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MySoapBox Review 2022. Is MySoapBox Legit?

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MySoapBox Review

MySoapBox logo

A MySoapBox panel member can expect to make $10-$20 per week if they are diligent about their survey taking opportunities. So, the MySoapBox is a good fit for younger users that want some extra pocket money, bored stay at home parents, and retirees.



Safe & Legit

Pay Per Survey

Earning Potential

Payout Process


  • Surveys pay typically $0.50 to $2
  • $0.25 for each referred friend
  • Surveys take 5-10 minutes to complete
  • 13+ years to join MySoapBox


  • $25 minimum payout
  • No cash option, just gift cards or donations

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Is MySoapBox Legit?

In this MySoapBox review, we will look at how the company makes money and how you can use this platform effectively. The company has been in the data gathering business for at least 30 years in a number of different forms, and SoapBox Sample currently owns the company. 

MySoapBox is a proud member of “The Interviewing Service of America” or ISA, which is an association of prestigious market research companies. This group has BBB accreditation, where they have an A+ rating

The company has a good online reputation. Most complaints are related to survey disqualification, which isn’t unusual in the survey taking sphere. But, MySoapBox is legitimate, there are no scam like behaviors, and most members are very happy on the platform.

How Does MySoapBox Work?

A well researched MySoapBox review will reveal that this is a well established online research platform. The company collects data from its members on a variety of products, services, and other experiences.

Members enjoy rewards for their input. MySoapBox shares the survey data with partner companies, and it helps development and marketing strategies. This helps the companies to make informed decisions that can help them to build their brand and maximize profits.

What is MySoapBox Sign Up Process?

The MySoapBox sign up process is a more involved process when compared to many other survey taking platforms. 

You’ll need to provide a valid email address, age, location, and phone number, and then answer a call that includes an access code for the site. 

So, when you’re ready to sign up with MySoapBox, you should have your phone nearby and make sure you have a few spare minutes to take that phone call. At the time of this MySoapBox review, they are offering a $2 bonus for simply signing up to the platform. 

If you live in the US, you must be at least 13 to join, and this rises to 16 if you live in the EU and other locations. 

You can sign up with MySoapBox here

How Much MySoapBox points are Worth?

Approximately 10 MySoapBox points are worth $0.01. So if you want to earn $5, you would need at least 5,000 MySoapBox points.

How Much Can You Make from MySoapBox Online Surveys?

Before they can start to use the MySoapBox platform, you will need to complete a preliminary survey. You will receive points for this, but the focus of the survey is your demographics, and this helps to place you in the appropriate demographic group. 

This could include useful information, such as your racial profile, income level, household makeup, and other pertinent details. You can choose to receive new surveys via email or log into your account, to search for surveys and get to work.

Every MySoapBox survey clearly shows how many points it’s worth and how much time it should take to complete. Many surveys are available to take, but before you can start, you will have to qualify, and this can help to prevent disqualification issues. 

Generally speaking, MySoapBox doesn’t have a disqualification rate any higher or lower than other survey taking platforms. But, this platform does reward users with 10 points if they screen out of a survey part way through.

Most MySoapBox surveys have a reward from 500 up to 2,000 points, and they take 5-10 minutes to complete. The exact reward and time will depend on the complexity of the survey and other factors. There are new surveys available every day, and it’s worth checking your inbox or the website at least a few times each day.

What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on MySoapBox?

Invite Friends

You can refer friends and family members, which can earn you 250 points once they start taking surveys.

How to Redeem Points with MySoapBox?

Gift Cards

While it may be the only way to claim your earnings, any good MySoapBox review will show that many high-profile brands participate in the gift card reward system. 

These include Amazon, Groupon, Chill’s, Sears Red Robin, Sephora, Target, and many others. Gift cards can be e-vouchers or online gift cards with a minimum cash out of 25,000 MySoapBox points. 

If you’ve worked with a number of online survey taking platforms, you may be surprised at this high figure. This cashout threshold is pretty high in comparison to the majority of other survey sites, but this only occurs on the first cash out process. 

However, once you complete your first cash out, the threshold drops down to 1,000 MySoapBox points.


Charity minded users may instead choose to donate their earned MySoapBox points to a wide variety of charities. MySoapBox chooses a different charity each month on the platform, and it gifts that charity with $500 to get the ball rolling.

Each panelist can vote on the next charity to be selected, which is a nice touch. Many high profile charities feature on MySoapBox, such as The Salvation Army, The National MS Society, The Alzheimer’s Association, and many more.

What are the MySoapBox Pros & Cons?


  • MySoapBox is available worldwide
  • There are surveys available all the time
  • After the initial cash out the threshold is quite low
  • There are plenty of gift card options available
  • Each new MySoapBox gets a sign up bonus


  • That first cash out threshold takes a while to reach
  • You can experience disqualification from a survey right up to the last question
  • The company only offers e-vouchers and gift cards and there are no cash rewards
  • There are plenty of MySoapBox surveys available, but you may not qualify for many of them

Is MySoapBox Worth it?

I hope that our MySoapBox review has proven that the company is legitimate, and you can indeed earn rewards on the platform for your opinions. 

The company has that coveted BBB A+rating, and they are members of the ISA, which gives them a great deal of credibility. But, it would be difficult to recommend the MySoapBox platform as a replacement for a full time or even a part time job.

The first major problem with MySoapBox is the lack of a cash payout option. There is no way to use your MySoapBox earning to pay a bill or pay for some of your groceries. The company only deals in e-vouchers and virtual gift cards, which is fine if you want to make smaller online purchases. 

Another minor problem is that the initial payout threshold is high, but this will revert to a lesser amount from the second payout onwards. The final problem is that MySoapBox don’t offer too much in the way of compensation for a disqualified survey. The company isn’t unique in this respect, this can be a frustrating experience, but this is just the nature of online survey taking today.

A MySoapBox panel member can expect to make $10-$20 per week if they are diligent about their survey taking opportunities. So, the MySoapBox is a good fit for younger users that want some extra pocket money, bored stay at home parents, and retirees. The ability to earn gift cards for a little extra online shopping treat from a well established market research company will make this an attractive option for many casual survey takers.

MySoapBox Alternatives

MySoapBox FAQ

How to contact MySoapBox customer service?

There is a comprehensive FAQ section and a contact form on the MySoapBox website.

Is MySoapBox free?

Yes, MySoapBox is free to join and free to use.

Can you fill MySoapBox surveys with mobile app?

No, but the MySoapBox is optimized for use with your favorite mobile device.


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