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How to Make Money on Fiverr? 15 Best Gigs to Consider

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How to Make Money on Fiverr? 15 Ways

Fiverr ServicesEstimated Earning Potential
Ebook writing$0.05 to $0.20 per word
Copywriting$0.1 to $1 per word
Graphic design$45 per hour
Illustration$55 per illustration
Social media$5 to $50 per post
Digital marketing$33 per hour
SEO$100 to $250 per hour
Photo editing$10 to $30 per photo
Virtual assistant$10 to $100 per hour
Video editing$5 to $250 per video
Audio editing$5 to $100 per audio
Voiceover$5 to $500 per gig
Virtual friend$10 to $30 per hour
Web/App developmentUp to $2,000 per hour
NFT servicesAt least $50 per gig

Offer Ebook Writing Services

One of the best ways to make money on Fiverr is by offering ebook writing services. Typically, clients have a topic in mind, and in many cases, will provide you guidelines to follow. Some of them will also go as far as providing you with chapter titles.

However, it does help to know the ebook writing process so you can confidently sell your services on the platform. If you’ve never tried writing an ebook before, try writing one first to confirm if this gig suits your skills.

Here’s how you can get started with writing an ebook:

  • Choose a specific topic
  • Understand your audience
  • Create an outline of chapters
  • Write an ebook

Once you’ve written your first ebook, have someone read it, and ask for feedback. 

When you’re ready, post your ebook writing services on Fiverr. You have the freedom to choose how much you’ll charge. Just take note that the lowest you can offer on the platform is $5 and on average, writers charge 5 to 20 cents per ebook. 

Offer Copywriting Services

Copywriting refers to the process of writing words, or copy, to get people to act in a certain way. For example, you want people to buy a certain product or go to a specific website. In that case, a copy can persuade them to do those actions. 

In the advertising world, these are the words you typically read to get people to buy products. Who hasn’t heard of Nike’s “Just do it” or Coca-Cola’s “Open happiness”?

At Fiverr, copywriting is among the lucrative gigs you can try, helping writers make up to $800 per copy. And, projects don’t always come in the form of advertisements. You can offer copywriting services for blog posts, product reviews, and website landing pages. 

Offer Graphic Design Services

Graphic designers also go to Fiverr to offer their services. The platform provides them a way to start a freelancing career, helping them to build a network and connect with more potential customers. 

To offer graphic design services, you’ll need to start with some artistic skills and know-how of the tools you’ll use. Make sure you have a portfolio and present your best designs. 

Graphic designers typically charge per project, which makes Fiverr an ideal place for them. You can also set different prices depending on the complexity of the projects you offer.

Besides logos, there’s an extensive list of projects you can design, such as:

  • Websites
  • Social media images
  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  • Stationery
  • Packaging labels 
  • NFT art

Offer Illustration Services

The thing about Fiverr is that you can offer a wide range of services here, including illustration. And quite similarly with graphic designing, you can set rates based on project complexity. 

To give you an idea, Fiverr lists different illustration styles, such as: 

  • For children
  • Line art
  • Anime
  • Sketch
  • Pixel arts
  • Realistic arts 

As for the medium, you’ll find offers ranging from pencil to charcoal to watercolor to digital and vector art. 

As for pricing, the lowest offer at the platform is at $5, while top-rated illustrators charge at least $55. 

Offer Social Media Services

Social media services are among the best ways you can make money on Fiverr. One of the tasks you can do for your clients is building strategies to reach the target market. 

If you enjoy writing posts, you can offer to create engaging and share-worthy content. You can also offer to engage or provide support to customers. Some social media page owners are looking for freelancers to manage and schedule posts on their accounts. 

Those with specialized skills and knowledge in social media marketing also offer their services on Fiverr. 

Offer Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is among the services that businesses tend to outsource and you can fill in the demand through Fiverr. Some of the services you can offer in this niche are content, email, and social media marketing. 

Although these three differ significantly in methods and strategies, their goals are quite the same. That is, you’ll need to get your client’s business to reach their target market and increase sales or engagement. 

For example:

  • Content marketing delivers through blog posts, videos, and podcasts
  • Social media marketing uses platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 
  • Email marketing connects with potential customers through email

Offer SEO Services

SEO helps website owners improve their website rankings on search engines, like Google. Services under this niche are also among those you can offer on Fiverr.

Specifically, you can offer to conduct an SEO audit and help clients identify what to improve on their websites. 

You can also offer to do SEO keyword research. Content writers and copywriters utilized keywords to make websites more visible. 

Offer Photo Editing Services

Editing photos are among the services you can offer at Fiverr. After all, people will always look for someone to alter photos for any reason. You’ll typically need a computer and photoshop software to do this. 

Additionally, it also helps to create a portfolio where you can showcase your best edits. Having this available when you post your offer at Fiverr may convince clients to choose you. 

You’ll also need to specify tasks you’ll do for your clients. For example, you’re offering photo retouching, removing backgrounds, and image resizing. Some of the freelancers offering these services charge around $10 to $30.

If possible, you can also offer to complete these tasks within a specified timeframe, say two hours. Having this on your gig post might attract clients in need of project completion within a set period. Just make sure that you can deliver as promised. 

Offer Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistants offer remote services, typically administrative tasks, like answering emails, data entry, and appointment settings. Other virtual assistants, on the other hand, offer specialized services, such as email marketing campaigns and customer support. 

Whichever service you choose, you can offer this through Fiverr. Virtual assistants on the platform make around $10 to $100, depending on the tasks they complete.  

Offer Video Editing Services

With some decent equipment and video editing software, you can start a freelancing career on Fiverr. The platform is an excellent place to look for clients in need of video editors. 

You’re free to advertise which video types you can work with. Some of the top choices are: 

  • Ads
  • Social media videos
  • Gaming videos
  • Explainer videos 

Video editors on Fiverr charge around $5 to $250.

You can choose which video content you’re most comfortable working with. Make sure to improve on your skills, and simultaneously, create a portfolio to showcase your best work. Having these helps clients gauge your style and if it fits their needs. 

Offer Audio Editing Services

Besides videos, you can also learn to edit audios and offer audio editing services on Fiverr. Some of the most popular gigs for audio editors on the platform are podcasts editing, song mixing, and vocal tuning. 

Like video editing jobs, you also need some gear to deliver this service. You can start with a computer compatible with audio editing software and an excellent pair of headphones. 

Note that audio files may also consume considerable storage on your computer. So, it does help to have a backup external storage. Audio editors on Fiverr offer services at around $10 to $100.

Offer Voiceover Services

Offering voiceover services is among the best ways to make money on Fiverr, even if you have minimal experience. After all, you only need to be able to speak clearly to look for gigs. 

When you post your gig, make sure to specify which voice, whether male or female, you have and if you have an accent. 

For example, you’ll find freelancers offering various types of voices, such as:

  • Female voice
  • Male voice
  • North American accent
  • British accent

You can also be specific and offer a sound-alike voice, say, Morgan Freeman’s or other notable personalities. If you’re a talented impersonator, offering voiceover services might work for you. Voiceover actors charge at least $5 and up to $500 per gig. 

Offer Virtual Friend Services

Suppose you’ve racked your brains and still haven’t come with any services that fit your skills. In that case, you might want to consider becoming a virtual friend.

What’s good about this gig is that you can do it from anywhere. You only need to establish a communication channel with your client, such as phone, email or chat. If you prefer to add more value, you can also offer to teach skills and provide life coaching. 

Offer Web/App Development Services

Offering website or app development services are among the best ways to make money on Fiverr. This is indeed lucrative work, which can help you earn up to $2,000 per gig. But, you need to put into consideration the complexity of your project. 

Specifically, these services cover: 

  • Planning and creating concepts
  • Designing
  • Coding

Of course, you can offer specific tasks that match your skills. For example, you have a good eye on website design but not so much on programming. In that case, you can offer website designing sans coding. However, you can earn more by acquiring learning additional skills in this niche. 

Offer NFT Services

Besides creating NFT art, you can also offer other NFT services on Fiverr. These include setting up and managing Discord servers and building NFT collections. 

You can also delve deeper in this new industry and learn about building NFT marketplaces. There are also earning opportunities for building minting websites, and coding tokens and smart contracts. Pricing for these services start at $50 per gig.

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