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13 Best Photo Editing Jobs (+Guide How to Become Photo Editor)

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13 Places to Find Photo Editor Jobs


Fiverr Summary

  • Set your own prices for your services
  • Choose from over 500 service categories
  • 3 different options for cashing out
  • Protection from fradulent chargebacks

Fiverr takes its name from the lowest price of its service. Around four Fiverr gigs are sold each second, and over 5 million transactions have occurred to date. 

This platform is a great resource for anyone getting started in online work. There are many services available, including photo editing jobs. 

When you start out in any career, it can be hard. Many people want to hire someone with experience, but how do you get the experience that you need? 

Fiverr is the perfect solution. You can offer your photo editing skills and buildup a portfolio to show to clients and future employers. The best part is that you can get paid as you gain experience. Fiverr only takes a 20% commission on each service you sell. You can have their earnings paid into a bank or your Paypal account.


Upwork Summary

  • Earn up to $34 per hour as a freelancer
  • Get 10 free Connects every month
  • Get 40 extra Connects when you pass a test
  • Time tracker ensures you get paid

Upwork, formerly Elance & Odesk, currently has over 5 million clients and 16 million freelancers. It typically has higher paying work when compared to a platform like Freelance, but there is more competition and fewer opportunities. 

It can be hard to build a reputation on Upwork, but it’s free to get started. If you have the skills and you’re dedicated, you can build a client base there. 

Once you’ve joined Upwork, it’s important to populate your profile with a great personal statement on what you want to achieve on the platform and the services you offer. Add case studies, a resume, and samples of your work to attract interest. 

After Upwork has approved your profile, you can start to bid on projects that interest you. When you land a job, you carry out all communication with the client via the Upwork platform. This includes tracking billable hours and generating invoices. 

Upwork takes:

  • 20% fee on the first $500 billed to a client, 
  • 10% from $500 up to $10,000 
  • 5% on clients that exceed $10,000. 

So, it really pays to develop long term relationships with clients by providing high quality work.

Simply Hired

SimplyHired offers free job listings for freelance workers to connect with potential clients. It’s really easy to create a profile, and the platform has an efficient job searching function. 

The platform also features helpful advice on writing a resume, cover letters, and other information that will help you to get hired. 

This focus on the working experience makes SimplyHired an attractive option for those starting out and a good step up from sites like Fiverr.


Outsourcely was designed to deal with the limitations of other online working platforms, such as Freelance, Elance (now Upwork), and Odesk (also now Upwork).

At the time, it was difficult to hire freelancers directly and high processing fees made online working untenable for many people.

Today, Outsourcely is probably the greatest rival to Upwork with a focus on generating long term remote working opportunities.

Employers can interview and hire talent independently of the platform and pay their workers directly without generating additional fees. Communication tools are built into the platform making real time chatting, video and voice messaging, and direct emailing simple.

Employers can easily find talent, post jobs, and even manage their entire remote team on the Outsourcely platform. This is a great platform for photo editing jobs, the platform is easy to use, and it could be the path to secure full time work.


Workhoppers helps companies to locate professionals for long term work in their own locality. This is very different from freelancing sites. There are no commissions, but a monthly plan costs $19.

Potential candidates are matched to the employer using a sophisticated algorithm, which makes hiring more efficient. The employer can negotiate with the candidate via the Workhoppers platform, and the bidding process is simple. 

The focus of Workhoppers is working face to face, so it’s likely that you will be meeting employers over a coffee from time to time. This helps to build long term working relationships, but the downside is that people working in out of the way areas may have fewer opportunities.


Guru boasts a 99% client satisfaction rate. They have 800,000 freelancers and has paid out over $250 million since the company was founded in 1998. 

This is a great site for freelancers because its focus is on professionals rather than entry level gigs. 

It’s easy to browse the job listings and submit a bid for a project that interests you. You can work with other freelancers in the Guru virtual WorkRooms and communicate with clients. 

It’s free to join Guru, but a membership starts from only $11.95 per month. This can really boost your profile on the platform.


FlexJobs Summary

  • Jobs in over 50 categories available
  • Members get exclusive deals and discounts
  • All jobs are guaranteed to be legit
  • Get access to 4 job search resources

FlexJobs is the largest site that deals with remote jobs that are screened by hand. At any one time, there are around 25,000 active job listings from around 5,000 different global companies. 

The company vets every job listing to ensure that FlexJobs members have access to high quality opportunities. 

Needless to say, this deters scammers, but this is funded by membership fees and many professionals will appreciate this feature. 

It costs $14.95 for a basic one month membership. But, the best deal is $49.95 for a full year. If you’re looking for a great platform to find photo editor jobs, FlexJobs is highly recommended.


ZipRecruiter Summary

  • Top-rated app and job search engine
  • Simple, 1-tap job application process
  • Over 30 different job categories
  • More than 7.5 million jobs posted each day

Many people have heard of ZipRecruiter. It is used by many companies to source a wide variety of talent for full time, part time and contract based positions. 

However, one of their lesser known features is a comprehensive freelance jobs section, including photo editing jobs. 

Depending on your skill set and experience, you can earn $500 up to $10,000 per month with the right company.


PeoplePerHour matches designers with potential clients using data generated by both parties. This data is analyzed by an artificial intelligence program to create ideal matches.

The platform also allows you to manually search for projects that appeal and then submit a proposal.

You’ll need to create a profile that can showcase your skills and experience. Potential clients can browse freelancer portfolios, so you may catch their eye.


Indeed is free to join. This platform is an online job aggregator that gathers jobs from a wide variety of sources and presents them in a single location. 

It makes searching for photo editing jobs more efficient, and you may even land a full time position with a local company! 

The job listings are easy to browse thanks to the well designed interface.


Most people have heard of LinkedIn. It’s the largest networking platform for professionals, and it has more than 690 million users.

LinkedIn launched a freelance hub known as ProFinder back in 2015 to connect freelancers with high quality leads. 

The best way to get the most out of LinkedIn ProFinder is to create a complete profile that helps potential employers to find you and hire you. 

A ProFinder application must be manually approved, you will then receive an alert via email. 

The first 10 ProFinder proposals are free. The best value is the Premium Business subscription, which costs $197.97 annually. This allows the user to submit unlimited proposals to potential clients.


Glassdoor matches 45 million people with a job each week in a wide variety of industries. 

One of the best things about this platform is the search function, it’s easy to use and it has a preview pane that allows users to get a quick job description on a single screen. 

Most jobs have an “Easy Apply” button making a job application possible in only a few clicks! 

It’s easy to join Glassdoor and create a resume to help you land your dream photo editing jobs.


Freelancer is the largest marketplace for freelance work today with 45 million users active in over 247 countries worldwide. This is a great option for online work because of the sheer number of opportunities available. 

There are no upfront costs when you create your Freelancer account. Once your profile is complete, you can start searching for photo editing jobs immediately. 

Freelancer does charge a fee for each job that you complete. 

  • A project with a fixed price typically costs $5 or a 10% fee (whichever is more), 
  • Services often incur a 20% fee 
  • Hourly projects usually attract a 10% fee per hour. 

If you get a referral from an employer, you will be charged no fee, and this is an extra incentive to produce high quality work for your clients. All communication, tracking hours, client invoicing, and receiving payments is conducted via the Freelancer platform.

What is a Photo Editor?

A photo editor is an image professional that works with designers or business owners to create images that improve the viewing experience for clients and their customers. You may even find yourself working with social media influencers who want to ensure their posts have the best images.

What Do Photo Editors Do?

As the name suggests, photo editor jobs focus on the visual medium.

This involves:

  • Conceiving the visuals. 
  • Interaction with designers, business owners, individual clients and editors.
  • Determining which photos are chosen and they how they will be used. 
  • Obtaining photography permissions
  • Negotiating the rights and fees to various photographers. 

As an example: If the project requires a photoshoot at a famous park the photo editor would have to contact the VPs in order to obtain permission. 

In another scenario, you may be working freelance for someone who wants to ensure the images on their social media platforms look their best. You may even work with a photographer who needs help with his client’s images.

Obviously, this is a challenging and varied role, but it is rewarding if you have a genuine love for photography and the visual medium in general.

How Much Does a Photo Editor Make?

The average salary for photo editors in 2018 was $42,000 per year.

What Qualifications Needed to Be a Photo Editor?

Being a great photographer is not a prerequisite for any photo editing jobs.

But, you will need:

  • Some basic knowledge of lighting, camera techniques and color balance. 
  • A well trained eye, 
  • A creative mindset 
  • A grounding in art history or photography. 

The best photo editors have good organizational skills, and they must be detail orientated to overcome the challenges that arise during a typical photoshoot. 

If you have experience with InDesign and Photoshop, this will help you to make minor corrections and understand how the art department works.

Other useful skills include: 

  • Bridge, 
  • Lightroom, 
  • Videography
  • Video editing.

How to Become a Photo Editor with No Experience?

A good place to start is with some learning. A training course can help you to gain confidence and develop your skill set. You may even receive certification that can be used to attract clients.

Start Your Career as a Photo Editor

While starting a new career can be a daunting prospect, there are platforms where newbies can build up their skill set and experience.

From Fiverr to Freelancer, you can choose a platform and start offering your services.

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