7 Best Ways to Sell Used Appliances for Cash [Near You]

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Apps and Tips How To Sell Unused Appliances

Did you know that the average life expectancy of a refrigerator is just 14 years, and that of a dishwasher is just 12 years? That new brand name microwave you just bought from your savings is only expected to last for about 8 years.

So, is it true that all the hard-earned money you’ve invested in these appliances will go to waste?

No way! There is a huge market for used appliances, and it’s easy to sell your gently used equipment and make good money of it.

People often sell used appliances for cash to help fund the purchase of new ones. For instance, if you bought a Siemens dishwasher for $700 and used it for about a year, you can easily sell it for $300-$400, depending on its condition.

Similarly, you can get $150-$200 for a used washing machine. But, if you sell your old refrigerator to a recycler, you’re likely to pocket only about $50 on average.

So how can you make the most out of your used appliances?

1. Use Free Apps to Sell Used Appliances:

Marketplace Apps To Sell Appliances

There are several marketplace apps out there designed to connect buyers and sellers.


LetGo is one of the most famous apps for buying and selling used appliances. It’s free to download, and this app provides a massive platform to help you find buyers for your products.

According to Tech Junkie, one major difference between LetGo and other apps is that it does not encourage sellers to ship items to customers. The app aims to create an in-person transaction where the buyer and seller can meet to do business.

Although the app supports in-person dealings, LetGo protects its users with several security features. A seller’s exact address is not displayed to the public, and the listing shows only the approximate location of the seller.

LetGo allows you to share several pictures of your items. Provide a catchy title, write a clear description, and attach a price to your product.

LetGo videos

Make the most of your advertisement by using videos on LetGo. Show all the features of your appliance in a detailed video.

Keep in mind though LetGo does not take any responsibility for disputes between buyers and sellers. If a sale doesn’t go smoothly, you may be stuck dealing with an unhappy customer all on your own.


Another great app for turning over your used appliances is OfferUp.

It works like LetGo, and it’s totally free. No shipment charges are included as it helps the buyers and sellers connect directly.

TruYou Program

This program differentiates OfferUp from other buying and selling apps. The TruYou program allows sellers to validate your identity. To do this, you’ll need to do three things:

  • Verify your Facebook profile
  • Scan your driver’s license
  • Take a selfie

2. Leverage Facebook groups

How To Sell Used Appliances On Facebook

Facebook is not only the place to go for cat videos, photo sharing, and heated political debates. This popular social networking site has spawned an ecosystem all of its own.

From the Facebook marketplace to groups dedicated to selling used goods, Facebook is the perfect place to start searching for a buyer.

Let’s find out why Facebook is ideal for selling used appliances.

Increased trust-factor

You can easily limit the advertisement of your appliances to your circle of friends, reducing the risk of connecting with overly difficult customers or strangers online with less than innocent intentions.

On the other side of the transaction, you will have an easier time establishing yourself as a trusted seller.

Easy sharing

Quickly get your products in front of a sprawling audience by asking your friends to share the listing.

Live videos

Live videos make it a breeze to connect with your circle of friends, announce the products you have for sale and communicate with potential buyers.

Second-hand groups

Browse the “Groups” tab for pages based in your area with keywords like “second-hand,” “upcycle,” and “buy and sell.” Be sure to read the group rules thoroughly before listing your products.

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook app recently introduced the Marketplace feature, which allows buyers and sellers to manage products and transactions directly through Facebook. Listing products is as simple as uploading a photo and a price.

3. Sell used appliances on Craigslist

How To List Used Appliance On Craiglist

According to AIM Group, Forbes records Craiglist’s value at over $3 billion. This enormous website is one of the first places people turn when selling used goods.

So, how can you use Craiglist to sell your appliances?

Choose your state and city. If you can’t find the name of your town or city on the list, choose the nearest location.

Be sure only to list your appliance under a single city. Using multiple cities for the same add is against the platform’s rules.

  • Select the “post to classifieds” button

If you are a private seller, tick the “private seller” option under this button.

  • Choose the “for sale” button

Now, under the “for sale” button, select the most appropriate category for your item.

  • Upload product photos and a description of your item

Potential buyers will want to know the details of each appliance you’re selling, along with the sale price, any warranty information you have, and the condition of the item. Don’t skimp on the details, and be honest with your information.

  • Check for errors

Go through your add and information one more time. Double-check that your listing is categorized under the correct location, and your pricing details are accurate.

It only takes about 15 minutes to get your product listed on Craiglist. Keep an eye on your email for interested buyers.

4. Host a Garage Sale

How To Attract Customers To My Garage Sale

Every year, hundreds of American households host garage sales. As low-tech as they might seem, garage sales are still one of the best ways to get your money’s worth from used appliances.

The most challenging aspect of the humble garage sale is attracting customers. You’ll need to plan plenty of time for advertising your sale before the big day. You’ll want to take advantage of free advertising streams to get eyes on your products and buyers browsing your tables.

You can advertise for free through Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Let friends know about large items you’ll be putting up for sale, and don’t be afraid to make deals and offer discounts.

5. Contact recyclers

Popular Used Appliance Recyclers

If your item is not in sellable condition, you may want to try connecting with area recyclers.

Recyclers don’t pay premium prices for products, but, for appliances that cannot be sold on the open market, you might be able to recoup a portion of your investment.

Be sure to do plenty of research before reaching out to any recycler. Many accept some parts, but not the whole appliance, and some will be quite picky about how the appliance is packaged, delivered, or disassembled.

Take quotations from different recyclers and compare not only the price they are offering you but also the cost involved in delivering your appliance.

Although finding a reputable recycler who pays well can be difficult, once you meet one, you can enlist their services over and over.

Some popular recyclers that have offices all over the USA include:

6. Try a Local Appliance Store

Where to Dispose Old Appliances

You can contact a local appliance store such as Sears, Best Buy, Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores, or Home Depot to find out if they offer any appliance buy-back or disposal programs in your area.


Sears will haul away old appliances for just $25 if you are buying a similar appliance from them.

Best Buy

Best Buy will remove appliances similar to those which you’ve purchased new through their stores for just $14.99. They charge $99 for all other items.

Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores

Lowes will not charge customers anything to remove the old appliance if you purchase a similar item through them.

Many stores will buy your appliance back from you at a reduced rate. Be sure to contact your local retailer’s customer service desk to find out about rates and how they determine the condition of your items.

7. Turn it into Scrap Metal

Average Scrap Metal prices for old Appliances

If none of the above options are a good fit for your appliance, a local scrap yard will be your safety net.

Scrap metal shops will weigh your appliance and then offer you a payment based on the amount of metal found in it. Depending on the metal’s current price, the offers you’ll see from scrapers give you will vary.

Average prices for appliances are:

  • Washing machines: $18-$22
  • Refrigerators: $16-$22
  • Ovens: $11-$18
  • Cast iron bathtub: $30-$40

More tips for Selling Used Appliances

Tips How To sell Old Unused Household Goods

To get the most from any platform on which you list your used household goods, you’ll need to follow some basic marketing best-practices.

Use an eye-catching headline

Vague, or non-specific headlines won’t attract buyers. For instance, “refrigerator for sale” won’t have nearly as big an impact on potential buyers as “KitchenAid Chrome Finish Dishwasher – 24 inch for sale.”

Try to mention the unique make and model of your product in the title and use descriptive words that will appeal to buyers searching specifically for that item. There are hundreds of used refrigerators for sale on any given platform, but people searching for a particular type will be willing to pay more than other, generalized buyers.

Use visuals

Listings with photos and videos consistently get more views and attract more interested buyers than those with only product descriptions. More interest in your listing means you can ask a higher price for your appliances.

Share your own experience

This is especially true for unbranded products or appliances that are rarely seen on the market. Be sure to explain how you’ve engaged with the item and mention specific ways it has improved your life.

Avoid lengthy paragraphs, and instead use bullet points to list things like “very rugged, stood up to years of use,” and “has only needed one tune-up in the 10 years it was in our home.”

Write clear dimensions

Reduce lengthy conversations with buyers who will ultimately not buy by providing them with all the most important information in the product description.

Don’t forget to include the dimensions of the item so that readers can find out exactly if your product is a good match for their space.

Price competitively

Take the time to research what others are asking for the same appliance on the platform you will be using. Try to keep your price on par with other listings. Don’t be afraid to price up to 10% higher than your minimum acceptable price. People will negotiate, and you will want to have room to offer them a deal without feeling cheated yourself.

Earn extra cash

Upgrading your home appliances can become a much more palatable endeavor if you can sell your old items to help fund the upgrades.

Making sales can be simple and hassle-free, as long as you take the time to do your research and understand the platforms available to you.

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