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HyreCar Review 2023: How Much You Can Earn Renting Your Car?

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HyreCar Review

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Hyrecar is an online car sharing marketing. Users can buy and sell cars, as well as rent a car or rent out their car for other to use. The platform primarily caters to delivery drivers who want to work with platforms such as Lyft, Uber, and more. If you have a spare vehicle that you may not be using every day, you can rent it out on Hyrecar to earn up to $12,000 per year in passive income.



Legit & Safe

Signup Process

Earning Potential



  • High earnings potential – you can rent out your car or spare vehicle if you are not actively using it to earn extra income of up to $1200 per month.
  • Flexible rental periods that are up to you- most rentals are around 14 days long but you can schedule rentals as short as 2 days long each time.
  • Quick listing process – you can list your car for rental within just 10 minutes. You also have the ability to set the prices you want for your car.
  • Bonus for electric vehicles – as part of Hyrecar’s green efforts, get an additional $125 for free whenever you list an electric vehicle for rent.


  • Long processing time for payments – owners will only receive payment 3 to 7 days after the driver has been charged for the rental of the vehicle.
  • Applications expire quickly – owners only have 24 hours to decide whether or not to approve a rental application, which may be a little tight.

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How Does HyreCar Work?

Launched in 2014 and based in LA, HyreCar is a car renting website that aims at providing car owners with additional income. The gig platform has an easy-to-use interface where you can list or rent your vehicle to Uber, Lyft, or delivery drivers. 


Use the app or website to look for the best marketplaces for vehicles within your budget. 


Liaise with owners, submit an application to confirm the booking and rental date, then pay through the company’s trusted portal with stripe. 


Start earning by turning on your rideshare or food delivery app, and get paid daily. 

How Much Can You Make With HyreCar?

According to HyreCar reports, most car owners on the platform earn up to $12,000 per year. Your earnings will vary depending on your vehicle.

Bear in mind that you’ll get to keep 75 to 85% of the booking price depending on the type of coverage you opt for. 

Steps to Renting out Your Car

HyreCar aims to make renting out your car as easy as possible.

Step 1- Create a listing

The first step to start making money with Hyrecar is to create a listing for your vehicle. With this platform, you need an attractive listing that can land you potential renters. 

You should take your time to create a good listing for the services you offer. In your listing, you should come up with a solid description and provide high-quality photos. 

The listing should contain the following;

  • Your basic car information
  • Your address
  • Proof of registration
  • Proof of valid insurance
  • Your rental price
  • A 19 point inspection- which can be done by your local mechanic to document the safety of your vehicle.

You should have a detailed listing with accurate information to increase your chances of landing potential renters. 

Step 2- Choose your protection plan

HyreCar offers different levels of insurance to drivers and car owners. It provides physical damage and liability insurance plans to drivers. Physical damages is allocated $25,000, while liability coverage is allotted $300,000. 

Step 3- Rent your vehicle

Once you receive approval as a HyreCar owner, you will start receiving interest from potential renters. By this time, your vehicle should be ready for renting out. 

Your car should be clean and well maintained to minimize the risk of negative reviews. Similarly, you should also take photos of the exterior, interior, and odometer of your vehicle. 

By default, HyreCar allows 250 miles per day and protects drivers who exceed the normal mileage. Drivers will be charged $0.25 if they exceed the normal mileage limits. 

Step 4- Pick up & payments

When your driver returns the vehicle, you should inspect for any signs of damage. You can then confirm the drop-off to conclude the rental period. 

HyreCar typically schedules payments within two or three business days after the rental period. You can also track earnings and pending payments via the website or app through the owner’s dashboard. 

Who is HyreCar Best for?

HyreCar is designed for car owners who want to earn passive income. It is also best for non-car owners who want to make extra money by getting around Uber or Lyft driver restrictions. 

HyreCar Benefits: What Does HyreCar Offer?

Flexible renting periods

You can rent your car monthly, weekly, or daily depending on your personal needs and commitments. 


HyerCar does not sign any long-term contract with car renters; you can list or rent your car without paying sign-up fees, contracts or commission. 

Rideshare insurance

As a driver, HyerCar provides you with rideshare insurance; your rideshare information will be available on various rideshare or food delivering apps. For damage protection, HyerCar provides up to $25,000, while $300,000 will be for liability coverage.   

HyreCar Requirements

Most vehicles on HyreCar are used for Lyft, Uber, and other delivery driver services and have requirements that must be adhered to.

Generally, they include,

  • The car needs to be less than 15 years old
  • Have four doors
  • Pass a vehicle inspection
  • No cosmetic damage. 

HyreCar Costs to Consider

HyreCar has additional costs incurred by the car owner or driver.

For instance, the owner is responsible for general car maintenance like changing car tires, brake pads, and steering fluid.  On the other hand, the driver will be responsible for any damage cost while in possession of the car. Additional expenses incurred by the car owner include normal insurance and inspections cost. 

How to Earn More With HyreCar?

Tip 1- Create an Appealing Profile

If you want to attract renters, you need to show the best possible profile. Use high-quality photos and have a short and simple description that accurately tells drivers why they should rent your vehicle. 

Tip 2- Look at the Local Market

Before including a rental price tag on your vehicle to attract HyreCar drivers, you need to look at the price range in your local market to avoid overpricing, which might lead to you losing potential renters. 

Tip 3- Network

HyreCar is highly competitive, but this doesn’t mean you need to take a dog-eat-dog attitude to other owners. Many owners feel a sense of comradery. So, you may be pleasantly surprised if you reach out to owners with lots of bookings who are willing to share with you tips to help you earn more. 

Tip 4- Keep Your Car Nice

Develop a habit of keeping your car in good condition and clean.

Tip 5- Build Relationships

Strive to build great relationships by building a rapport between you and HyreCar drivers. This way, you can be assured of great returns once your rental deal is finalized.

How Does HyreCar Insurance Work?

HyrecCar does provide insurance for drivers, but it is via a third-party insurer. Should you notice any damage to your vehicle after a rental, you must report it to HyreCar

Drivers are responsible for reporting any damage. However, if the driver does not report the damage, you have up to 24 hours after the vehicle is returned to file a claim for the rental period. 

Once you file a claim, Hyrecar will assign a representative to your case and guide you through the claims process. Damage claims typically take two to eight weeks for processing and reach a settlement. 

HyreCar Reviews: is HyreCar Legit?

HyerCar is a reliable and legitimate car rental platform that is safe and offers competitive prices per hour. The app has been reviewed positively by users and is rated 4.0 on Trustpilot and 4.4 on App store

According to most users, the app is easy to use, and the platform has great service agents ready to attend to your needs. Others also described it as the best gig job app with competitive hourly pricing. 

Unfortunately, some users complained that money was deducted from their credit cards under unclear circumstances. Others also argued that the app is overpriced. 

App Store4.4

What Are the HyreCar Pros & Cons?


  • Flexibility: you only rent your car when it is necessary. 
  • Protection to cover for damages and liabilities.
  • Responsive Customer Support available 24/7 via email or live chat.


  • Organizing Pick Up, and Drop-offs can sometimes be inconvenient since you have to avail yourself personally.
  • Must have a detailed listing and high-quality images to land you renters. 
  • A mix of both positive and negative reviews from users on different review sites like Trustpilot and App Store. 

How Good is HyreCar Support and Knowledge Base?

HyperCar has a blog and support pages with lots of information, including general FAQs, “How it works” articles and useful guides for beginners and veteran car renters. It offers customer support 24/7 via live chat and email. You can also contact them via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

HyreCar Review Verdict: is HyreCar Worth it?

HycerCar is a reliable website that offers flexible payment periods, great customer service, and an easy-to-use interface to users. The platform also provides competitive payment per hour of between $30 to $40, and car owners on the platform can earn up to $12,000 per year. Even though the website might be overpriced, it is still the best car renting platform that you should consider. 

How to Start Earning with HyreCar?

You can sign up as a car owner for free. Once you sign-up, list your vehicle; this will take a few minutes. When you sign into the website, you will need to describe your vehicle and upload some documents for verification.

These include

  • Vehicle registration
  • Driver’s license
  • Car insurance
  • Clean photos of the interior and exterior of the vehicle
  • 19 point inspection

Sites Like HyreCar

HyreCar vs. Getaround

Getaround Summary

  • Earn up to $6000 passive income per year
  • Regular payment on the 15th of the month
  • Get 24/7 host support from the platform
  • Insurance coverage of up to $1 million

The main difference between Hyrecar and Getaround is that Getaround has developed its technology. The Getaround Connect system allows renters to unlock the car from their phone, so you don’t need to organize the pick-up personally. 

However, this does come at a cost. There is a $99 installation fee and you need to pay $20 a month in subscription fees. 

HyreCar vs. Turo

The main difference between HyreCar and Turo is that Turo offers greater protection. It provides up to $125,000 of protection. However, you need to give the platform a larger chunk of your rental fees (up to 40%). 

Another major difference is that Hyrecar tends to be focused on drivers who want to generate an income. So, your car will be used for making deliveries rather than speed racing all over town. 

HyreCar vs. Fair

Fair is only available in larger cities across the US. Additionally, it is typically more for long-term rentals. This platform is also available through local car dealerships. While renting out your car as a private owner is possible, it is not as easy as with Hyrecar.

Other Sites Like HyreCar

HyreCar FAQ

What is HyreCar?

It operates in 50 states and has developed a solid reputation in the car renting business.  It is known to provide one of the highest paying gig jobs to drivers and car owners by car sharing. 

How much can I make per day with HyreCar?

With HyreCar, you can make $30 to $40 per day before commissions are deducted. After commissions your pay might fall between $25.50 to $34 per day. 

Is HyreCar safe?

Cars rented out on HyreCar are thoroughly inspected against the company’s 19 Inspection policy to ensure they are safe. The company also provides insurance coverage to cars and screen drivers.

What is the minimum age to rent a car from HyreCar?

HyreCar requires car renters to be above 21 years of age. 

Who takes care of damages?

HyreCar does not take care of any damages. The driver and the car owner are responsible for taking care of car damages.  

HyreCar discount code

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