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6 Best Ways to “Rent My RV” (Rent Out Your RV for Profit)

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6 Websites To Rent Your Camper & RV


RVshare is the largest platform connecting RV owners to RV renters. 

It’s a go-to website for millions of travelers when they are looking for a mobile home for their road trips.

What’s best about the platform is that you’re in charge of your RV. You can set up the reasonable price for your rental RV and select how many nights a renter can take your mobile home. 

Moreover, you’re also in charge of who rents your RV. When you receive booking requests through the RVshare app, you can check renters profiles and reviews and reject them if you don’t feel comfortable renting your RV to them.

On the other hand, RVshare handles all paperwork and payments and deposits your money directly to your bank account.


Outdoorsy Summary

  • Free to list your RV
  • Provides passive income opportunity
  • Zero idle time for your RV
  • Quick payout processing

Outdoorsy is also one of the largest platforms dedicated to road trippers. The platform lets you list your RV for rent so they can put it in front of people who are seeking to rent the perfect RV for their travel.

When you rent your RV via Outdoorsy, you don’t have to worry about a thing. You just need to set up your listing uploading images and description. You should also set up your price and select your RV’s availability.

Once your listing is live, Outdoorsy will handle the rest:

  • Bringing leads to your listing
  • Communication via Outdoorsy built-in chat
  • Liability insurance covering up to $1 million
  • Free roadside assistance
  • Payment and other paperwork


RVezy is a great platform to put your rental RV listing in front of millions of road trip travelers.

Renting out your RV via RVezy, your vehicle is in the safe hands. The company provides you with the third-party liability insurance of up to $1 million (in the US) and up to $2 million (in Canada).

The company carefully vets the renters before you do. In order for someone to rent your RV, they must have a valid driver’s license for over 8 years. This regulation automatically excludes renters under 25 years of age.

Yet, renter’s age doesn’t define their personality and you can decline booking requests from people whose reviews are not decent.


Vrbo Summary

  • Free to post a listing
  • Can earn income from renting out property
  • Listing reaches a large online audience
  • Reviews grow your listing’s popularity

VRBO is one of the largest vacation rental platforms where you can list your RV and receive reservations online.

When you list your RV on VRBO, the company shows your listing to people seeking to rent an RV for their road trips.

Although VRBO takes care of paperwork and processes payments safely, they don’t offer you the insurance. This means that you have to pay for an individual insurance company in order to insure your rental RV. Summary

  • Provides transparent, innovative, and supportive partnership; for instance, by providing the tools required for 24/7 support and visibility.
  • Turns its global audience into your guests, for example, through professional online marketing and continuous innovation
  • Provides attractive partnership rates which can increase your properties visibility
  • Attracts more guests to your properties by offering loyalty programs that provide travel rewards

You might know as the largest hotel reservation platform. But hotels are not the only type of accommodation you can find on

In fact, you can list your rental RV on and enjoy the benefits of the platform. They will take care of connecting travelers to you, automating reservations and processing payments and dealing other paperwork.

Just make sure you select the motorhome category while listing your RV on the platform.

Note that doesn’t provide any insurance coverage and you need to sign it with an individual insurance company.


AirBnb Summary

  • Over 150 million users worldwide
  • Earn an average of $924 per month
  • Rent out your property whenever you want
  • Quick turnaround time for payouts

Airbnb is the largest vacation rental platform many travelers turn to when they want to rent private properties like houses, apartments and even RVs.

The company strives to keep you, your rental property and your belongings safe. That’s why they provide you with $1 million property damage protection, plus another $1 million in insurance covering accidents.

Is Renting Out Your RV A Good Idea?

In general, renting your RV is a good idea as it will bring you some extra income. However, it might not be a good option for some people.

Here are some pros and cons of renting your RV. Take these factors into account and see if pros outweigh cons for you or vice versa.


  • It’s a source of passive income, literally generating you money while you sleep.
  • Renting your RV subsidizes the expense you took to purchase it in the first place. And the money you made through it will cover maintenance work expenses as well.
  • You’re keeping your RV in perfect condition constantly. When you don’t use your RV, it may rot and fall into disrepair. When it’s in use all-year long, you’ll need to do less maintenance work, keeping your RV in a perfect condition all the time. 


  • Wear, tear and mileage. Clearly, when you rent out your RV, the travelers are going to drive it, taking a toll on your RV. On average, you can expect your RV will go over 1,000 miles per trip.
  • You might feel stressed and anxious when strangers drive away with your home. However, this is not a big issue as the insurance covers the damage and the rental platforms ensure your safety.
  • Removing your belongings from your RV and loading them again when you need it might be quite a hassle. Obviously, you don’t want strangers to use your stuff like beddings, utensils or other personal items.

How Much Money Can You Make Renting Out Your RV?

Some people might say that you can make $30,000 or more annually renting out your RV.

While this may be true for some people, you should take into consideration some criteria that determine the real rental price of your RV.

Basically, the rental price of your RV depends on its type. Clearly, Class A RV would cost more than a regular travel trailer, because it has more amenities and tends to be more comfortable.

Let’s take a look at the table below to see how much you can expect to earn according to your RV type.

RV TypeRental Price (per night)Rental Price (per week)Potential Annual Earnings
Pop-up Camper$50 – $100$350 – $700$6,000 – $13,000
Travel Trailer$50 – $125$350 – $875$9,000 – $19,000
Fifth Wheel$60 – $150$420 – $1,050$11,000 – $22,000
Class C Motorhome$150 – $200$1,050 – $1,400$13,000 – $27,000
Class B Camping Van$100 – $200$700 – $1,400$12,000 – $25,000
Class A Motorhome$175 – $275$1,225 – $1,925$15,000 – $30,000

While these numbers seem so tempting, I highly recommend you start with lower prices first and work your way up to a higher price range once you get more experience and a base of happy renters.

Be aware, that when you rent your RV through a rental company, you’ll be charged about 20% of your overall rental fee. For instance, if you list your RV for $1,000/week, you’ll take home around $800.

This is not a bad trade off as these companies handle all the promotion, leads, paperwork, etc. so they definitely deserve this commission. Without rental companies, your RV would still be sitting in your driveway, making no money.

What Kind Of Insurance Do You Need To Rent Out Your RV?

You should be prepared for any expected damage when you are renting out your RV. 

After all, you’re letting complete strangers use your mobile home. And various things may happen resulting in damage.

In order to minimize your expenses in case something happens to your rental RV, I strongly recommend you sign the insurance.

But make sure your insurance provider covers damage made by third-parties, i.e. renters.

For example, Progressive offers customized coverage for your RV starting at $125 per year.

Some RV rental platforms, such as VRshare also provide insurance when you’re renting it out. And the best thing about these insurances is that renters are paying for it.

Top 6 Important Tips Before Renting Out Your RV

Finally, I want to share a few important tips you should consider before renting out your RV:

  1. Make sure your RV is in good shape and works flawlessly.
  2. Set up your insurance coverage.
  3. Vet your renters in order to avoid scams and problematic renters.
  4. Set up pet policies. Indicate in your listing if you allow renters with pets and if so, what pets you allow.
  5. Remove your personal belongings from the RV, such as beddings, personal electronics, etc.
  6. List your RV on multiple popular rental platforms. These companies do all the marketing and bring leads to your rental RV.

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