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Redbubble Review 2024 – How Much Can You Earn?

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Redbubble Review

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Redbubble is an online marketplace where artists can sell their designs printed on high-quality products. You can make anywhere from $0.50 to $20 per sale on Redbubble, depending on what you are selling, as well as the price of your product. Redbubble is free to sign up for and sell on and takes 80% of each sale price while paying you a 20% royalty for each sale you make.

Safe & Legit

Earning Potential

Service Fees

Ease of Use


  • Free to sign up
  • Large marketplace of potential buyers
  • Produces and prints products for you
  • Ships products for you


  • An average of 20% royalty
  • Competitive marketplace for sellers

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How Does Redbubble Work?

Redbubble was founded by Martin Hosking in Melbourne, Australia in 2006. It’s an online community of passionate creatives who sell unique designs on high-quality, everyday products including apparel, stationery, housewares, bags, wall art, and more.

With Redbubble, you can sell your art printed on high-quality products. It’s completely free to sign up for an account with Redbubble.

Let’s review how selling art on the platform works:

  1. First, you sign up for a Redbubble account for free and upload your artwork.
  2. Next, you decide what products to list that artwork on.
  3. You give your design a title, description, and as many relevant keywords as possible.
  4. Then, you publish your product for sale on Redbubble.
  5. A customer who likes your product then purchases your design on Redbubble.
  6. Redbubble prints and ships your product to the customer.
  7. Finally, Redbubble credits your account with a royalty (a percentage of the sale).

How Much Can You Earn With Redbubble?

RedBubble claims that artists make anywhere from fifty cents to $20 per sale on average. 

However, this varies depending on various factors, such as:

  • The artist
  • The type of product sold
  • Price of the product

Redbubble Reviews: Is Redbubble Legit?

The Redbubble platform has a 4.7-star rating on Apple App Store, a 3.7-star rating on Google Play Store, a 3.8-star rating on Trustpilot, and a 3.2-star rating on BBB. 

Review SiteReview Score
Apple App Store4.7
Google Play Store3.7

Customers have praised the app for producing high-quality products, having responsive customer support representatives, and providing a seamless selling process. 

Some customers have raised complaints about the app constantly crashing, having missing features for artists, and suspending accounts without cause.

Who Is Redbubble Best for?

Redbubble is best for independent artists who are looking to profit from their creative designs and reach a new marketplace of buyers. If you want to sell your art printed on products without having to make or ship the products yourself, Redbubble is the platform for you. 

Redbubble Benefits: What Does Redbubble Offer?

Free to Use

One of the benefits of using Redbubble is that it is completely free to sign up with and sell on. You don’t have to pay any upfront costs or fees to sell your designs to Redbubble’s online marketplace.

Complete Control Over Earnings

With Redbubble, you have complete control over your earnings. You decide how much to sell your designs for with Redbubble’s flexible pricing options.

No Production or Shipping Required

Redbubble will take care of producing, printing, and shipping your products to your customers. All you have to do is create your art, upload it to the platform, price your product, and Redbubble will do the rest.

Redbubble Requirements

You must be at least 16 years old to sell on Redbubble. Aside from that, there are no restrictions on selling on Redbubble. Anyone with a computer may quickly create an account and begin submitting their creations.

Redbubble Fees

Redbubble takes 80% of your sale earnings and pays you 20% as commission on each sale. It has a default royalty markup of 20% which you are free to raise.

Redbubble Payout Terms and Options?

Redbubble pays artists via PayPal and makes payments available once your earnings reach the $20 threshold. Payments start processing on the 15th of each month however, it may take a few days for the payment to reach your PayPal account.

What Are the Redbubble Pros & Cons?

Redbubble Pros

  • Free to sign up
  • Large online marketplace of potential buyers
  • Produces and prints products for you
  • Ships products for you

Redbubble Cons

  • An average of 20% royalty
  • A competitive marketplace for sellers

How Good Is Redbubble Support and Knowledge Base?

Redbubble has an online FAQ page that offers helpful articles with answers to the most commonly asked questions. The platform also offers a knowledge base with many detailed how-tos and explanatory articles for artists.

Redbubble Review Verdict: Is Redbubble Worth It?

Redbubble is an online marketplace where artists can sell their designs printed on high-quality products. You can make anywhere from $0.50 to $20 per sale on Redbubble, depending on what you are selling, as well as the price of your product. 

Redbubble is free to sign up for and sell on and takes 80% of each sale price while paying you 20% royalty for each sale you make.

If you’re an artist looking to sell your designs printed on products without the responsibility of producing and shipping the products, Redbubble is worth it.

How to Start Earning With Redbubble?

You can start earning with Redbubble by creating an account in a few quick and easy steps:

  1. To sign up for an account, simply fill in your email address, username, and password. 
  2. Then, Redbubble will send you an email to confirm your account. 
  3. Once you confirm your Redbubble account, you can start selling your products on the platform.

Sites Like Redbubble

Pricing80% commission fee15%-32% commission feeProduction & shipping costsNo fees or costs
Min. withdrawal$20$50$00
Best forCustom clothing designsWedding invitation designsT-shirt designsDigital products designs

Redbubble vs. Zazzle

Zazzle Summary

  • 3 different ways to earn with Zazzle
  • Earn up to $200 per day as a Designer
  • Decide on your own royalty fee (up to 99%)
  • No fees to join and unlimited uploads

Redbubble and Zazzle are both online marketplaces where artists can sell their custom designs printed on products for profit. Both of these apps take care of both the production and shipping of all products being sold. 

They are both free to use however, with Zazzle you can set your commission price between 4%-14% while with Redbubble, you can charge a 20% commission price.

Redbubble vs. Printful

Redbubble and Printful are both apps that offer print-on-demand services where you can sell your designs printed on products. Both Redbubble and Printful take care of the production and shipping of the items, and you earn a commission from each sale. 

Printful charges sellers shipping and sellers can then charge buyers however, Redbubble charges buyers directly for shipping.

Redbubble vs. Spring

Redbubble and Spring are both print-on-demand apps where artists can start an online business from home by selling their designs printed on products to potential buyers. Both apps are free to sign up with and start selling on. 

With Spring, you can set the prices of your products while Redbubble sets the base price for you and allows you to specify the markup as a percentage. 

Redbubble FAQ

What Is Redbubble?

More than 800,000 independent artists currently use Redbubble. Since its launch, artists have earned more than $100 million through sales across Redbubble. In 2018, 4 million customers purchased approximately 2 million different designs and creative works on Redbubble. 

Redbubble’s mission is to create the largest marketplace for independent artists and bring more creativity into the world. The company’s share price currently sits at $0.985.

Does Redbubble have an app?

Yes, Redbubble has an app available to download for free on the App Store for iPhone.

Can you do Redbubble on your phone?

The Redbubble app currently does not offer the option of uploading designs and editing products, and only allows mobile browsing and shopping.

Does Redbubble own your art?

No, Redbubble licenses your artwork to sell on products and the license is non-exclusive. You keep the copyright for any content you submit or upload to the platform.

How many designs can you upload per week on Redbubble?

There is no limit to how many designs you can upload on Redbubble.

What is the best Redbubble markup?

Redbubble recommends a 20% product markup in order for you to have the best chances of selling your products.

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