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10 Best Companies that Provide Jobs for Former Teachers

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Best Sites to Find Jobs for Former Teachers


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10 Jobs for Former Teachers

HR Specialist

One of the best jobs for former teachers is to become a human resources (HR) specialist. As an HR specialist, your job scope involves managing the interpersonal relationships between employees in an office. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are five main specializations for HR specialists:

  • Employment and recruiting
  • Labor and employee relations
  • Training and Development
  • Job Analysis
  • Benefits and Compensation

In a large firm, you may specialize in just one or two of these areas of expertise. However, if you work in a smaller firm, you may have to juggle multiple specializations. 

This job is especially suitable for former teachers who have had extensive experience managing students in a classroom. The skills you will need to manage office workers include interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate well.

How much does an HR specialist earn?

As an HR specialist in the US, you can expect to earn an annual salary of between $51,000 and $66,000 on average. 

Training and Development Specialist

Another alternative career path that you can pursue after working as a teacher could be as a training and development specialist. This particular career path can vary significantly in scope and responsibilities depending on the industry and size of the business.

Nonetheless, the common unifying factor among all training and development specialists is that the job will involve planning and carrying out training programs for staff.

As a result, former educators are uniquely situated to take on this job, as the skills involved are similar to the skills needed to teach students in a classroom. Knowing how to communicate content effectively and efficiently educate people are skills that former teachers have that would be indispensable in this line of work. 

How much does a training and development specialist earn?

On average, the annual take-home pay for a training and development specialist is around $58,000. However, senior specialists with more experience can earn up to $83,000 or more per year.

Education Consultant

At the same time, you can also consider becoming an education consulting following your teaching career. As an education consultant, you will still be deeply involved in the school system, although less of your work will be done in the classroom.

In the United States, education consultants can have a wide range of job scopes. These include advising schools on how to integrate technology into their teaching, updating and revising syllabi, planning and managing courses for teachers, and many more. 

Thus, becoming an education consultant is one of the best jobs for former teachers who no longer want to teach but still want to be involved in shaping the school experience for students.

How much does an education consultant earn?

An average education consultant in the U.S. earns around $75,838 per year. However, your compensation may vary depending on factors such as:

  • Private or public school
  • School district
  • Level of educational institution 
  • State
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Museum Education Director

A museum education director is also one of the best jobs for former teachers. As a museum education director, your job will mainly be to collaborate with other communities such as educational institutions. 

Museum education directors also typically work with museum curators and librarians to plan and manage museum educational outreach programs.

Depending on the museum you are applying for a job at, there may be additional requirements such as postgraduate degrees in certain fields. 

How much does a museum education director earn?

On average, museum education directors earn around $49,040 per year. However, top earners in the industry can stand to earn up to $67,820 or more per year.

ESL Teacher

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If you are a former teacher with a strong language background, you can consider becoming an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. ESL teachers typically teach the English language to non-native speakers, who are usually from other countries.

Traditionally, ESL teachers would teach in schools abroad. However, in recent years, the improvement of teleconferencing technology has made remote teaching more common.

Thus, you can find a job as a freelance ESL teacher on many freelance job websites such as Upwork and FlexJobs.

How much does an ESL teacher earn?

Depending on the level of experience you have, your pay as an ESL teacher can vary. Many freelancing platforms also allow users to set their own rates, although there are generally accepted market rates. 

PlatformQualifications Required?Experience Required?Average Wages per hour
Zebra EnglishTEFLYes$12 to $18
LyngoNoneNo$10 to $12
Online Teachers UKTEFLYes$20
UpworkNone, but having qualifications increase your chances of getting hiredNone, but having experience increase your chances of getting hiredUp to $30 per hour
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Instructional Coordinator

Instructional coordinators are also typically known in the United States as curriculum specialists. Similar to education consultants, this is one of the best jobs for former teachers who still want to play a part in shaping the lives of students.

Instructional coordinators mainly work with schools to evaluate and improve their curriculums. 

To become an instructional coordinator, you will usually require at least a master’s degree. Thus, this makes it a good job option for former teachers who have pursued further education and no longer wish to continue teaching. Instructional coordinators are typically also required to have prior experience teaching in schools.

How much does an instructional coordinator earn?

The median annual salary of an instructional coordinator, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, was last reported to be $66,970.

Education Policy Analyst

Former teachers can also take up a second career as education policy analysts. An education policy analyst typically works with government bodies to shape the education policy. 

The job scope of an education policy analyst involves identifying problems with the education system and working with the government to come up with solutions to solve them. 

This job is typically not suitable for entry-level teachers, and will usually require applicants to have at least a master’s degree in education or a related field. 

How much does an education policy analyst earn?

Education policy analysts are some of the most well-paid professionals in the education industry. As an education policy specialist, you can expect to receive an average annual salary of $63,476. However, top earners in this industry can take up to $93,000 per year.

School Counselor

Becoming a school counselor is also a great second career option for former teachers. School counselors are critical to the development of every student, and they play a meaningful role in providing students with guidance and advice. 

As a school counselor, you will still spend most of your time in school. However, instead of teaching a subject, you will provide students with academic, career, and even socio-emotional guidance.

Thus, becoming a school counselor is one of the most meaningful ways that you can make a difference in the lives of students. 

How much does a school counselor earn?

School counselors earn a median annual salary of $57,040.

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School Administrator

The job of a school administrator is also well-suited to former teachers. As a school administrator, you will focus more on running the administrative matters of the school.

These duties can often include:

  • Ensuring that students are doing well in school
  • Managing the welfare of teachers 
  • Speaking with the families of students when needed
  • Meeting with school boards and government agencies

How much does a school administrator earn?

School administrators can earn between $94,000 and $95,000 per year. The high pay makes it one of the best paying jobs for former teachers.

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Project Manager

The job of a project manager is another one of the best options for former teachers. Project managers are professionals in a business or organization who specialize in ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to a satisfactory level.

Although the job scope of a project manager is not intertwined with that of a teacher, former teachers still make great project managers because of the interpersonal skills that they develop while teaching in the classroom.

How much does a project manager earn?

On average, the take-home salary for a project manager in the United States is $74,167.

What jobs can a former teacher get?

There are many jobs that a former teacher can get. Your options are wide-ranging, and you can either get a job that has to do with schools or branch out into a completely new industry altogether.

For former teachers who no longer want to teach but still want to be involved in the school system, some of the jobs they can get include:

  • School administrator
  • School counselor
  • Instructional coordinator

For former teachers who want to branch out into a completely new industry while still making use of their teaching skills, some of the jobs they can get include:

  • Museum education director
  • HR specialist
  • Training and development specialist
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