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Best 50 Remote Writing Jobs for Freelancers (Work Online from Home)

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50 Remote Writing Jobs for Freelancers:


Upwork Summary

  • Earn up to $34 per hour as a freelancer
  • Get 10 free Connects every month
  • Get 40 extra Connects when you pass a test
  • Time tracker ensures you get paid

Formerly known as Odesk, Upwork is a popular freelance platform with remote freelance writing jobs available.

Writers can bid on both short-term and long-term projects. The site works best for experts since past work through the site helps to build your reputation.

The bidding system can make it difficult for beginners to make good money at first.

However, be patient and submit loads of proposals. Your sleepless nights will pay off as you begin to work with clients and build a reputation as an expert writer on the site.

Upwork rewards its freelancers by, for example, granting them top-rated status or declaring them rising talent. Both designations come with unique privileges.

Upwork’s fees range from 5% to 20% of your earnings, and its payment methods are safe.

It is possible to make over $5000 writing scripts for Explainer Videos.

Sign up for free and create a rockstar Upwork profile that attracts clients in droves.


FlexJobs Summary

  • Jobs in over 50 categories available
  • Members get exclusive deals and discounts
  • All jobs are guaranteed to be legit
  • Get access to 4 job search resources

Flexjobs goal is to make your job as flexible as possible and it is of the biggest freelance writing job boards.

Their job listings feature many freelance writing jobs. You can find part-time, full-time, executive, or entry-level jobs.

FlexJobs’ coolest feature is that they screen all jobs to ensure there are no scams.

To join the site, you can subscribe on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Once you subscribe, you will be able to view the job listings in full.


Fiverr Summary

  • Set your own prices for your services
  • Choose from over 500 service categories
  • 3 different options for cashing out
  • Protection from fradulent chargebacks

Fiverr is a bright little gem for freelance writers. You can sell your writing services on Fiverr, even if you’re a beginner.

If you can knock out 500 words in 30 minutes or less, you can set up a base rate of $25 per hour. The key is to write high-quality content that keeps your buyers coming back.

Alternatively, you can specify what you’ll do for $5, and clients will pay you to do just that.

But here’s the exciting thing. You can make more than $5 per task.

Make a few changes to boost your fee from $5 to $15 and even up to $50.

  • Deliver pure gold – your clients will leave good feedback, putting you in a great place in terms of popularity, and soon you’ll be taking on several gigs at a time.
  • Look at what some Top–Rated Freelancers are doing and learn from them.
  • Make your profile stand out – Add videos and use keywords to land your first client and the others who will follow.
how to make money on fiverr

It is possible to earn up to $1000 per week or much more on Fiverr.

Fiverr takes 20% of your earnings and transfers the rest to you upon completion of a job.

Fiverr’s key differentiating factor is the courses they offer. The site’s digital marketing courses can help you become a better writer.

Sign up for free, create a gig, and offer your services to a global audience. You’ll be notified when an order for services is placed. You can then use the system to discuss details with customers.

LinkedIn jobs

LinkedIn is an effective way to connect with other freelance writers and clients. You’ll find content marketers or business owners on LinkedIn in need of your help.

Stay active on the platform in your field/niche. Always like, share, and comment on other posts. Get involved in LinkedIn groups, share tips with others in your industry, and get help along the way.

Recently, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Profinder to tap into the freelance economy and help freelance professionals find jobs. It’s currently only available within the U.S. and specific service categories.

Utilizing its vast amount of user data, LinkedIn quickly connects freelancers with strong leads based on keyword searches and companies they are following.

ProFinder isn’t free. You’ll be allowed to submit 10 free proposals to test it out. You can upgrade to Business Premium if you want to send more than 10 proposals. It costs $60 a month.

However, it’s the best option for expert professionals in countless fields

Sound good? Then set up a LinkedIn profile.


Toptal is an elite community of online freelancers from over 100 countries around the world.

They meticulously screen freelancers to find the top 3% in several categories to join their experts.

You can choose to work hourly, part-time, or full time. You set your rates so you’ll never suck in a bidding war.

Here’s why you should sign up.

You can choose to work hourly, part-time, or full time. You set your rates so you’ll never get stuck in a bidding war.

If you make the cut, you’ll get to work with top companies such as Airbnb, IDEO, and JP Morgan. Plus, you’ll always have a steady flow of exciting projects and clients who appreciate your work.

Work with Toptal to accelerate your freelance writing career while leveraging their resources. has a job board that lists 100+ different types of online writing jobs at both small and large businesses.

As on Upwork, writers bid for both one-time and long-term freelance writing gigs.

Browse and apply for freelance writing gigs that match your skillset. Come up with compelling reasons why clients should pick you over everyone else.

You can charge $40 per hour, which can earn you $320 per day if you work 8 hours a day. Or you can set a daily rate of $400 per day, irrespective of how many hours you work. Another option is to set a project rate of, say, $4,000 to write a commercial.

Freelancer charges you 10% or $5, whichever is higher, of what you make in fees. You can collect the money you earn via PayPal or have it deposited in your local bank account.

Always aim for five-star feedback to boost your portfolio.

You can sign up by using your email address or Facebook account.


PeoplePerHour is a freelancing site for all skills, including writing.

Their featured tool, called WorkStream, simplifies the business side of your work. It organizes communications, payments, and management – all in one place.

You’ll need to complete an online application to join this exclusive freelance community. Once you are in, PeoplePerHour allows you access to jobs available from their international clientele.

But, your profile must stand out. Personalize it by sharing your experience, listing your skills, and telling your story. Include samples of your work in the portfolio section. Lastly, remember to keep your profile up-to-date.

Search for projects manually or save automatic searches for notifications of new projects. You are allowed to submit up to 15 free proposals per month, but you can buy additional credit if you want to bid on more freelance writing jobs.

You can ask for a downpayment or choose to receive the entire amount upon completion of an assignment.

Media Bistro

Media Bistro’s objective is to connect writers with managers who are looking continuously for new writers all over the world.

The site features full-time gigs in all areas of media but also posts freelance and remote jobs from time to time.

Using their filtering option, search for “work from home” writing jobs under the headings “contract” and “freelance.”

Media Bistro also offers the latest news concerning the media field and a host of paid training options for boosting your freelance career.

Membership is $14.99/mo or you can try it out with a 14-day free trial.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely offers development and tech jobs. However, most tech companies love to have remote freelancers write copy for them.

In the categories section, you’ll find a small subsection containing copywriting jobs.

The best part is that clients pay $229 to post a job, which means that the clients are legit and have the budgets for online marketing.

There’s also a possibility of long-term work and referrals if you deliver quality work consistently.


Guru is a free job board for freelance writers.

You can also upgrade your membership from the free option if you want more bid visibility and access to jobs. The membership fees range between $9 -$40 and are billed annually. The job transaction fees are also lower for paying members.

Guru charges a fee of 7.45% or 11.95% on your earnings depending on membership level.

Create a profile and always remember to display your previous work to support your proposals.

Freelance Writing (FWJ)

Freelance Writing Jobs (FWJ), formerly Freelance Writing Gigs, consolidates job listings from Craigslist into one blog post. On the FWJ home page, you’ll find daily blog posts containing information on new jobs, along with the pay for some of these tasks.

FWJ should be your one-stop-shop if scouring different jobs boards for freelance writing jobs gives you headaches. They even feature 100 websites that pay writers and indicate the freelance writing salary. Some sites pay $200 per feature, $100 per article or $50.00 per mini-article.

On the same homepage, you’ll also see a list of telecommuting jobs.

FWJ also gives you the opportunity to guest post with your byline as a way to help you get more exposure for your work.

Apart from freelance writing jobs, you can also find tips on freelance writing and blogging. You’ll also get lots of advice for landing jobs when you subscribe to their mailing free mailing list.

While the site reduces bogus listings, make sure to look into the clients seeking to hire you to avoid being scammed.

Money Pantry

Money Pantry is a personal finance blog that pays between $30 and $150 for 700 – 2,000-word articles, even if you have no freelance writing experience.

They are looking for a friendly writing style focused on helping the reader.

They expect you to send unique articles with practical, useful tips and personal stories, and the pay is based on both the quality and length of your article.

You’ll receive payment once your post goes live.


Textbroker Summary

  • Free to sign up
  • Convenient payout through PayPal
  • Offers feedback and tips to skill up
  • Flexible work scheduling

On Textbroker, registration is free, but you will have to verify your U.S. citizenship. Then they’ll ask you to submit a writing sample, which they’ll use to give you a writer rating.

You can work on Textbroker in three ways. You can accept an open offer (first come, first served), join a team of other writers for work, or have clients send work to you directly.

Your writer rating affects the quality of assignments you can choose. However, you can work our way up to a higher rating, something you will want to do since higher-quality assignments such as technical writing jobs earn you more money.

Pay rates range from $0.7- $5 per word.


iWriter is one of the best sites for beginners to find online writing jobs. Take and pass a small test upon signing in, then pick articles and start writing.

iWriter has a rating system. Elite Plus earns you more money than being a Standard writer, which is where you’ll begin.

You can make $100 per day on iWriter by creating, say, ten 500-word articles per day as a Standard Writer. Elite Plus writers charge $55 or more for 1000-word articles.

Consistent, quality writing will increase your ratings and earning potential.

A higher rating gives you the opportunity to work with higher-paying clients. You may also have clients asking for you to work for them individually.

Join the site for free.


ProBlogger is a job board for any blogger looking for freelance writing jobs.

It’s updated constantly with fresh leads. Companies pay to list their gigs, which weeds out most scammers, and you can search for jobs by category, job type, keyword, and more.

You don’t need to create a profile. Just apply for a job that fits your skills.

To top it off, the site includes resources writers can use to improve their writing.

As you work closely and network with other bloggers, you’ll begin to understand the ins and outs of professional blogging. You’ll then be able to charge top dollar for your freelance writing services.

Basically, it’s a one-stop-shop for current and aspiring bloggers.


Contently has a strong list of brands/marketers using them to order content.

It also provides a portfolio platform for freelance writers.

To land work on Contently or network with their brands, you need to create a profile which includes your portfolio.

It operates a rate database, where you can see what other freelancers earned when working with a given client or publication. For example, you can earn between $300 and $500 for a 2000-word article.

It’s also a platform on which to showcase your portfolio and market your freelance writing business.

To register, fill out your information. You can either post a link or skip that and upload your samples in PDF. Contently will populate the titles and images of your blog post. Ensure that you have eye-catching images and excellent titles for your samples.


Listverse is an exciting site which is perfect for inexperienced writers building up their portfolios. It accepts inspiring articles on 10 items of at least 1,500 words. Some examples:

They pay $100 for any article they accept.

Write with a sense of humor and in excellent English and have a passion for writing exciting things for an audience of over 15 million readers a month.

Freedom with Writing

Freedom with Writing’s job board offers a steady stream of higher-paying writing gigs for publications, magazines, sites, and companies.

Some featured remote writing jobs are:

They also spice it up by sending you in-depth eBooks and articles designed to build your writing career so that you can become a successful and published freelance writer. Additionally, they feature case studies to show you that remote jobs work.

You get everything free via email once you sign up.


JournalismJobs is the most popular job board for journalists and top news companies.

While it’s mostly for journalists, some companies use it to hire freelancers (not necessarily journalists) for blogs and other forms of content writing.

Create an account, upload your resume, and subscribe to various categories. You can write for trade publications, financial publications, non-profit organizations, and many more.

However, you don’t have to have an account to see the job listings on the job board. Search per keyword or industry to find exciting gigs.

Writer Access

Writer Access is similar to other writing platforms. It matches writers, editors, content strategists, and translators with brands and agencies in creative ways.

Once you create your profile, and pass a proficiency test, Writer Access will start matching you up with brands and agencies in your niche.

Writer Access provides you with an opportunity to earn the best pay rates because the site’s verification of expertise and proficiency test weed out all but the best freelancers. A high score on the proficiency test allows you to price your work at whatever rate you want.

It’s fast and easy, and you keep 70% of what you earn.

Writer Access pays bi-monthly, and rates range between $0.03 to $0.08 per word in the Basic Marketplace and $0.11 to $2 per word in PRO Marketplace for advanced writers.

Their Growth Hub offers you all the tools and resources to help you advance your content marketing skills.

Constant Content

Constant Content makes it easy for companies to find and hire you. It allows you to post articles to sell. Pretty straightforward and easy, even for the beginner writer using their guideline.

You’ll find diverse categories and subcategories for which you can write unique content. You set your price – their top writers earn up to $90,000 per year.

Create a profile while checking what skills you have that appear on their list. Take a small quiz, and write a short writing sample (100-250 words) so they can use to evaluate your writing ability. Start writing immediately once they approve your account.

You can also find high-quality remote writing jobs on Constant Content as a member.

Build a portfolio on Constant Content and connect with brands while earning a steady income from your freelance writing.

Craigslist Summary

  • Posts are anonymous
  • Quick and easy listing in a matter of minutes
  • Little to no seller fees, most auctions are free
  • Sell within your local area

Craigslist is the number one place for businesses in need of quick help in content marketing, especially those businesses located in large cities such as Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Chicago, Houston, and Miami.

The idea is to aggressively look and apply for listings that fit your skillset under writing and editing jobs in the cities that I have mentioned. Remember to do your due diligence and look into every prospective client.

You can make $200 for gigs as small as writing 500 words.


Indeed is a specialized search engine focused only on job postings. It is visited by over 200 million unique visitors/job seekers per day, making it one of the top 10 websites for job postings.

First, go to the site and search for “freelance writing” in the job search bar. Then choose “remote” as the location to find freelance writing jobs from home that pay $18- $30 per hour. The postings will prompt you to apply on the company site.

You can also upload your resume and cover letter on the Indeed page. Make sure that your resume reflects your current writing skills accurately if you will be using it in your applications.

You will receive notifications via email and your Indeed account when a potential employer views your application. The employer will contact you directly if they are interested.

Krop Jobs

Krop connects great companies and creative people at all experience levels. It promotes the individual talents who are looking for work as well as the companies looking to hire them for creative writing jobs.

While Krop seems to target designers, you can also find copywriting jobs. This Copywriting Junior gig pays Salary: $22-27/hr or $45K – 55K.  80% of copywriters earn between $35k – $65k per year.

Sign-up to build your portfolio at $9.99 per month or link your existing portfolio for free.

Click on the jobs tab, then search using a keyword such as copywriting to find various copywriting jobs. Next, enter your email address to register and apply for jobs.

Freelance Mom

Freelance Mom is a site where moms share their tips and advice. You don’t have to be a millennial mom to submit an article, you just have to be able to give current practical and actionable advice and tips to mothers.

The pay ranges between $75 to $100 for a post of between 900-1500 words.

Guest posts must contain:

  • Personal stories or anecdotes to relate to the audience.
  • Short paragraphs and bullet lists (if applicable).
  • Current and relevant advice.
  • A 20-30 minute action plan at the end of the post.


WriterBay is a place to start making money with your writing and creative thinking skills.

There are simple steps to follow to get started:

  • Fill out an application for registration.
  • Take a grammar and formatting test.
  • Write a short essay sample.
  • Upload any certificate for higher-level education, if applicable.

Registration is free, and earnings are competitive.

Here’s the juiciest part:

If all your clients are satisfied with the quality of your writing, WriterBay will upgrade your status to PRO Writer.  You’ll receive a bonus of 15% or 25% for every order if they are delighted with your overall performance. You can also make money by referring other writers to WriterBay through their referral program. You earn 3% for each completed order from your referrals.

In addition, Pro Writers receive automatic assignments, which allows you to bypass the Quality Assurance Department approval process when applying for jobs.

You can earn between $100 and $66,393 for 5,500 – 16,500 words, respectively. Freelance writing gigs range from finance, business, marketing, and human resources to Biology and world affairs.

WriterBay processes payments between the 16th and 20th of every month, with a minimum payment of $100.

Online Writing Jobs

Online Writing Jobs is a site for copywriters, bloggers, content writers, Search Engine Optimization, and other writting experts.

Online Writing Jobs is limited to applicants within the U.S. who can provide the required documentation. You’ll be required to submit a writing sample using the provided guidelines for review and feedback within 3 business days.

Rates vary depending on a variety of factors such as type of content, level of expertise, deadline, and length. That said, Online Writing Jobs pays a minimum of $15 to $50 per article. A payout amount for a given article will be provided before you agree to complete it.

It’s free to join to see what’s on offer and start writing.


RedGage pays you for your links, videos, blogs, and photos. It also monetizes your social activities.

Here’s how it works.

You are paid for your content according to its value, which is determined by page views or popularity. You earn 60 cents per 1000 page views and earnings increase as more people view your RedGage page. You can cash out once you make $25 or wait until you reach $50 or $75 and so on (any increment of $25).

You also receive bonuses of $2.85 or more if your article appears on their featured page. RedGage bases its rewards on responses from viewers in the form of comments, stars, and so forth.

You don’t have to visit RedGage regularly since it aggregates content from other sites.

So why should you keep on using multiple sites to manage your content when you can put everything one place and make money while doing it?

Just create an account and start uploading your content. It’s free.

Crowd Content

Crowd Content is for talented freelance writers who are interested in writing and editing.

You’ll have an opportunity to work on a wide range of content types, including technical writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content, product descriptions, copywriting, blog posts, eBooks, ghostwriting, articles, meta descriptions, copy editing, and various other projects for clients.

Sign up and answer a few questions about your experience and background. When accepted, you’re rated with between one and four stars based on the quality of your application. Your rating determines what type of work you can access.

Start applying to specific projects or the marketplace.

Providing high-quality work consistently will help you move up in rating, allowing you to access higher-paying tasks.

You can earn $48 for a 600-word article with a 3-star rating.


Cosmopolitan looks for articles on friendship, partying, dating, working, and so on.

If you have an enjoyable, funny, or even heart-warming college experience that you can share with the world, then consider sending it to Cosmo.

As long as it stands out, you’ll earn $100 for an 800-word essay, and they’ll hit you up for future assignments.

It’s a household magazine that many women subscribe to, and it also has an online version.


The BloggingPro job board targets mostly bloggers who can blog about almost anything. Employers look for freelancers who can write on a range of subjects.

Browse for jobs using categories and send in applications. Most employers will request previous work samples.

Pay attention to the job location and look for jobs listed as “remote,” “anywhere,” or “telecommute” since geographical location-dependent jobs are also listed.

The site is free, and you deal with clients directly. Since there are no moderators, there will be some scammers. Vet your potential client before applying for their job.

BloggingPro also has a resource section to help you perfect various skills that complement your freelance writing career. The section includes WordPress tips and lists books recommended for bloggers.

All Freelance Writing

All Freelance Writing (formerly All Indie Writers) is an excellent blog for freelance writing tips. Its freelance writing job board curates jobs from multiple places, including Craigslist. They usually feature gigs posted within the past month and only list those with pay rate information.

Listings have short descriptions which help you sort jobs based on price so that you don’t waste time on clients outside your range. The pay ranges between low and pro-level rates, i.e., between $1 and $250 per gig.

It’s free, and you can also sign up for the RSS feed to receive alerts via email when they put up a new post.


Contena curates online jobs from other job boards.

The beauty of Contena is that you can sort through jobs by category or niche, saving you time that you can then spend do tasks that land you work and money.

Contena also has a Pro Rates section, which shows you the average rates within your industry (finance, tech business, entertainment website, and more). It’s great for beginners who want to explore the potential earnings in a niche.

Create an account to join Contena. It features one of the most frequently updated lists of writing jobs, including high-paying writing jobs, many of which are remote.

Set alerts according to the criteria you want, e.g., category and rate. Contena will only send relevant gigs your way every day via email.

Her View From Home

Her View from Home is a lifestyle blog for women and moms. Topics include parenting, kids, relationships, faith, and grief.

It may not be the best paying site, but it does give newbie writers a chance to gain experience and earn at the same time.

They prefer 600- to 800-word articles, and you can expect to be paid from $5 – $100, depending on the number of social shares your article receives. For example, 4000 social media shares are needed to earn $100.

Cooking Detective

Cooking Detective is perfect for writers who love cooking or who want to break into food writing or become a kitchen product reviewer.

It’s a recipe, cooking, and food blog.

You can earn $120-$160 for Ultimate Guides (3000-4000 words) or $75 for articles (2000+ words).

Cooking Detective is always looking for passionate writers, either paid or guest bloggers, to contribute interesting, useful, and informative articles. If you have good knowledge of nutrition, food, kitchen appliances, recipe, with excellent writing skills, then they would love to hear from you.

iFreelance is a membership site. Memberships start as low as $6.25 per month, and you’ll pay $12 per month for the most comprehensive membership.

Here’s what you get at each membership level:

  • Basic: $6.25/month – 3 subcategory listings, 5 work samples, and unlimited bids.
  • Silver: $9.00/month – 6 subcategory listings, 15 work samples, and unlimited bids.
  • Gold: $12.00/month – unlimited subcategory listings, unlimited work samples, and unlimited bids.

As you can see, it doesn’t cost a lot.

You can choose to bid for freelance writing gigs or an employer can contact you directly.

Here’s the exciting part:

The site doesn’t charge commissions for your completed work. Plus, they screen all projects to protect you from scams.


Solid Gigs offers a unique service to anyone looking for freelance writing jobs.

It filters and sends via email only the top 2% of freelance jobs to its members for a small monthly fee. You can start with a 30-day- trial for $2 and upgrade to $19 per month after that.

SolidGigs puts more money into your pocket because it doesn’t take a percentage of your income.

They have also compiled over 127 courses, lessons, videos, templates, tools, and other resources to help you find good clients.

As a member, you’ll get instant unlimited access to their entire library for one low fee.

Genuine Jobs

Genuine Jobs gives you the help you need if you’re starting a freelance writing career.

No matter what your skill level or location, the job list is packed with freelance writing jobs waiting for you.

Sign up for their daily updates on all the jobs available. Alternatively, you can search for jobs on the site using keywords.

Unlike other websites, there are no fees for their career services.

Sign up for Genuine Jobs for free today.


PubLoft is unique among remote writing job boards.

Here’s why:

If you’re frustrated with running your own freelance business and you’d like to write from sunrise to sunset instead, then PubLoft is for you.

PubLoft finds clients, manages their needs, and lets you do what you love, i.e., write.

PubLoft pays its writers through PayPal every other Friday. They are currently offering $150 per 1000-word article, with potential bonuses based content quality.

You’ll have to apply and go through a vetting process to give them a sense of your skill level in grammar, fluency, and topic research.

PubLoft will always give you a chance to write and provide you with helpful feedback to improve your work.

Paid to Blog is a paid membership site for freelance bloggers. It helps you find and secure more freelance writing gigs in less time, saving you the frustration of scouring job boards.

The Paid to Blog team trawls through over 50 sources for freelance jobs and sends you a daily list of viable jobs. The listings come with all the information you need concerning the client, rate, and word count to help you choose

They also have tons of paid guest posting opportunities that allow you to make more money or boost your portfolio.

Here’s the best part:

 They provide you with comprehensive pitching guides to help you obtain lucrative gigs.

You can make $100+ per hour from freelance blogging.

Sign up for as low as $39 monthly, $89 quarterly, or $299 annually. You can cancel anytime within the first 28 days to get your money back.


Edusson is a leading platform for freelance academic writing. They have competitive salaries and a constant stream of assignments.

Writers are divided into four categories: expert, advanced, intermediate, and beginner. Your earnings grow along with your experience and client rating. The highest earner so far has made $8,294 from 425 orders.

You receive your pay twice a month through the payment method of your choice.

Registration is done through a few easy steps:

  • Provide your full name and mobile number.
  • Pass a short test which takes 15 minutes.
  • Write an introductory essay. They will give you a topic
  • Provide your Personal ID and credentials.
  • Choose a payment method.

Sign up today with Edusson.


ServiceScape is a board for freelancers/professionals and clients.

ServiceScape screens your application, as they want to provide high-quality services to their customers. They boast of more than 126,000 successful projects, 83,000 registered clients, and 4.9/5-star average rating for work completed. 

Set up your profile with a description and photo -a nice touch for clients who prefer to learn more about you and see you.

Servicescape gives you guidelines in terms of schedule and workload. You can set a page limit to control your workload.

Your account then stops accepting new projects temporarily once it reaches your limit so you can concentrate on your current workload.

If you are available for projects, sign in to your account at least once a day and check your projects and messages.

You can also move your account offline temporarily and provide a date when you’ll be back should you have other commitments.

Servicescape allows you to set your pricing. Predefined services have a default pricing structure which you can change. You can also provide individual quotes for custom projects.

College Recruiter

Freelance writing is one of the coolest ways to gain work experience and make money right away after graduating from college.

College Recruiter is a leading niche job board for college and university students searching for internships, part-time employment, and seasonal work and recent graduates in need of some extra money.

It features several online writing jobs, even for freelance writers without much experience. You will need to provide a few well-written sample articles.

You negotiate jobs on a case-by-case basis, either by the word or flat rate per article.

Register as a job seeker, fill in a short form, and upload your CV.

The Shelf

The Shelf offers an excellent opportunity for bloggers and freelance writers by connecting them with brands eager to collaborate.

It also enables you to connect with influencers and become one yourself in order to help brands reach the right audiences.

Sign up to get on the list, be discovered, and connect with your favorite brands.

Great Content

To become an author, apply via their application form. Be sure to include your experience and provide a unique sample.

Great Content is a global leader in multilingual SEO and e-commerce content creation. You can offer copywriting, editing, and translation services in different languages.

Once the Great Content team approves your application, you can explore available freelance writing gigs and apply for available jobs.

Great Content’s pay rate is assignment specific and ranges between $7.50 and $37.50 for a 500-word assignment.

Sign up today to start delivering great content to clients.


Freelanced is one of the largest freelance social networks.

Its homepage features lists of services available for clients, top freelancers, and jobs you can apply for. Select the “Writing and Translation” category to see all the writing jobs.

The site provides details about each job, including description, pay, and the number of applicants thus far.

Sign up now to see available jobs.


GoLance provides a platform on which freelancers and employers can connect, agree to a contract, and make payments.

You can apply for as many freelance writing jobs as you want. You’re also free to attach any third-party links to your profile. Finally, you pay a flat 7.95% fee per job, regardless of what you earn.

GoLance has developed some tools to make it easier for clients to find you, monitor your progress, and provide support if you need it.

One of their tools is called GoMeter Time Tracking, which monitors your activity and the communications between you and your clients.

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out a profile that reflects all of your skills and experience to find jobs for which you are suited.
  • Browse the available jobs and send out applications.
  • Once you’ve landed a job, you can start working and earning.

Fill out your profile today and get started


CloudPeeps is a marketplace, a community, and platform all in one that empowers freelancers and businesses to connect and work together.

Clients and Peeps (freelancers) can set and negotiate prices directly – creating flexible relationships no matter how experienced you are also depending on the type of work at hand.

It’s a seamless platform that makes it easy to manage relationships, payments, and more.

You can earn $100 – $250 per blog post or $500 – $1500 per month as a content marketer.

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Kolabtree offers expert freelancers a free opportunity to provide a broad range of services.

It targets scientists and researchers with PhDs interested in freelancing from top institutions such as NASA, MIT, Cambridge, and more.

It gives you the flexibility to define the type and scope of the service you wish to offer.

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Speedlancer is both a content mill and freelance market place that maintains a range of predefined task groups and a network of freelancers.

Speedlancer recruits the very best freelance consultants who have worked with some of the biggest organizations in the world.

It only recruits freelancers who are native English speakers from the UK, US, Canada, and Australia for writing support.

Speedlancer does not have open registration. They handpick and vet every single freelancer on their roster.

Once accepted, you can take on jobs, but each job must be completed within a specific time limit.

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