average salary: $61,820 per year)

A writer creates written content for articles, books, blogs, scripts, magazines, advertisements and more. You’ll be expected to work with credible and reliable facts when working in non-fiction. 

As a fiction writer, you would be expected to work alongside an editor to revise and rephrase the work as required for clarity and readability. 

Most writers are usually self employed, meaning there are no formal requirements or any bar to entry other than talent and a willingness to work hard. But, if you want to be taken seriously by a publishing house a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as journalism, communications or English would help. 

Most writers work from home, but you may travel to conduct interviews or perform research tasks and to meet agents or publishers. A writer with a decent readership can expect to earn around $61,820 per year. You can start as a freelancer on platforms like Upwork and then build into other areas.

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(Average salary: $68,538 per year)

Working as an accountant has a bad reputation as a boring job where you deal with columns of numbers all day. But, if you enjoy math this can be a fun career and you will always find plenty of work. 

When you’re dealing with other people’s money, you don’t have the luxury of feeling stressed, but you need to stay focused. In this role it’s likely that you will collaborate with others as part of a larger team. 

To get started in accountancy, you will need a bachelor’s degree in either accountancy or a related field. Some accountants specialize in corporate or public accounting and there are other fields that are less common.

If you want to be a certified public accountant (CPA) you need to be familiar with other subjects, such as auditing, taxation and then pass a CPA exam to qualify. Each state will also have certain requirements that you must meet to get the official licence.

The average salary for an accountant is $68,538 per year.

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Landscape Designer

(Average salary: $49,242 per year)

There are always job opportunities for budding landscape designers. Most people start out with a local landscaping company or find work at a golf course. Once you have some experience you can start your own landscaping business and seek work in your area. For a more formal role, you may need a bachelor’s degree in landscape maintenance, plant biology, horticulture or a related field. If you complete an internship while still in your undergrad it will be far easier to find a job later. 

You can become a certified landscape designer if you meet the requirements of The Association of Professional Landscape Designers. A good landscape designer can expect to earn around $49,242 per year.


(Average salary: $9,520 per year)

Working as an artist can be tremendously rewarding but these jobs are not typically low stress jobs that pay well. It can also be hard to get started. To work full time in this field you will need a solid reputation to attract commissions. Most modern artists have a degree in fine arts or some other related field but if you have real talent it is possible to find your place.

A good artist can find work on various platforms including Simply Hired and expect to earn approximately $9,520 per year.

Massage Therapist

(Average salary: $40,881 per year)

A massage therapist will work to reduce the stress of their clients in a peaceful environment. The minimum education requirement is a diploma in massage therapy from a state accredited school. 

Joining an internship program is the preferred route because you can work at a real massage clinic while you complete the hours required to get the certificate and licence. Certain states use their own exams and others use the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination instead. 

You can expect to earn around $40,881 per year.


(Average salary: $21,859 per year)

Working as a baker is a great way to work with your hands and it’s a satisfying career for earlier risers. When you make food that people enjoy it is remarkably fulfilling and it’s easy to get started. 

There is no educational requirement but you can get an associate’s degree from a vocational school if you want a professional qualification. 

A good baker will always be in demand due to the early starting hours and the average salary is $21,859.


(Average salary: $57,196 per year)

A researcher may work alone most of the time because the nature of the work needs a great deal of focus and attention. Even in a team, it would be unusual to have more than two or perhaps three people working on a single project at the same time. 

A researcher often works in a particular field, such as: 

  • Humanities, 
  • Business, 
  • Science, 
  • Technology. 

Start with a bachelor’s degree in your chosen field and a master’s degree if you want to work in more advanced research roles. 

A good entry level position would be working in a university research department or look for an internship at a larger company. A good researcher can command a salary of around $57,196 per year.


(Average salary: $24,564 per year)

Working as a florist is a great job for someone that likes flowers and plants. If you have a creative flair doing flower arrangements for special occasions can be a very satisfying outlet. 

If you want to take this career seriously you could get an associate or bachelor’s degree in floral design and create a portfolio of your work. This could help you to land a job, but it may be useful in the future if you want to build your own florist business. If you want to take things even further certification with The American Institute of Floral Designers will certainly boost your profile. You can expect to earn around $24,564 per year.


(Average salary: $37,308 per year)

A mechanic can work with their hands which makes it a great career for people that want to develop practical skills. To get started in this career:

  • Complete your high school education or get a GED 
  • Apply for a degree program or certificate. 
  • A diploma from a vocational education program such as The Automotive Youth Education Services (AYES) or a certificate from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) will certainly be an advantage. 

If you want to specialize further you can even be a master mechanic if you can pass the 8 specialist areas covered by the ASE. 

The average salary for a mechanic is around $37,308 per year.

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Medical Lab Technician

(Average salary: $51,770 per year)

Working as a medical lab technician is a great way to work in the field if you don’t want to deal with patients. In this role you will work as part of a team with specific duties and limited interactions making this an ideal career for people that don’t enjoy frequent interactions. 

As a medical lab technician, you will need an associate’s degree or a certificate program in medical laboratory technology or clinical laboratory science. Most states don’t need a certificate but if you have one from The American Society for Clinical Pathology or The American Medical Technologists this will help with career advancement.  

This role requires continuous education for certification and to improve your future career options. The average salary for a medical laboratory technician is $51,770.

What’s a Good Job for Someone with Anxiety?

If you suffer from anxiety, you’ll certainly want to look for slow paced jobs. You’ll need to think about what you feel comfortable with and what type of environment you find soothing. For example, if books and reading soothes you, consider being a librarian.

However, if you like the order and organization of numbers, a career in accountancy may be ideal for you.

Additionally, you may wish to consider low stress jobs after retirements. This would allow you to regain a work life balance after a more stressful career.

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