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How to Make Money on Snapchat This Year? 7 Best Ways

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How to Make Money on Snapchat? 7 Ways

Teach Snapchat Strategies to Others on Udemy

Udemy Summary

  • Wide target audience of learners
  • Earn passive income from your courses
  • Get your payments within 1 to 2 days
  • Short minimum course duration (30 min)

If you have some effective strategies for using Snapchat, you might as well make money off of it. Through Udemy, online teaching and learning platform, you can teach those strategies and receive payment for your expertise.

You might come across business owners and marketers who saw the potential of using Snapchat to promote their businesses. As such, your Snapchat knowledge and skills are worth every dime to them for the potential revenue it can bring. 

If you’re already sharing your Snapchat ideas on other platforms, like Reddit or YouTube, it’s time to monetize it. As they say, “if you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Blogs also provide another option to earn money online but it requires getting people to visit your website. In that case, Snapchat can help you drive traffic to it. 

If you have a decent amount of followers, you can make interesting Snaps to promote your blog posts. Snapchat has a paperclip tool that lets you add a link to your website. 

With Snapchat, you can also connect with your dedicated readers and show how you value them. Post snaps of you behind the scenes or while in the creative process of your next blog posts. You can also send snaps and start streaks with your most avid readers. 

This way, your readers will feel connected with you in a more personal way. In turn, they can promote your blog to other Snapchatters, taking interest in the way you connect with them.

Sell Snapchat Filters on Etsy

Etsy Summary

  • Easy to set up & maintain your store
  • 45+ million active Etsy buyers
  • List your first item for just $0.20
  • Automatic deposits and secure transactions

Another way to make money on Snapchat is by designing and selling filters online. You can come up with different designs based on event themes, such as weddings, graduation, holidays, and birthdays. 

On Etsy, Snapchat filters cost between $4 to $50 each. Design prices heavily depend on quality.

This option is also surprisingly easy. You can use free tools, like Canva or Adobe Creative Cloud Express, to make your designs. 

Then, you can upload those on the Create Your Own tab on your Snapchat account. This feature is only available when you log in to your Snapchat through a desktop or laptop computer. 

Once you start selling your work and build your portfolio, you can offer custom designs for higher prices. At this point, you’re not just selling your design, but also your expertise.

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Promote Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is one of the major money-makers for bloggers, influencers, and online personalities. You can approach companies that fit your niche and offer to promote their products through your Snapchat. 

Once you become an affiliate partner, you’ll receive product links that you can include in your Snaps. When your followers make purchases through your link, your partner company pays you a commission. 

You can also get your followers to follow the affiliate links by:

  • Giving a review of the product or service from your partner company
  • Run contests
  • Offer promo codes

Understandably, you need a fairly large following to become an affiliate marketer. Also, you must disclose your affiliate relations, according to the Federal Trade Commission or FTC.

Pro Tip: You can simply use “#ad” or “#sponsored” on your snap to disclose your affiliate relations with a company. 

To help you easily find brands to work with, you can check out the Amazon Associate Program. Another option is through FlexOffers

Create Snap Ads and Call-to-Action to Sell Your Products or Services

If you’re running a business, you can also use Snap Ads to promote your products or services. Snapchat offers several ad types that you can utilize. 

Let’s illustrate some of the most popular Snapchat ad types:

Single image or video ads

These are full-screen ads you can use for various business goals. For this type, just add an attachment to encourage Snapchatters to buy your products or services.

Pro Tip: Use Call-to-Action buttons on teaser images to encourage your viewers to click on them.

Collection ads

These include four tappable tiles where you can show various products or services. This way, Snapchatters can seamlessly browse and get what you offer. 

Story ads

Snapchatters can find this type of ad in the Discover section. These are branded tiles that promote products in 3 to 20 single image or video ads. You can use these to create a buzz about your latest collection or new products. 

Similar to other social media platforms where you can run ads, Snapchat also has an ads manager. Using this tool, you can conveniently monitor your campaigns to the target audiences.

online business ideas

Promote Your Products Using a Geofilter

Snapchat introduced Geofilters, which are filters that Snapchatters can use only on a specific location. For example, users at Disneyland can use the Minnie Mouse theme filter. 

You can use this feature on your business and promote your products, too. For a small fee, you can have a custom Geofilter that users can access while in your selected location. 

Suppose you’re opening a new store branch in the city. In that case, you can set the Geofilter to be available when customers enter the perimeter around your new store. 

You can choose the designs and customize when and where you want to make the Geofilter available. It costs around $5 for an 8-hour usable Geofilter in a fairly huge city. 

You might be wondering why you have to pay when you’re trying to use Snapchat to make money. But, Geofilters are an effective marketing strategy. For such a small price, you’re actually setting your business to make more profit. 

Note: You can’t use contacts, phone numbers, or URLs on your Geofilters. However, you must add your business trademark or logo. 

Create Custom Lenses for Your Business

Besides ads and Geofilters, you can also promote your business on Snapchat using lenses. These give Snapchatters an Augmented Reality or AR experience. Unlike filters, these add 3D effects, characters, transformations, and objects on snaps. 

Using the Lens Studio, you can create lenses for your business and use those to attract potential customers. Lenses can be in the form of an interactive ad. This way, Snapchatters can enjoy your ad content, while you reach out to more audiences. 

There are two ways you can make custom lenses for your business: 

1. Face Lenses

Through innovative technology, face lenses can accurately manipulate the Snapchatter’s facial features – eyes, mouth, head, and shoulders. 

Suppose you’re selling makeup or accessories. In that case, you can use this feature so customers see what they’ll look like when they use your product.

2. World Lenses

This feature can map the environment around the user through the outward-facing camera. Then, 3D objects that you design for your business overlay on the camera image of the world. 

If you’re showcasing products and products features, you can use this to promote those. Say, you’re selling furniture and customers are usually asking for the specifications, like the size. 

World Lenses, with its powerful AR technology, can help them see what the furniture would look like when placed somewhere in their properties. They only need to point the camera at their preferred location at home. 

Then, World Lenses will overlay the furniture image as if it was actually in the room with them.

4 Tips to Make Money on Snapchat

1. Use Other Social Media Platforms to Add Contacts to Snapchat

Even if you’ve just started on the platform, you’ll need to gain as many followers as you can. They’ll be your core audience who can view and interact with your stories. 

Promote your Snapchat to other social media platforms. Make sure to add more friends and contacts on your Snapchat. 

After adding your friends and families, your next step is to reach out to other users and have them follow you. To find them, you can follow other celebrities, entertainers and friends of friends. 

Pro tip: By being an active follower, you can encourage people to follow you, too. 

Finally, share your Snapcode publicly. Snapchatters can use their phones to scan it and automatically follow you.

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2. Use a Tool Like Canva to Edit Your Content

As you increase your following, it’s equally important to post quality snaps. In that case, use tools, such as Canva, to edit your content. This free tool has thousands of stock images ready for use.

Like Snapchat, it has a user-friendly mobile app. You can practically edit your content on your smartphone and post it in minutes. 

You can also utilize other Snapchat features, like lenses, filters, and geofilters to provide quality content and engage your audiences. 

3. Promote Other People on Snapchat

Promoting other people on Snapchat can also help you reach wider audiences, even those following a different niche. Having more followers and viewers also opens you to another earning opportunity, such as the Spotlight. 

This feature allows qualified users to submit video Snaps to earn a share of Snapchat’s $1 million creator’s fund. They use an algorithm to select winners based on the highest views and most engagements.  

4. Get Snapchat Shout-outs from Users with Many Followers

Having a popular user give you a shout-out means more users will know about you. This is surely an effective way to get more followers. However, it’s still important that when people check your Snaps, they’ll see quality content. 

In fact, quality content might be the start and continuation of your Snapchat career. Popular users give shoutouts because of it. Other users might follow you if you consistently share interesting content.

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