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Paid Clinical Trials: 10 Best Paid Medical Research Studies

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10 Paid Clinical Trials

Acurian Health

Acurian Health does all of the legwork for you, locating the highest-paying research trials depending on your profile.

They’re a multinational organization connecting individuals who may be eligible for participating in studies to trial organizers. 

As a paid clinical trial participant, you’ll be compensated for your time, up to $600 in some cases. Additionally, most paid clinical trials will also offer free medical insurance or drugs.

Here’s how participating in Acurian Health looks like: 

  1. First, Acurian Health will inform you which studies are currently accepting participants. These are always changing, so don’t get disappointed if you don’t see anything you’ll be eligible for and check again later.
  2. Once you choose a trial study that interests you, Acurian Health will ask you a few questions to see whether you are eligible to participate in it. This questionnaire essentially requires information about your demographics and medical history in order to qualify you for the study. For example, you won’t be eligible for a study about diabetes if you do not have diabetes.
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Covance conducts clinical trials on behalf of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.

When more medications become available, they need more people to participate in medical research studies. 

Some trials you’ll find through Covance would pay you well over $8,000. For example, one study that requires you to stay at their location for 1 week would pay you $2,500.

What’s good, Covance is available in quite a lot of locations across the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

Covance locations include:

USAEuropeLatin AmericaAfricaAsia Pacific
Ann Arbor, MIBad Homburg, Cologne, Munich, MunsterBogotaCenturionAuckland
Boston, Cambridge – MABratislavaBuenos Aires Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune
Brentwood, TNBrusselsCosta Rica Bangkok
BristolBucharestLima Beijing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Shanghai
Burlington, NCBudapestMexico City Hertzliya
Chantilly, VAEdinburghSantiago Hong Kong
Cincinnati, OHEye, London, Leeds, Maidenhead, YorkSao Paulo Istanbul
Cranford, NJFullinsdorf, Geneva, Zurich Kawagoe, Osaka, Tokyo
Dallas, TXHarrogate Manila
Daytona, FLHuntingdon Melbourne
Denver, King of Prussia – PAKiev Selangor
Durham, NCLeiden, Rotterdam Seoul
Gaithersburg, MDMadrid Singapore
Greenfield, Indianapolis – INMechelen Sydney
Madison CRU, WIMilan, Rome – Italy Taipei
Minneapolis, St. Paul – MNOeiras Taipei
Morrisville, Wilmington – NCParis, Neuilly sur seine Taipei
Nashville, TNPrague Taipei
New York CitySofia Taipei
Princeton, Somerset – NJWarsaw Taipei
Salt Lake City, UT Taipei
Los Angeles, San Carlos, San Diego, San Francisco – CA Taipei

Once you’re a Covance member, simply press the “Browse Studies” button in your dashboard to see the nearest paid trial opportunities.

If Covance isn’t available in your city, traveling to the closest location to participate in these high-paying clinical trials can be worthwhile.

Before applying, make sure you read the study summary and see what is expected of you.

paid medical surveys is a platform where you can scan more than 300,000 clinical trials in 220 countries funded by private and public organizations. 

To browse through relevant trials through, visit the website’s main page and enter your search terms.

Pro tip: I suggest using the advanced search because it allows you to target your searches to your specific demographic. 

When you get to the results page, press the “recruiting” button only to see trials that you can apply for right now. Once you see an opportunity that interests you, click on it and read the conditions to make sure it’s something you want to participate in. If everything checks, contact the researcher for more details. acts as a third-party vendor to help you discover unique clinical trials in your field.

To get started, simply enter your zip code and, if applicable, your health condition. However, this isn’t needed.

If you comply with the requirements, click on one of the results that interest you and fill out the online form to get considered for the trial.

National Cancer Institute

You’ll find cancer-related clinical trials that the NCI has accepted on the National Cancer Institute’s website. 

Whether you’re at risk for cancer or are currently undergoing treatment for it, you may want to look through their website to see if there’s anything useful.

You’ll need to input your cancer form, size, and zip code to find a paying cancer clinical trial. This allows you to search through the various clinical trials funded by the NCI, where you can find information such as: 

  • A trial summary
  • Approval requirements
  • Locations
  • Targets

Once you find a trial you qualify for, you should call the organizer to get more details. You’ll see the contact information for each trial on a trial summary page.


As a leading clinical research facility, CITrials focuses on helping patients manage their health. To provide cutting-edge treatment, they conduct various studies, rewarding you for participating in them.

Some of the research trials CITrials conducts relate to the following conditions:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Depression
  • Post-partum depression
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) 
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • Schizophrenia
  • Schizoaffective
  • Mild cognitive impairment (MCI)
  • Diabetes

CITrials accepts healthy individuals as well as people with the abovementioned conditions.

COVID–19 Vaccine Study

Since Covid-19 is a relatively new virus, quite a lot of organizations conduct trial studies to develop effective vaccines.

Covid-19 vaccine studies can be a great option for paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers.

As a Covid-19 vaccine study participant, you’ll get vaccinated and paid anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. After the vaccination, you’ll be under thorough research to discover if you develop any side effects, such as allergic response.

The best place to find Covid-19 vaccine studies is (mentioned in the list above), where you can find all publicly successful coronavirus vaccine trials.


PPD is one of the best organizations with clinics in Las Vegas and Austin, offering paid clinical trials.

Participating in a clinical project is a selfless act that can benefit millions of patients who are unable to obtain relief from currently available drugs. As a participant, you’re usually compensated for your time along with other non-material benefits you may get.

Based on the diagnosis and the medication being tested, each study needs a different category of participants.

With PPD, you may get disqualified if you:

  • Use tobacco products
  • Illicit medications
  • Consume excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have any health problems

To show interest in PPD paid clinical trials, you should call the organization at +1 910 251 0081. The PPD representative will ask you about your current health and medical records to match you with one of their clinical research. PPD will also encourage you to visit the clinic for a screening and consultation.

PRA Health Sciences

With state-of-the-art Pharmacology Centers in Lenexa, Kansas, and Salt Lake City, Utah, PRA Health Sciences is one of the leading suppliers of Phase I treatment in the United States.

PRA conducts independent medical studies to assess the safety and efficacy of experimental medications. PRA Health Sciences is still on the lookout for volunteers to take part in clinical trials.

Whether you’re a healthy adult or have a serious chronic disease, PRA Health Sciences will recruit you regardless. 

There are 2 ways to get in touch with the PRA Health Sciences team and see if you qualify for their clinical trials: 

  1. Call the PRA Health Sciences office at 1 919 786-8200
  2. Fill out an online form and wait for the response


Quintiles, now known as IQVIA, is a clinical research and health information management firm based in Danbury, Connecticut, and Durham, North Carolina. 

IQVIA is a company that conducts paid clinical trials with a variety of pharmaceutical and biochemistry companies. It mainly operates in the United States.

Any IQVIA trials provide cash incentives to pay for the medical treatment. Drug studies can be a safe way out if you’re having financial difficulties or need assistance paying your medical bills.

Some trials pay up to $10,000 for a completed experiment, while others can cover your medical bills while you’re participating in the research. 

IQVIA is one of the highest paid clinical trials providers out there.

How Much Do You Get Paid for Clinical Trials?

How much you’ll get paid for clinical trials depends on the amount of time necessary and the procedures done. Clinical studies typically pay $50 – $300 per day/visit. 

Overnight stays are usually more expensive than those involving multiple visits. For example, you can see IQVIA offering as much as up to $10,000 per trial participation.

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