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Paribus Review 2023: Is Paribus Trustworthy?

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Paribus Review

paribus logo

Paribus offers a unique opportunity for online shoppers to save money from their most recent purchases. This is a novel idea, compared to apps and online cashback deals where you know how much money you’re getting. In a way, Paribus provides shoppers a convenient way to monitor changing prices of products in their favorite stores. Plus, it takes the stress away from filing refunds.

Safe & Legit

Cashback Value

Number of Stores

Payout Process


  • Monitors price changes for you
  • Files refunds on your behalf
  • Lets you know of late deliveries
  • Free to use


  • Price protection works on selected stores
  • You might still need to file refund claims

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How Does Paribus Work?

Launched in 2014 in the US, Paribus is an innovative service that tracks prices and checks for price drops. Then, it allows users to apply for refunds based on the recent price drop for their purchases. 

Paribus works like a personal price adjustment agent. To make use of its full features, you’ll need to link your email account first. When you purchase an item online and receive an electronic receipt, Paribus will scan and add that item to your account. 

Paribus will monitor price changes for that item within the next thirty days. When it detects a price drop for that item, Paribus applies for refunds on your behalf.

For some retailers, Paribus will ask you to file for a refund yourself. However, it will provide you with instructions so you know how to get your money. You’ll receive your funds once a retailer approves the price adjustment.  

How Much Cashback You Can Get With Paribus?

How much you can get depends on how much you initially paid for an item and its current price. After all, Paribus needs to monitor if there are any price drops for your purchases before initiating a refund claim on your behalf.

For example, you bought a laptop for $650 last week and Paribus found its current price drops to $550 this week. In this case, you can get a $100 refund.

Putting that into consideration, there is no consistent way to make money with Paribus. It all depends on what you buy, how often you shop, and the price adjustment it detects.  

Paribus Reviews: is Paribus Legit?

Paribus is a safe and legitimate online rebate site where you can save money from recent purchases. This service has recently become part of the Capital One Shopping app you can download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In fact, this app has an average of 4.8 rating on the Apple App Store and a 4.5 average rating on Google Play Store. Users liked how the app helped them save money while providing a great user experience.

Review WebsiteReview Score
Apple App Store4.8
Google Play Store4.5

On the other hand, some users have issues and complaints about not getting their cashback offers and coupon discounts. However, these are offers from the Capital One Shopping app, quite unrelated to Paribus Price Protection feature. 

Who is Paribus Best for?

Considering how it works, Paribus is ideal for all online shoppers. Just imagine buying something to find the same item at a lower price a week after 

With Paribus, you won’t need to go over such disappointment. You won’t even have to monitor price drops yourself. If you don’t have much time to review your receipts, this just makes it another reason to use Paribus. 

Finally, Paribus helps people file for claims on the price difference. A lot of times, shoppers don’t know how to file for refunds and prefer to just let it go. Thus, here is where Paribus excels the most. 

Paribus Partner Stores

Since Capital One acquired Paribus, it now works with over 25 online stores in the United States. Some of these are the following:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Home Depot
  • Costco
  • Anthropologie
  • Banana Republic
  • Staples
  • Best Buy
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Nordstrom
  • Zappos

Paribus Features: What Does Paribus Offer?

Paribus offers the following features to all Capital One Shopping users:

Price Drop Monitoring

Paribus became a popular cashback service because of the price drop monitoring feature. By opting in with your email, Paribus scans any recent online store receipt in your inbox. Then, it monitors prices in real-time. 

You’ll get a notification when your recent purchases have undergone price drops. Paribus files for refund claims on your behalf. This allows you to get back the excess money you’ve paid for the products.

Late Delivery Payments

Paribus also accesses information regarding the delivery schedule for your products. And it also knows retailers’ terms and conditions in deliveries. 

If Paribus detects a late delivery for your purchases, it sends you an alert so you can contact the retailer. It also tells you if you can charge the retailer for the late deliveries and inconveniences it caused.


Paribus also offers a feature where it monitors your purchases against retailers’ return policies. Suppose you bought a dress two sizes small and would like to return it. In that case, you won’t need to worry about missing the return deadline.

Paribus will send you a return deadline prompt so you can send your item as soon as possible. You can save money from a product that would otherwise go unused and occupy a space in your closet.  

Is Paribus Free?

As part of Capital One Shopping, the Paribus service is free for all users. 

Paribus Payout Terms and Options?

Paribus files for price adjustments when it detects price drops for your purchase items. When a retailer honors the adjustment, you’ll usually get the funds back to your original payment method. In other cases, retailers pay through store credit. 

Note that retailers have different refund policies. Considering that, refund claims processing may also vary across different merchants. However, most retailers process refunds in three to seven days. 

What Are the Paribus Pros & Cons?

Paribus Pros

  • Monitors price changes for you
  • Files refunds on your behalf so you don’t need to stress about it
  • Keeps track of your purchases’ shipping schedule and lets you know of late deliveries
  • Free to use

Paribus Cons

  • The price protection feature works only on selected online stores
  • You might still need to file refund claims for some retailers

How Good is Paribus Support?

You can find support for Paribus-related issues on the Capital One Shopping website. It has a Help section that lists commonly asked questions and answers. 

If you need to contact support, you can do so by: 

Paribus Review Verdict: is Paribus Worth it?

Since its inception, Paribus offers a unique opportunity for online shoppers to save money from their most recent purchases. This is a novel idea, compared to apps and online cashback deals where you know how much money you’re getting.

In a way, Paribus provides you, as an online shopper, a convenient way to monitor changing prices of products in their favorite stores. Plus, it takes the stress away from filing refunds and returning products. You’ll also know when shipping takes longer than it should. 

Signing up takes seconds to complete. From there, you virtually have nothing else to do besides shopping. Overall, Paribus Price Protection is worth it. 

How to Sign Up With Paribus?

Since Paribus became a part of Capital One Shopping, you’ll need to sign up through its website. Once there, choose an email account to sign up. Your options are currently limited to: 

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Microsoft

After signing up with your email, the website will show you to your Capital One Shopping account. To access Paribus Price Protection, just navigate to the My Purchases section. 

The website also lets you access other features, such as discount deals and cashback offers. You can also find products with the lowest prices. 

Sites Like Paribus

Trunow Summary

  • User-friendly app
  • Helps you locate gas stations in USA
  • Get cashback from all gas stations in USA
  • Minimum cashout threshold of $5

If you’d like to maximize your cashback earnings, here are a few best sites like Trunow to consider joining:

Logo paribus logo swagbucks logo befrugal logo topcashback logo
Potential EarningsVariesUp to $100 monthlyUp to 40%Up to 25%
Payment MethodCard you used for purchasePayPal or gift cardsCheck, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, or gift cardsPayPal, direct deposit, or gift cards

Paribus vs. Swagbucks

Swagbucks Summary

  • 18 ways to earn money and e-gift cards
  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Up to 10% cashback when shopping online
  • $1 minimum e-gift card withdrawal

Swagbucks is a popular Get-To-Paid app where you can answer surveys, complete offers, or watching videos for some cash. Like Paribus, this app also offers a way to save money on your purchases through cashback.

It’s also quite similar to Paribus since you can claim cashback from online stores only. However, the two are quite different on how you’ll get your cash. Swagbucks pays in SB coins that you can exchange for PayPal or gift cards. 

Paribus vs. BeFrugal

BeFrugal Summary

  • Guaranteed to have the highest cashback
  • More than 5000 stores to get cashback
  • Over 5 different ways to get rewards
  • 6 different ways to cash out your earnings

BeFrugal is among the top cashback sites you should check out. It shares the same outlook as Paribus, helping shoppers save money from online shopping. 

What differentiates the two is basically how these cashback services work. With Paribus, you’ll get money back through price adjustments. But with BeFrugal, you’ll need to activate a cashback promo before shopping. 

Paribus vs. TopCashback

TopCashback Summary

  • Get 100% of all the cash back you earn
  • No minimum threshold to cash out
  • Earn cash back at over 4400 partner stores
  • Earn up to 25% cash back and discounts

Joining the places that give cashback is TopCashback. Compared to Paribus, this online rebate site allows you to get cashback from in-store shopping. But to redeem a cashback offer, you’ll need to link your debit or credit card and use it to pay. 

Other Sites Like Paribus

Paribus FAQ

What is Paribus?

The platform became a part of Capital One, a financial company, and has been rebranded under Capital One Shopping. It now offers the same features under the Paribus Price Protection of this shopping rewards site.  

Since its launch, Paribus has helped nearly 3 million users acquire refunds for their recent purchases. It has reported over $20 million of claims for its users.  

Does Paribus work with Amazon?

Yes, Paribus works with Amazon. Specifically, Paribus tracks Amazon deliveries and sends late delivery reimbursements on your behalf.

Does Paribus have an app?

No, Paribus doesn’t have its own app. You can access it through the Capital One Shopping app or website.

Does Paribus work retroactively?

Yes, since it applies for refunds based on recent price drops on your purchases.

Does Paribus charge a fee?

Paribus doesn’t charge a fee.

Is Paribus a safe app?

Yes, Paribus is a safe and legit service offered by Capital One, a trusted financial company.

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