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How to Make Money on Mixer: 8 Best Ways to Monetize

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How to Make Money on Mixer: 8 Ways to Monetize Your Stream

If you’re looking to earn money online and enjoy playing video games, you might want to try live streaming on Mixer. Here are eight ways to monetize your stream  through the platform Mixer:

Get Sponsorship Offers

If you’re just starting out with streaming, you can consider approaching companies and pitch about promoting their products. In return, they would have to pay you for the sales you generate through your streams. 

Although it seems straightforward, it can be challenging to get sponsorships at the beginning of your streaming career. That’s why you also need to focus on growing your viewership. With more people watching your streams, companies would know their sponsorship can bring greater returns. 

Become a Mixer Partner: Mixer’s Monetization Program

Another way to earn money from Mixer is to become a Mixer partner. Let’s review everything you need to know about Mixer’s monetization program.

How Mixer pays its partners

As a Mixer partner, you’ll earn money through Mixer’s form of currency: Sparks and Embers. Viewers earn Sparks by watching streaming videos. Then, they can use it on your channel through Skills. You can cash out your earnings once you have enough Skills and viewers with collected Sparks from your channel.

On the other hand, viewers can purchase Embers and then use them to send you premium Skills. The actual amount you can get from each Skill is $0.01, so for every 1,000 Skills, you get $10. 

How to register as a Mixer partner

Before you can register as a Mixer partner, make sure you meet the requirements. You must have at least:

  • Two months old account
  • 12 streams per month
  • 25 streaming hours per month

Additionally, Mixer looks at the quality of your content, particularly in terms of professionalism, community building, and uniqueness. So, even if you meet the initial criteria, Mixer might still reject the application if it fails on the quality.

Meanwhile, you can apply for exceptions if you already have a sizable following on other platforms, like YouTube and Twitch.

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Build a Following

While you can learn about making money in Mixer, getting actual revenue depends on your channel popularity. The more followers you have, the better chances of getting patrons, becoming a partner, and receiving sponsorships.

To build your following, choose a niche you genuinely like, and make excellent content consistent with it. Additionally, it’s crucial to provide high-quality streams using good equipment that your audience enjoys. 

Make your channel about your audience and relate with them. Your viewers will enjoy watching you if you seem more like a friend than a random streamer to them. 

Get Your Followers to Use Skills

Getting more Skills is crucial if you want to maximize your earning potential in Streamers. These are the currency your viewers can purchase to send you stickers, emojis, GIFs, and other stream effects. 

When they use Skills during your live stream, Mixer will pay you $0.01 per Skill. As such, make sure to encourage your followers to participate in your stream by purchasing these. 

If you worry about encouraging viewers who can’t afford to buy Skills with money, don’t. Besides purchasing Skills, you can encourage them to collect Sparks by watching streams, then use those Sparks to buy Skills. 

The returns from Skills alone might seem small. But if you have thousands of viewers participating in your chatbox, the accumulated amount is pretty considerable. 

Ask for Donations

Another direct way of earning money from your stream is by asking your followers for donations. It can be a one-time fundraising or a monthly donation. However, you’ll need to use a third-party service to accept these since Mixer doesn’t have a built-in feature for accepting donations. 

Of course, you’ll have to give something in return, like an added value on your stream or perks. As there is no limit to what you can do to encourage donating, be creative. 

Here are some ideas you might want to offer when your viewers donate money:

  • Exclusive content
  • Access to private group chat
  • Movie nights
  • Question and answer portions
  • Merchandise
  • Special recognition during a live stream

Depending on how much a viewer donates, it’s also an excellent idea to sort your donation system into tiers. The gist is that those who donate higher amounts will receive better perks.

Pro tip: Don’t focus on how much money you can get from your viewers. They can sense if you’re just trying to make a quick buck, and they won’t like it. Instead, focus on providing adding value and perks worthy of their money. And try not to be a cheapskate either. 

Activate the Direct Purchase Program

Through the Direct Purchase Program, you can promote a game you’re playing and earn money when a viewer purchases it. It’s pretty straightforward for viewers to buy a game. After all, Mixer added a button that viewers can click to buy the game during your live stream. They can find this button beside your channel name. 

Viewers don’t even have to open a separate tab to complete the purchase. The transaction completes on the same page, so you still have them watching your channel while they buy the game. 

After completing the purchase, the game goes to the viewer’s Windows 10 or Xbox game library. Considering this mechanism, you can promote games that are available in the Microsoft Store. Besides the game, you can also promote game editions and downloadable content. 

So, how much can you earn from each successful sale? When viewers buy a game from your stream, you’ll receive a 5% commission. 

Sell Your Merchandise

Designing and selling your merchandise is another excellent option to earn money as a streamer. Besides that, it’s also an effective marketing tool, allowing your audience to spread your brand. 

Some of the popular merchandise out in the market are mugs, bags, caps, and t-shirts. 

Of course, imagination and creativity are the limits here. You can consider any items that fit utility and uniqueness to sell to your viewers. Or, you can choose items that represent your brand and niche.  

Do Affiliate Marketing

Before anything else, what is affiliate marketing? It’s when a company pays a publisher to direct consumers to their products and services website. Applying this to streaming, you can share a link on your channel, and when your audience visits that link, you get paid. 

One of the best examples of affiliate marketing is the Amazon Associates program. Through this program, you can promote Amazon products that you use, like computer software, hardware, or accessories. Specifically, you’ll need to add Amazon links to your channel. When your viewers visit your affiliate link and make a purchase, Amazon will pay you. 

Some specific brands also use the affiliate program to get more people to their website. For example, Razer, a famous gaming hardware manufacturer, offers its affiliates up to 10% commission per sale. 

So, go ahead and check the equipment you’ll be using to stream. Then, search the manufacturers to know if they have an affiliate program for streamers.

What is Mixer?

Mixer is a live streaming platform launched in January 2016 by Matthew Salsamendi and James Boehm under its former name, “Beam.” 

In August of the same year, tech giant, Microsoft, acquired the platform and gave it its current name. Microsoft then integrated the platform with its gaming division, Xbox. 

Despite being the new kid in town, the platform attracted popular video game streamers like Shroud and Ninja.

How Much Money Do Mixer Streamers Make?

To get an idea of how much money you can make with Mixer, it makes sense to know how Mixer pays their streamers. The platform uses a currency called Embers. Premium users purchase these to send their favorite streamers “Skills,” such as emojis and GIFs in the chat room. 

As a Mixer streamer, you can earn $0.01 for every Skill your viewers send. Considering that amount, getting 1,000 Embers during your live stream pays $10. 

It might seem small, but you’ll have to realize that this is possibly the least you can earn while streaming. After all, you can supplement your earnings while playing video games.

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What Equipment Do You Need to Make Money on Mixer?

If you’re looking to make good money on Mixer, make sure you can invest in some good quality equipment, too. You can think of it as starting a business. 

To start, here are some things you should have:

  • High-quality webcam
  • A capture card to minimize strain on your gaming computer
  • Better lighting fixtures
  • A green screen

Twitch vs. Mixer: Which One is Better to Make Money?

Twitch Summary

  • Live stream your gaming
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Supports voice and video calls
  • Have fun with other creators by making friends

Twitch is one of Mixer’s formidable competitors, and it’s due to several things. First, E-Commerce giant, Amazon, founded Twitch in 2011, earlier than Mixer. Thus, it already had a more sizable following when Mixer entered the scene. It’s also available on PlayStation and Xbox, which means streamers get a more expansive reach.

Considering that there are many potential streamers in Twitch, the competition can be pretty challenging. For a beginner streamer, it can be disheartening to proceed and gain enough followers. 

But, with Mixer, the smaller audience attracts fewer streamers. Thus, you’ll have way less competition to worry about. You have a better chance of getting audiences on your niche to your channel. Consequently, you’ll have more popularity and higher earning potential. In this regard, Mixer takes the win.

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