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7 Best Places to Find Pet Sitting Jobs: Is Pet Sitting Profitable?

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7 Places to Find Pet Sitting Jobs


Rover Summary

  • 6 different ways to earn money available
  • Get up to $25,000 pet care coverage
  • You get to decide how much to charge
  • 24/7 support, Including vet assistance

Rover is a popular and one of the best places to find pet sitting jobs and earn a decent sum. This online platform enables you to connect to a pet parent looking for someone to take care of their pet at a fee. 

The service is also available on the app, and it’s a good option that can make you money by working a part-time or full-time job. In addition, the service enables you to earn real money through dog walking, boarding, daycare, house sitting, and drop-ins for different types of pets such as dogs, cats, and hamsters.

To get started;

  • Visit the Rover website and sign-up 
  • Fill in your information, including your interest in pets, how many pets you are comfortable accommodating, and references. If you have pets, you can include their photos and the size of your room. 

After that, Rover approves your request, and pet owners may contact you depending on job availability. Subsequently, you can receive your earnings via PayPal or cheque minus the 20% Rover fees. 

What makes Rover unique is a guarantee of up to $1 million for your services, including third-party injuries and property damage. 


Wag Summary

  • On average make around $17.50 per walk
  • Set your own schedule and manage your services
  • Dog owners can tip you via app
  • Company donates meals to rescue dogs

If you’re looking for an opportunity to earn money, you can try Wag, one of the best pet sitting jobs app. Some of the services that you may offer include boarding, drop-in visits, In-home training, digital training, veterinary services, and wellness. As a pet sitter, your daily responsibilities will include caring for puppies, kittens, older pets, and ill pets.

To become a caregiver, start by signing up and choose either pet walking or sitting services. Then, you fill in the following details;

  • You’ll need to fill in your name
  • Provide an email address and telephone number
  • Agree to the terms of the agreement

After approval, pet owners may request your service directly when they need to hire. 

Wag ensures you get all the information about a particular pet and offers a platform for open communication with the pet owner. You may contact 911 or the service lines in case of injuries, illnesses, or accidents during work hours.

Your earnings depend on the type of service, duration, and rate per hour. Typically, the average earnings to walk a pet is $12 per hour; however, the pet owner may tip you for exemplary service. You will receive your earnings via the Instant Pay feature or Stripe every week on Fridays.

Pet Sitters International(PSI) or is a resource for pet sitters, dog walkers, and anyone who offers professional care for pets. However, PSI only lets you take care of the pets at the pet owner’s home, and therefore taking care of the pet at your place is not allowed.

The website allows you to access several benefits such as bonding, information tools, and pet-sitter insurance. Plus, you can access free training, webinars, networking, and live classes. 

To get started, you’ll need to;

  • Sign up on the website
  • pay membership fees of $145 and a $10 application fee which excludes insurance or guarantees. However, insurance is available for members at a special rate

The organization allows you to set your pet-sitting rate, which depends on other factors such as insurance, advertising, and membership fees. However, you can earn $20.71 when you sit with a pet for 30 minutes. Finally, you’ll receive payments via your bank account.


Fetch Rewards Summary

  • Easy to use
  • Earn points with any grocery store receipt
  • Earn points on over 300 product brands
  • Rewards – gift cards and sweepstakes

If you’re looking for a full-time job, you can consider Fetch, an online platform where pet owners post pet sitting jobs. Here, there are several jobs you can do, such as puppy sittings, dog walking, pet sitting, overnight care, pet taxi, and vet services. 

Fetch is one of the largest pet care organizations with over 77 different locations across the country. Therefore, you can easily find a pet sitter’s job within your state and start earning.

When you join, the company conducts background checks to ensure you’re a suitable fit. For example;

  • You’ll need to provide personal information
  • In addition, Fetch ensures your work environment is comfortable by providing ongoing support and insurance 

Application is easy on their website and you start by filling out the online application with your details. The next step is to meet the pet owner, who’ll determine if you’re a good fit. Your earnings depend on the service, time, and rate. 

You can expect to earn an average of $19 which is transferable to your preferred payment method.

Care Summary

  • Earn $15 to $20 per hour on average
  • Payments processed quickly within 2 days
  • Get up to $500 in benefits each year
  • All caregivers get 4 different benefits

If you’re a pet lover, you’ll be glad to note that is an excellent place with a plethora of services that you can provide such as pet sitting and walking.

Joining is easy on the website and involves filling in your details which include;

  • Your work experience
  • A small description of your love for animals
  • In addition, you’ll be required to provide the Social Security Number or SSN for compliance purposes

Another important aspect is that the organization conducts a background check in order to hire the right person to do the job.

Earnings range between $8-$13 per hour; however, a flat rate option is allowed. You can receive your earnings via your preferred payment option, such as a direct deposit. has good ratings from pet owners and sitters; however, they don’t guarantee or offer warranties.

You can make your profile attractive by attaching a profile photo of you holding a pet. The job requires flexibility since you never know when a pet parent will need your services. 


Housesittesamerica is a user-friendly website that enables you to work on your own schedule by offering pet care services. Some of the jobs available include boarding, daycare, pet walking, and pet sitting jobs.

Becoming a pet sitter requires sending an online application with your details. Once you’ve signed up, you need to do several things before being accepted. For example;

  • Fill in your details, 
  • Create a personal profile, 
  • Pay an annual fee of $49

After verification and acceptance, you can search for jobs and contact pet owners directly.  The company offers a safe platform and friendly support for pet owners and sitters, however, there are no guarantees.

Earnings depend on experience, references, insurance, or skills and can range between $25 to $30 per day. You can receive the money anytime in your bank account.

house sitting jobs


HoliDog is a popular website that offers pet sitting jobs to experienced pet sitters. The most common service is doggy daycare, where you host a pet in your home when the parent is away. You can also offer the service at the pet owner’s home and take daily walks with the pet and meet other needs of the pet such as play and feeding.

Holidog offers a guarantee of up to $500, which takes care of vet charges if the pet gets sick. 

To become a member, you need to register on the Holidog website in your country and fill in the details. The following details are vital when you are sending an application.

  • Your Identification
  • Work experience
  • A small description of your care and love for pets
  • Your photo with a pet

After setting up your profile, the quality team evaluates your application and contacts you via phone for verification. 

After activation, you can now apply for jobs and start earning. Income ranges from $15 to $20 per hour, which is accessible via your bank account.

What Makes a Good Pet Sitter?

Pet owners need someone who’ll care for their pets and provide the love and care they deserve while they are away from home. This service offers pet owners peace of mind knowing their pets will get plenty of care from someone who loves them very much. 

Here are the qualities of a pet sitter:

  • As a pet sitter, you need to demonstrate the qualities that make your furry friends feel loved and appreciated. For example, you need to show compassion, patience, kindness, and love. Pet parents who are out of town can leave their pets with you, and in return, the pet benefits from care and attention.
  • You must have experience in handling different types of pets and animals. You will also need to provide daily or weekly care depending on your clients’ needs. Being an animal caregiver is not all about taking them for walks every day but ensuring that they get their necessities such as food, water, grooming services when necessary, and love. 
  • You need to demonstrate that you’re fully trained in each breed or animal; you must be able to handle any animal that comes your way. Whether it’s an aggressive dog or a timid puppy, they all need care and attention while their owner is away. 
  • Working any time and not having an exact schedule means you are flexible to meet your client’s needs anytime.
  • As a pet sitter, you’ll need insurance to protect yourself against accidents and injuries while at work.
  • When pet sitting, it is important to be a good communicator. It can often mean the difference between having an excellent experience with the pet and the parent.
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