15 Best Overnight Jobs Opportunities (Well Paid Night Shifts)

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Are you a night owl finding it difficult to function early in the morning but feel more productive at night? 

As a result, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the idea of going to the office every morning. In fact, I have a solution for you as I’m covering 15 best overnight job opportunities.

Actually, according to the study, 16% of workers usually worked a non-daytime schedule, among which 6% of workers worked evenings and 4% worked night shifts.

Let’s take a look at some of the best jobs that you can consider as a night owl.

What is a Night Job?

A night job is performed during the night time, usually between 11 pm and 6 am. There are many industries that need night workers for various different duties. 

Night job is a great career opportunity for people who are more productive at night rather than in the morning. These people are referred to as night owls and they usually have trouble waking up in the morning. So getting a night job is the best option for them.

15 Best Overnight Jobs

1. Petsitter

Pet owners usually hire someone to take care of their beloved pets while they are away for a night. Rover is an online platform connecting pet sitters to pet parents.

Becoming a pet sitter on Rover is simple. First, you need to sign up as a sitter and create your profile. Rover will require you to take a quick background check as well so they ensure you are qualified and safe for their customers. Once you are approved, you can start accepting gigs.

Average salary: $1,000/month.

Rover Summary

  • Set your own schedule
  • Set your own prices
  • Earn $20 for a 30-minute walk
  • 24/7 support, Including vet assistance

2. Babysitter

Parents who have to leave for a night for various reasons, obviously can’t leave their children alone. That’s why they need a babysitter to take care of their minors overnight.

Care.com is one of the most reputable online platforms that helps parents and babysitters connect.

In order to get a job, follow the steps below:

  1. First, sign up for Care.com as a babysitter and fill out your profile information. You’ll need to mention your experience and select what type of jobs you’re interested in.
  2. Once your profile is approved, click on ‘Find Jobs’ and start applying to jobs.

Average salary: $17/hour.

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3. Delivery Driver

Demand for food and grocery delivery doesn’t disappear at night. As a Postmates delivery driver, you are working as an independent contractor meaning you can choose to deliver at night. 

Your duties being a Postmates driver would include picking up orders from restaurants or shopping in certain stores and delivering orders to your customer’s doorsteps during the night.

Average salary: $1,500/week.

Postmates Summary

  • Work on your own schedule
  • Earn min $4 per order
  • You can make up to $1,500 per week
  • Generous tips

4. Rideshare Driver

People need to transport from one place to another during the night. Lyft lets you to work as an independent contractor driver and choose your own working hours.

Getting a job as a rideshare driver is simple. You need to download the Lyft Driver app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and sign up as a driver. Once you provide all the required information, Lyft will review your application. If you meet the requirements, you’ll get approved and can start accepting ride requests within the app.

Average salary: $2,400/month.

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5. Blogger

Being a blogger means sharing your knowledge to the audience around the specific topic. As blogging is one of the most powerful marketing techniques, many brands offer affiliate programs to bloggers to create content that will increase their sales.

As a blogger, you will be your own boss, creating content promoting various products or services.

Your daily duties as a blogger after creating your website would include:

  • Researching competitors
  • Planning and outlining the blog content
  • Finding affiliate opportunities online
  • Creating content for your blog

Average salary: $14/hour.

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6. Bartender

Bartending is another great opportunity if you’re seeking an overnight job. Your main responsibility as a bartender is to serve the customers: take their orders, prepare drinks and serve them.

You could find a bartender job via indeed.com by searching relevant jobs near you.

Average salary: $9 – $12 per hour, excluding tips.

Easy Jobs That Pay Well
  • Internet Sharer
  • Store Shopper
  • Survey Taker
  • Research Participant

7. Security Guard

A lot of businesses need overnight protection, including stores and restaurants that work during night. 

Your daily job is to patrol the premise and monitor activity during the night in order to ensure its safety. As a security guard, you have to be attentive to details and respond quickly to any uncertain situation.

The best way to find a job as a security guard is to contact local businesses in your area directly. Alternatively, you can find a job online through ZipRecruiter.com and Indeed.com.

Average salary: $2,500/month.

ZipRecruiter Summary

  • User-friendly interface
  • There are no sign-up or other fees associated
  • Get access to millions of job postings, including remote opportunities
  • Creating your professional profile brings convenience into the application process

8. DJ

As events are mostly held during the night, DJ is another great option when you’re looking for the overnight job.

Bark is an online platform connecting you with people who are looking for a DJ for their events. The platform also helps you grow your business by providing you with 10,000 high quality leads per day.

Average salary: $500 per event.

9. Nurse

The nurse’s job is to take care of patients overnight and fulfill their primary needs.

Nurse.com is a platform allowing you to find a job as an overnight nurse.

Moreover, along with providing the job board, Nurse.com offers you to participate in interprofessional learning. Learning with your colleagues helps you share experiences with your peers and develop teamwork. Nurse.com has a network of more than 1 million professionals you can benefit from.

Average salary: $27 – $37 per hour, varying depending on the state.

10. Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, you have the freedom to work whenever you prefer. And if it’s the night time when you feel most comfortable working, you can do your job during the night.

The best way to find a job as a freelance writer is to register on freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

Average salary: $25 – $35 per hour.

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11. Online Surveys

Taking online paid surveys is a great option to make some extra cash during the night.

There are many platforms like Swagbucks, SurveyJunkie, PrizeRebel, InboxDollars, Qmee and others who reward you for providing your opinion. The rewards these platforms give you include cash or gift cards from major retailers like Amazon, Uber and Starbucks.

Average salary: $0.40 – $5 per survey.

Best Paying Survey Sites


BrandedSurveys logo

$1 sign up bonus

$0.50-$3 on average per survey

Average survey length is 15 min


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$5 sign up bonus

Referral program – 30%


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15 minutes to complete a survey

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12. Truck Driver

As a truck driver, you have to cover long distances to deliver freight from one point to another. As a result, you can choose to drive overnight and sleep during the daytime.

TruckBook app for iPhone and Android is a great option to find a job as a truck driver. 

Average salary: $85/hour with your own truck.

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13. Firefighter

Firefighters are essential workers and need to work during the night as well.

The best way to find a job as a firefighter is to contact your local firefighting department directly. They are usually recruiting firefighters and get you started when they need to add more people to their team.

Average salary: $3,700/month.

14. Customer Service Agent

In order to address customer issues at any time, companies usually provide 24/7 customer support. Customer service agent’s main duties include understanding the customer’s issue and providing the solution. 

Some jobs would require communication over the phone while others might require communication via live chat, email or Facebook messenger.

The best places to find a job as a customer service agent are Upwork and indeed.com.

Average salary: $17/hour.

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15. English Tutor

If you can speak any additional language, you can become English tutor and teach students abroad. For example, the time difference between China and the United States is 12 hours. Europe and the United States have around 6 hours difference.

Such a difference in time lets you work during the night while students are taking your classes during their daytime.

Tandem app for iPhone and Android is a great option to start tutoring. The app connects you with students who are interested in learning English. 

Average salary: $500+/month.

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16. Casino Dealer

Casino dealer’s job is to operate board games.

The best way to find a job as a casino dealer is to contact your local casino management directly. Alternatively, you can browse the online recruiting platforms like indeed.com and ZipRecruiter.

Average salary: $13.5/hour, excluding tips.

What is the Best Overnight Job Where You Can Sleep?

Among the night shift jobs, babysitting or pet sitting are the only jobs where you can sleep. However, you should be alert even when you sleep and expect to do the job when necessary. 

For example, babies usually wake up at night and you shouldn’t leave them unattended as you are responsible for them. On the other hand, it’s more rare that pets would need any significant care during the night.