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13 Reddit Jobs Hiring in 2023

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13 Reddit Jobs

DepartmentAnnual Salary
Anti-evil Operations$85,000 to $135,000
Business Development$71,000
Information Technology$113,000 to $135,000
Product Development129000
Sales$100,000 to $150,000
University$60,000 to $99,000

Anti-evil Operations

Anti-evil operations at Reddit are responsible for keeping users safe through preventive steps against abuse on the platform. At the same time, these roles centralize care to those who are affected by such abuses. 

One of the roles available in this department is the Senior Compliance Engineer. This job involves overseeing the completion of technology compliance projects. Additionally, they are expected to work with teams across the company. 

By being a team player, Senior Compliance Engineers create actionable plans and implementation from technology risk mitigation needs. 

Applicants for this position should have at least five years of experience in risk management, IT audit, or compliance roles. Also, they must have practical knowledge in compliance management for cloud platforms. 

Senior Compliance Engineers make around $85,000 to $135,000. Besides that, Reddit offers several benefits, such as Healthcare packages, travel, professional and personal stipends to successful applicants.

Business Development

The Business Development department of Reddit is looking for an EMEA Business Development head. This role involves working with the company’s international team, connecting with EMEA markets through co-marketing and commercial partnerships. 

Some of the responsibilities of the Head of EMEA Business Development are building developing market strategies catered to each country. This role involves collaborating with various company departments, such as product, engineering, and sales. 

Overall, the Head of the EMEA Business Development ensures that the company reaches potential markets and expands business in the region. 

Among the qualifications, a candidate must:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree or relevant work experience
  • Have extensive knowledge of consumer technology and social media
  • Be willing to travel

Business Development managers earn an average of $71,000 annually. Applicants with bonus qualifications, such as an MBA, a law degree, or are fluent in a foreign language can negotiate for higher salaries. 


The Data department at Reddit is looking for Data Science Managers. Machine learning is the main focus of their work and includes building algorithms for optimization models. On top of that, Data Science Managers are responsible for managing teams. 

Some of the qualifications for Data Science Managers are: 

  • Master’s or Ph.D. degree, majoring in a quantitative subject, like Computer Science
  • Proficiency in Machine Learning

When it comes to professional background, Reddit requires at least two years of experience as a Data Science Manager or Tech Lead. Also, applicants must have at least five years of experience in quantitative roles for consumer-facing apps.   

Reddit’s career page doesn’t specify compensation. However, Data Science Managers in the US can expect to make an average of $144,000 annually.


There are several jobs available at the Design department of Reddit, and one of those is the Staff Product Designer. This job is responsible for designing and defining the user interface of the Reddit app. 

As a Staff Product Designer, you’ll be working with engineering and product teams, and go through each step in the design lifecycle. As such, you’ll need to have experience in designing mobile apps. Applicants must include their portfolios to be considered.

It’s also crucial to be a problem solver and a good communicator for this job. Noting that this job includes improving the app, you’ll need to be humble to accept constructive criticisms. The average salary for Staff Product Designers is $77,000 annually.

remote graphic design jobs


The Engineering Department offers a wide range of roles for those looking to work at the company. One of the most sought positions here is Android Engineer. 

This role is responsible for providing an incredible user experience, at the same time, creating tools to help other engineers. It’s why tasks Android Engineers deal with include prototyping, validation, up to launch, and iteration.  

Reddit considers applicants who are experts in Java or Kotlin programming languages. Having at least three years of experience in Android development is also a must. The average salary of a Reddit Android Engineer is around $180,000 yearly.  


One of the jobs available at the Finance department of Reddit is Deal Desk Manager. This role is responsible for services in developing and managing contract negotiation and approval processes for the finance department. 

The ideal candidate should have at least seven years of public accounting or finance experience. For education, applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or any finance-related program. 

Deal Desk Managers make around $120,000 annually. On top of the highly competitive compensation, Reddit also provides professional and personal development funds, health benefits, and flexible vacation.  


The HR department is responsible for hiring professionals to join the company and ensuring they stay. At Reddit, this department is also in need of recruitment professionals. 

Recruiters need to manage sourcing and screening candidates. They will also work with business and tech teams, understanding priority roles and human resource needs. For this reason, recruiters should be able to work in collaborative environments. 

It’s also important for candidates to have at least five years of recruitment experience. Having digital ad sales experience is a plus. The average salary of recruiters at Reddit is $160,000 annually. 

Information Technology

At Reddit, the workforce is reliant on cloud-based technology, allowing the company to provide reliable services and inherent security. The Information Technology department ensures that these operations are continuous.

For its many purposes, the IT department offers managerial roles for qualified candidates. One of these is the Senior Manager for Business Applications and HR Technology. 

These roles are responsible for building workday applications and HRIS integrations. Through them, business systems teams, consisting of analysts and architects, have reliable leadership. 

What Reddit is looking for in its Senior Manager are proven track records in IT business applications and people management. 

It’s also expected of Senior Managers to have extensive knowledge in human resources, including payroll processes.

For this position, Reddit offers an average of $113,000 annually. Others earn as much as $135,000. 

The Legal Department at Reddit ensures that the company has practical and strategic steps in facilitating growth and risk management. Among the jobs available at the company, particularly in this department is the Senior Corporate Counsel. 

This role requires a highly competent corporate attorney with at least 7 years of work experience in a tech-driven law firm. The Senior Corporate Counsel will be working with members of Reddit’s legal team and other stakeholders for various corporate concerns.  

Some of the job contexts for this role are public readiness, international expansion, and SEC disclosures. Moreover, the Senior Corporate Counsel will work on providing capital market support, M&A, corporate financing transactions, and venture investments. 

Due to the extent of their duties and responsibilities, the average annual salary for Senior Corporate Counsel is $200,000. 


Reddit’s marketing team is responsible for making the platform relevant and reputable, reaching their target audiences. The team is looking to fill various roles, such as that of Business Marketing Group Manager. 

They build outbound marketing strategies targeting global advertising. Business Marketing Group Managers are also in charge of the production process, coordinating with other marketing teams and external resources.

Qualified applicants must have at least seven years of experience in B2B content marketing, marketing communications, and product marketing. Additionally, having at least five years in digital advertising is a requirement. 

Reddit’s career page provides no specific salary details. But to give you an idea, marketing managers in the US make around $150,000 annually. 

digital marketing jobs

Product Development

The Product team works with Design, Engineering, and Research departments to turn ideas and strategies into actual features. With its vision to build specs and new designs, the department is looking for Senior Product Managers to handle various products. 

Some of these products and features are the Mobile Platform, Reddit Talk, and Feed UX. Senior Product Managers have varying responsibilities depending on the feature they are working on. 

However, it’s crucial that they can define the roadmap, strategy, and vision of their product. For that reason, they should have proven experience in creating product roadmaps and working collaboratively with the Engineering department. 

Additionally, they should have at least four years of experience in product management. Considering the qualifications and duties, Senior Product Managers can make around $129,000 yearly.

product design jobs


There are several jobs available at the Sales department of Reddit. These include Client Account Managers, Global Agency Development Manager, and Sales Manager. However, one of the interesting jobs in the company is that of a Creative Strategist. 

These are people that work at KarmaLab, Reddit’s creative team. They are responsible for building ad campaigns, content, and activations that are community-driven. Also, they provide help to brands in understanding how best to use the platform. 

To qualify for the Creative Strategist position, candidates must have at least five years of experience in media, advertising, PR, or any related field. Also, they must have a strong understanding of Reddit’s core values, connecting those to industry trends. 

Creative Strategists make an annual salary of $100,000 to $150,000. On top of that, Reddit provides benefits, such as healthcare, workspace, and paid volunteer time offs. 


Reddit University aims to attract professionals to become part of the company. For that reason, it offers summer internships across different departments, such as Engineering, Sales, and Design.  

One of those is the Data Science Internship where interns will work alongside Reddit’s Data Scientists on business-impacting projects. To join the program, applicants must be active students in Computer Science degree programs or related fields. 

Hourly rates for interns at Reddit go around $33, plus a housing stipend. Others make around $60,000 to $90,000 annually.

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