MarketAgent Review 2021. Is MarketAgent Legit?

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If you want to earn a little extra cash in your spare time, survey sites could provide the solution.

In our MarketAgent review, we’ll help you discover if this is the right platform for you.

Marketagent Summary

MarketAgent is a popular global platform that allows users to earn extra cash participating in market research surveys. The sign-up bonus, easy surveys, and referral program will allow you to earn $5 or $10 a week.



Safe & Legit

Pay Per Survey

Earning Potential

Payout Process


  • Get paid from $0.20 to $3 per survey
  • 1000 online surveys per year
  • $1.20 for each referred friend
  • Apps available for Android & iOS


  • Payment approval can take as long as three weeks
  • Referrals need to complete one survey to earn bonus

Best Paying Survey Sites

Branded Surveys

$1 sign up bonus

$0.50-$3 on average per survey

Average survey length is 15 min


18 ways to earn money

$5 sign up bonus

Up to 10% cashback


Earn up to $20 each month

15 minutes to complete a survey

$5 minimum payout threshold

Is MarketAgent Legit?

MarketAgent has been around since 2001 and has over 1 million members around the world. Since MarketAgent is not a US company, it does not hold BBB accreditation, but it does have an excellent 4.5 Trustpilot rating. 

The central MarketAgent review negative comments appear to be on the limited surveys. However, many users enjoy the platform’s ease of use. 

How Does MarketAgent Work?

MarketAgent provides market research for businesses and organizations. Its clients are primarily in Europe and English speaking countries.

These clients use MarketAgent’s services to gain access to information on market trends, product demand, and consumer lifestyles to aid product development and create effective marketing strategies. 

What is MarketAgent Sign Up Process?

What is MarketAgent Sign Up Process

The registration process for MarketAgent is simple and resembles many other survey sites. Sign up requires filling out basic information necessary to create a profile and define the types of surveys appropriate for your demographics. 

After you fill in this short online registration form, you’ll receive 150 bonus points and start taking surveys. 

MarketAgent is available in the USA, Canada, and selected European countries for those age 13 and above. 

You can sign up with MarketAgent here

How Much MarketAgent points are Worth?

MarketAgent points have a conversion rate of 100 points to $1.20

How Much Can You Make from MarketAgent Online Surveys?

MarketAgent matches you to surveys using the information you provide during the initial sign up process. When a new survey becomes available, you will receive an email, so there is no need to log into the platform on your computer. 

The frequency of survey invites depends on your demographics and country. However, many MarketAgent review comments suggest that most people will get at least one or two surveys per day. 

Most surveys are a few minutes long, but occasionally there are longer surveys. You’ll receive 20 to 250 points for each survey, depending on the length and complexity. 

What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on MarketAgent?

What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on MarketAgent?

Invite Friends

You can supplement your MarketAgent survey earnings by inviting friends to join the platform. There is an option to send invites from the MarketAgent website directly, and you will earn 100 points for each referral. However, you will only receive this bonus after your friend participates in a survey. You can also share MarketAgent promotional banners on your personal website, and you’ll receive the same 100 point bonus for anyone who joins from your site. 

This is a nice way to get your hands on a little extra cash, but any real money requires inviting lots of people to join. 

Update Your Profile

Most survey platforms require users to have a profile. This information is necessary to match you with correct surveys. However, no one’s life is static, and many people leave their profile the same even when their circumstances change. 

MarketAgent appreciates this, and you will get points for keeping your profile up to date. You’ll receive an email once a year asking you to update your profile. You’ll receive a 50 point bonus for doing this. 

Micro Jobs

MarketAgent also creates an opportunity to boost your earnings with micro jobs. It requires that you download the app, so you’ll receive an alert to any appropriate tasks. The reward for these tasks varies according to the complexity, but it can be a way to add a few extra points to your balance. 

How to Redeem Points with MarketAgent?


MarketAgent offers PayPal as a payment method with a very low cash out threshold of just 200 points. However, if you request payment when you have less than $15 in your account, it will attract a service fee of $1. You should receive your payment within a few days. 


The other payment option is Skrill with the same minimum 200 points minimum threshold. Again payment is within a few days, but unlike PayPal, there are no service fees if you have a low account balance. 

What are the MarketAgent Pros & Cons?


  • With PayPal or Skrill, you can enjoy prompt payment of your earnings. Unlike other platforms, you won’t need to wait for weeks to receive your cash.
  • The registration process is simple and straightforward. It can take just a few minutes, and you’ll even receive a 150 point bonus for completing this process.
  • MarketAgent also offers a referral program, where you can not only invite friends and family members, but also promote the platform with banners on your website. 


  • MarketAgent stipulates that you cannot cash out until you complete at least one survey. This means that you cannot receive your sign up bonus immediately.
  • MarketAgent is not available throughout the world. It is available in the USA and Canada, but you’ll need to check the list of approved countries if you’re outside North America. 
  • Some MarketAgent review comments highlight that there are limited surveys, particularly if you’re not in popular demographic groups. 

Is MarketAgent Worth it?

Is MarketAgent Worth it

MarketAgent is certainly a legitimate platform, providing an opportunity to earn some extra cash in your spare time. There are some issues where work is necessary, including increasing the volume of surveys, but the site is very easy to use. 

If you have the patience or are working with several platforms, MarketAgent is worth serious consideration. The sign up bonus, easy cash out and referral program will allow you to earn $5 or $10 a week. However, if you are looking for quick cash or to replace a full time income, this is not the right platform for you. 


How To Contact MarketAgent Customer Service?

You can contact the MarketAgent customer service team via email, but there is also a contact form on the website. You can expect a reply within a day or two, so you can get an answer to any queries or questions. 

Is MarketAgent Free?

Yes, MarketAgent is free to join and free to use. You’ll even receive a bonus after you complete the initial sign up process. 

Can You Fill MarketAgent Surveys with Mobile App?

Yes, MarketAgent has a dedicated app that allows you to complete surveys and fully access the platform.