PollPass Review 2020. Is PollPass Legit?

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**Pollpass is closed from 10th of June 2020.**

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With so many survey sites out there, choosing the right one can be a challenge.

In our PollPass review, we aim to help you decide if you should sign up.

PollPass Summary



PollPass is an innovative platform that allows you to chat and participate in market research. Although the earning potential is limited, it is a fun way to make a little extra cash in your spare time.



  • PayPal

  • Gift Cards

  • Legit & Safe
  • Pay Per Survey
  • Earning Potential
  • Payout Process


  • Payment with 2 Days
  • $5 minimum cashout
  • Mobile app available
  • Easy to track your points


  • No referral system
  • Limited earnings
  • Problems with account rejections
  • 15 pts on average per answer (5000 = $5)

Is PollPass Legit?

PollPass has its headquarters in London, England, and is part of the GlobalWebIndex group. Although PollPass has only been around since 2016, its parent company has decades of experience in the market research segment. 

Since PollPass does not have a base in the USA, it is not BBB accredited, but it has an average reputation within the online community. PollPass review comments do highlight issues with difficulty cashing out and account rejections, but many people enjoy the innovative, fun to use platform. 

How Does PollPass Work?

PollPass is a survey site offering companies, and organizations access to market research data. However, there is a twist. Instead of presenting the surveys as a long, written document, PollPass has a chatbot, so users have a conversation rather than just answer a long list of questions. 

This informal way of data collection makes it easier to work through a longer survey and provides enhanced trustworthiness. Companies such as the BMW Group and IWC work with PollPass, using the market research data to shape marketing campaigns and develop new products and services. 

What is PollPass Sign Up Process?

The sign up process for PollPass is simple and easy. Your name, household details, income information, and other personal data is necessary to create your demographic to match you with appropriate surveys. 

Fortunately, there are no tedious forms. You can answer the questions via the chatbot and PollPass makes the promise to keep your data private. You’ll even receive a 20 point bonus for sign up. 

During registration, the chatbot system will walk you through the terms and conditions, so you can get acquainted with the chatbot system and establish your profile. PollPass is open to residents in the USA and UK only.

You can sign up with Pollpass here

How Much PollPass points are Worth?

The PollPass Points convert as 10 points equals 1 cent. So you need to accumulate 5,000 points to earn $5.

How Much Can You Make from PollPass Online Surveys?

After signing in, there is a seamless transition between tutorial and survey data collection. All of the research questions blend into a smooth conversation, where you can pick one or more predefined answers. Each answer will provide you with points, which typically averages 15 points per answer. However, this can vary, but the interface displays your point total, so you can keep track.

The surveys tend to last 5 to 10 minutes, but some can run longer. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about screening out, which is common with many survey platforms. There are no screening questions with PollPass, so you don’t need to worry about wasting your time. 

What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on PollPass?

While PollPass is fun to use, there are no other ways to make money with the site. There is no referral program or tasks to boost your points total. 

How to Redeem Points with PollPass?


PollPass offers PayPal as a payment method, but the minimum cash out threshold is 5,000 points or $5. Although this may be quite low, it can be challenging to reach this level. Fortunately, there is a minimal amount of processing time, so you can receive your funds almost immediately after you request a PayPal payment.

Gift Cards

You can also opt for a gift card to redeem your PollPass earnings. The minimum threshold remains at 5,000 points, but you can receive an Amazon e-gift card within two working days. Amazon will contact you with your voucher code directly, so you need to make sure that your email address is up to date. 

What are the PollPass Pros & Cons?


  • Whether you choose PayPal or an Amazon gift card, you can expect your payment within a day or two. Unlike many survey sites, you won’t need to wait weeks for your payment to arrive. 
  • The clean layout provides up-to-date points total, so you can easily track your earnings after each answer or survey. 
  • The platform makes it easy to sign up and start earning within minutes.


  • Although PollPass surveys are fun to complete, there is limited earning potential. There are no other ways to earn points, and you need to accumulate 10 points to earn 1 cent.
  • Even if you enjoy using the platform, PollPass does not have a referral system to earn additional points to introduce family members and friends. 
  • Some PollPass review comments highlight possible issues with account rejections. Some users have complaints about their accounts being rejected or canceled before cashing out.

Is PollPass Worth it?

PollPass may be a relatively new platform, but it is certainly a legit company, offering the possibility to earn cash online in your spare time. While it is not one of the highest reward earning platforms, it is one of the easiest to use. Many PollPass review comments highlight that it is easy to become engaged in conversations with the research bot. It is possible to earn $5 or $10 every week or two, but higher earnings are difficult to achieve.

The PollPass team does appear responsive to issues, and complaints about the platform do appear to have been resolved, highlighting the company’s legitimacy. So, while this is not a great choice for those looking to replace a full time income, if you’re looking to make a little extra cash in your spare time, it is worth consideration.


How To Contact PollPass Customer Service?

PollPass has an extensive FAQ section on the website, but there is also an email, phone number, and postal address if you still need to contact the customer service team. 

Is PollPass Free?

Yes, the platform is completely free to use, and you’ll even receive a bonus just for signing up. 

Can You Fill PollPass Surveys with Mobile App?

Yes, there is a PollPass app, allowing you to chat and participate wherever it is convenient for you. 

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