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13 Best Platforms To Find Office Cleaning Jobs Online

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12 Platforms for Office Cleaning Jobs

Handy Pro Summary

  • Earn between $22 per hour to $62 per hour
  • Working hours based on your availability
  • Jobs will be within 100 miles of your home
  • Get paid within 7 days after a gig

Handy is a platform connecting you to people who are looking for cleaning professionals. The platform allows you to set up your professional profile and access hundreds of job opportunities in your city. 

What’s best about Handy is that you can have a flexible schedule and price your cleaning service yourself.

In order to access jobs in your location, you need to apply as a professional and set up your profile.


Indeed is a go-to recruiting platform as it provides you a variety of jobs and allows you to apply online.

Finding a job and applying through Indeed is simple. Just indicate your location to browse the jobs in your location. 

After you find the job that’s relevant to your skills and preferences, simply select the ad, read the terms carefully and click the “Apply On Company Site” button.

You will then be redirected to the individual company’s application form. 


Thumbtack Summary

  • Over 1000 different specialities
  • It is completely free to join as a pro
  • Only pay when customers reach out to you
  • Lead is refunded if customer cancels

Thumbtack is a platform connecting you to people who are looking for local workers, including office cleaners.

In order to get a job through Thumbtack, first you need to Join as a Pro and set up your professional profile. With Thumbtack you have the freedom to set your own pricing to your service and work on your terms.

While the company doesn’t charge you a commission when you completing jobs, they require you to buy credits in order to apply on available jobs. One credit costs $1.50, but is cheaper when you buy in bulk. For example, you can buy a pack of 12 credits for $17.99, a pack of 24 credits for $34.99 or a pack of 60 credits for $84.99.

Once your Thumbtack Pro profile is set up and approved, you can see the requests within your area and contact the client to offer your service. 

Alternatively, the clients will contact you when they are looking for an office cleaner.


ZipRecruiter Summary

  • Top-rated app and job search engine
  • Simple, 1-tap job application process
  • Over 30 different job categories
  • More than 7.5 million jobs posted each day

ZipRecruiter is one of the largest online recruiting platforms. It offers you a range of jobs and currently features 276,861 open office cleaner jobs throughout the US.

Applying on jobs through ZipRecruiter is easy. First filter ads by location to find the open jobs near you and select the one that matches your preferences. 

You will find that some jobs have a “Quick Apply” option. This means that you can register for ZipRecruiter and submit your resume. Every time you click the “Quick Apply” button, your resume will be ready to send in just one click.

For jobs that don’t have Quick Apply option, you will need to apply manually on individual company websites.


SimplyHired is a good option when you’re looking for an office cleaner job locally.

Getting a job through SimplyHired is simple. You just need to browse the job board to find the relevant job to your preferences within your location.

Once you’ve found the job that you like, simply click the orange “Apply Now” button to get to the company website and submit your online application.


Glassdoor is a multifunctional platform providing you with open job positions and anonymous reviews from employees of various companies.

The anonymous reviews are done by employees of specific companies showcasing pros & cons of working in that company. They also indicate the salary they are getting within the company.

All of this information will help you make a more informed decision when applying for a job.

In order to find a job through Glassdoor, just browse the open jobs within your location and apply online.

Some jobs give you an “Easy Apply” option. When you see this button, it means that you can apply in one click using your pre-filled resume which is stored on your Glassdoor account.


LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals worldwide. The platform also has the recruiting section, where you can find the job for you.

To find a job through LinkedIn, first you need to create your LinkedIn Account and set up your profile listing your skills and experience.

After your profile is set up, simply check the open job directory and filter jobs by your location. Once you find the job that matches your preferences, click the “Apply” button to get to the company site where you can fill out their application form.

Career Builder

Career Builder is a trusted career advice platform that also provides you with job opportunities.

Currently Career Builder features more than 5,000 open office cleaner job ads. To get a job through the Career Builder, simply browse the open job board

Once you find a job matching your preferences, simply click the green “Apply On Company Site” button. You will then get to the online application form of that individual company.


Zippia is an online recruitment platform helping you discover new jobs that are right for you.

In order to get an office cleaning job through Zippia, simply enter your location and browse through the open positions. Once you find a job that you want to apply for, just expand the job ad to apply.

Note, that you need to be logged in to be able to apply for jobs on Zippia.


Adzuna is a robust job search engine where you can find more than 4,900 office cleaning jobs in the US.

Finding your preferred office cleaning job and applying online through Adzuna is easy. You’re not required to register for the platform and can apply on the individual company website.

First, enter your preferred location to find the job that matches your skills. Then, follow the online application instructions described in the job ad.

Caterer is the UK’s largest hospitality job board. The platform allows you to easily find an open job opportunity and apply online or save for later.

In order to apply for the job, first you need to sign up as a job seeker. 

You can also download the Caterer app on your iPhone or Android phone to apply or save the jobs on the go. 

Salary is a platform that helps you understand how much you can charge your clients. Moreover, the platform provides you with the job opportunities.

In order to get an office cleaning job through, first find a job that matches your preferences. After you find the job, simply apply online on an individual company website, without making a registration on

What Does an Office Cleaner Do?

Does cleaning up have a therapeutic effect on you? If you enjoy seeing how the place shines after you have just cleaned it up, then an office cleaning job might be the best position for you.

As the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts office cleaning jobs will increase by 4% within the years 2019-2029. 

In fact, it’s proven that working in the clean and shiny office affects workers positively. That’s why more and more businesses are paying attention to the quality of cleanliness inside their offices.

But where can you find a business that needs an office cleaner? In this article, you will find 12 best platforms that offer office cleaning jobs and are accepting online applications now. Let’s see what the internet has to offer.

But first, let’s see what your duties would look like, how much you could earn cleaning offices and review steps to getting a job.

Being an office cleaner, your responsibility would be to keep the high standard of cleanliness of the business you’re employed by.

This is what you’ll need to do on a daily basis:

  • Sweeping, mopping and buffing the floors
  • Vacuuming carpets or carpeted floors
  • Dusting and polishing surfaces
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting bathrooms
  • Cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes
  • Restocking supplies, such as soap and paper towels in bathrooms and kitchen

How Much You Can Make Cleaning Offices?

As an office cleaner, you could make on average $12/hour, totalling $24,770 annually if you work full-time.

What Skills Do You Need for a Cleaning Job?

In order to be a good office cleaner, you need to have some essential skills, such as:

  • Attention to details not to leave out any spot.
  • Good stamina, as you’ll be doing the physical work for the whole day.
  • Time management, because many clients require you to finish the job on time. In some cases you’ll have the whole day to clean the office and sometimes, you’ll work part-time. So it’s up to you to manage time to complete all the tasks on time.
  • Be punctual not to interfere with your client’s plans.
  • Be reliable and trustworthy. Well, this one is pretty straightforward. It’s usually hard to find a reliable and trustworthy house cleaner. And once your client loses trust in you, you’ll ultimately lose your job. Moreover, they won’t recommend you to their friends and family anymore.

How to Get Office Cleaning Jobs?

While cleaning jobs seem to be easy to get, it’s not quite the reality.

Here are the 3 most important tips that can accelerate your job seeking process:

  • First of all, you should have a basic knowledge of different cleaning materials and agents. offers a great resource to get to know how different chemicals clean different surfaces.
  • Next, make sure you get your CV updated. Include any relevant knowledge, experience and skills you have that would benefit an office cleaner job.
  • Finally, look for office cleaning jobs near you and start applying. Let’s take a look at 12 best platforms that offer open office cleaner positions and are hiring online.

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