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Panel Payday Review 2022. Is Panel Payday Legit?

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Panel Payday Review

Panel Payday logo

Panel Payday does not host any surveys on its site and works by referring users to other survey sites to earn an affiliate commission. We suggest signing up with other survey sites directly and skip the middle man. Panel Payday will only have value for those people who have the time and inclination to wade through lots of offers and affiliate deals to find appealing promotions.



Safe & Legit

Pay Per Survey

Earning Potential

Payout Process


  • Earn up to $75 per survey (most surveys $1 – $2)
  • Available wolrdwide
  • Access to affiliate offers
  • Payment via check or PayPal


  • Payment delays are common
  • Lots of promo to your email inbox

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Is Panel Payday Legit?

There is very little company information around Panel Payday to confirm whether this company is legit or not. The BBB does not accredit panel Payday, and it has not even got a ranking. Additionally, Panel Payday does not have a good reputation within the online community, with many people reporting the website is spammy, and users have difficulty earning serious cash. 

How Does Panel Payday Work?

While Panel Payday appears like any typical survey site, it is actually a little different. In fact, Panel Payday works by referring users to survey sites to earn an affiliate commission. These survey sites, such as Opinions That Pay and Brands Need You can save marketing resources by having Panel Payday do the work of attracting participants to connect with market research companies and complete surveys. 

What is Panel Payday Sign Up Process?

The typical sign up process for a survey site is fast, providing access to the survey platform within a matter of minutes. However, it is not as simple on Panel Payday. 

Firstly, you should be aware that there are conditions in small print that you need to agree to when you sign up. Included in these conditions is the fact that you agree to receive emails from the Panel Payday partners. Unfortunately, there is no clear list of who and how many these partners are. 

This means that the first stage of the sign up is to agree to share your email who will start sending you promotional offers. This is quite unusual for a survey site, so many people are wary of this. 

You will also be asked some basic sign up information, including your name, email, and address details. Unfortunately, throughout the sign up process, you’ll receive pop ups of offers, and many of these have no connection to paid surveys, they are simply offers Panel Payday is promoting to receive a commission. 

Of course, you are free to decline these offers, and if you find some that you like, you can agree to them, but you will find yourself clicking through several screens of promotional links before you complete the sign up process. 

You can sign up with Panel Payday here

How Much Panel Payday points are Worth?

Panel Payday does not use a points system.

How Much Can You Make from Panel Payday Online Surveys?

After joining Panel Payday, you will see the surveys on offer. However, in reality, this list is packed with offers, so you will need to search through for actual paid surveys. You also need to be aware that not all the links will lead you to actual survey platforms. There are lots of links that show that you are a winner from a previous survey, which is obviously just a hook to get you to click. 

When you do find a survey that you would like to complete, your payment depends on the partner platform. Typically, short surveys can pay up to $10, but there is a possibility of studies that pay as much as $100-$150. 

Just be sure to check the terms and conditions, since Panel Payday does not directly pay for surveys. The partner company will pay you according to its terms and conditions. 

One good thing about this platform is that you’ll have access to new surveys and offers every day. 

What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on Panel Payday?

Other than linking to affiliate offers and deals from panel Payday partners, there are no other ways to earn money on this platform. 

How to Redeem Points with Panel Payday?

No Panel Payday review would be complete without exploring payments. However, this is a little different from other platforms. 

Since Panel Payday does not directly pay users, the payment methods will depend on the partner platform. Typically, payments are via check or PayPal, but you should be prepared to wait for a few weeks to receive your check. 

What are the Panel Payday Pros & Cons?


  • There are no fees or charges associated with joining or using the platform.
  • While there are a lot of affiliates offers to go through, you can gain access to some good survey sites and platforms.
  • Likewise, you may find some decent offers that appeal to you. 


  • As part of the sign up process, you need to agree that you accept contact from marketing partners. 
  • There are lots of promotions to go through, even during the sign up process.
  • There is also no in-depth platform information, and the community page is purely for promotional purposes. 
  • Panel Payday does make some exaggerated claims about the user’s income potential. This is supported by Panel Payday review comments that highlight the earnings actually earned by users. 

Is Panel Payday Worth it?

While Panel Payday is an established company, it does have a lot of disadvantages. Many Panel Payday review comments report the site as spammy, and my experience is that there are lots of seemingly scammy offers on the survey list. 

As far as I’m concerned, Panel Payday will only have value for those people who have the time and inclination to wade through lots of offers and affiliate deals to find appealing promotions. However, if you’re looking to earn a decent side income, this is not the platform for you. With lots of survey sites that offer actual earning opportunities and can be directly accessed, Panel Payday appears to be a bit of a waste of time. 

Panel Payday Alternatives

Panel Payday FAQ

How to contact Panel Payday customer service?

Contacting customer support is not easy on Panel Payday. While there is a contact form on the website platform, users report a slow response. 

Is Panel Payday free?


Can you fill Panel Payday surveys with mobile app?

There is no dedicated Payday Survey app. Theoretically, you can complete surveys on your mobile as the Panel Payday website is optimized for mobile use. However, whether you can complete a specific survey will depend on the partner platform. 

Panel Payday

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