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13 Ways How To Make Money As an Artist Fast

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How to Make Money as An Artist

Create an Art Blog (Bluehost)

Bluehost Summary

  • Affordable hosting plans from $2.95/month
  • Top-notch 24/7 customer support available
  • Free 1-year domain, CDN and SSL cert
  • Website builder tool with 300+ templates



Blogging is one of the best ways to market yourself and make money online. You can use sites such as Hostinger and BlueHost to create your website. But if you are serious about blogging, you can use a web host. 

To stay relevant and interested, you need to be consistent and dedicated. With a blog, you can post content about your arts, how-to articles, tutorials, listicles, and your arts for potential customers to view and buy. 

Once your blog is up and running, you can monetize it via product promotions, affiliate marketing, paid arts and commission reviews and earn between $200 to $2500 per month. 

To succeed as a blogger, you need;

  • Establish a niche
  • Pick blogging platform such as BlueHost
  • Get domain and hosting
  • Find a great blog theme
  • Name and brand your blog
  • Find your audience

To create a blog, you can sign up with a blogging platform such as BlueHost. With BlueHost, you’ll get free  domain for one year, a free SSL certificate, and 24/7 support

Your portfolio and art blog are two different things. While your portfolio shows off your work, your blog produces valuable content for the audience.

Sell Original Pieces

Selling original art pieces entails selling sculptures, paintings, jewelry, and other decorative items either offline or online. 

Where to Sell Your Art

Auction Websites

With most of them relatively easy to use, auction websites like eBay can be great places to start selling your art. While creating the account is free, you are likely to be charged a fee of 3%.

Online Marketplaces

Unlike sites such as eBay, there is no bidding in online marketplaces. While auction items can only be live for a week, your listings on online marketplaces may remain live until the item sells.

Use Online Arts Gallery

Digital galleries not only curate your work but also provide you with marketing through partnerships, exclusive lists, and sponsorship. Before you get started, be sure to understand all the rules, so you don’t get disqualified.

Social Networks

While most social networks like Instagram are not designed for selling, you can use them to direct traffic from your profile to the places where you sell your art. 

Trade Shows 

Trade shows help get your work in front of people who may not be part of your audience. For instance, if you’re a landscape or floral artist, you can sell your pieces at home improvement or home builders trade shows.

Tips to Help You Succeed

  • Make sure you are selling the best
  • Write good descriptions
  • Use only the best images
  • Ship sold items promptly
  • Remain in touch with potential buyers

While hundreds of smaller websites help artists, it’s best to choose a more established site like Amazon

As one of the best marketplaces, Amazon allows you to sell your art directly to buyers. To start using Amazon, you need to register and pass the pre-approval process

You can then check the Amazon Arts section to find products, get listings, and get paid.

hobbies that make money

Sell Art on Instagram

As the number one social media platform for artists, Instagram allows you to sell your art and earn money. While making money on Instagram might take up to 3 years, it all boils down to getting more engaged followers. 

The more followers you have, the more popular your account will become. To make money as an artist on Instagram, you need to sign up, create an artist page and promote your art.

Alongside these, you need to brand your artist’s page, create a bio and link your website page to a website where people can buy your art.

To succeed, you need to;

  • Post-high-quality images
  • Choose clean background when photographing your work
  • Write creative captions
  • Write an attractive bio
  • Post at least twice a day
  • Always use hashtags and tags
  • Engage your audience in the comments section
  • Donate your arts to charities, businesses
ways to make money online

License your Art for Stock Websites

Licensing your arts allows you to rent your work to another company. Alongside prints, you can offer everything from home décor to collectibles. To get started sign up to websites like Dreamtimes. Next, you should research, create a plan, make pictures, and do follow up

DIY licensing Tips for Artists

  • Offer a collection of pieces 
  • Focus on designing for your favorite companies
  • Follow submission guidelines
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Teaching Art Face-to Face

As an experienced artist, you can make money by helping other artists realize their dreams. Before you get started, you need to be proactive and choose attractive niches such as calligraphy for street photography. 

Depending on your niche, you can organize a one-day workshop for children or high school students. You can also arrange an art exhibition and invite other artists to participate. 

Alternatively, you can organize interactive workshops for parties and corporate events.

Since you require room, materials, and other things, this method may be challenging to implement in the beginning. But with the right teaching methods, you’ll start reaping the benefits.

Become an Online Art Tutor

Online art tutors train students on various art mediums and techniques. The details of what you teach depend on the goals of your course and the level of your students. 

As a tutor, you are responsible for teaching the students how to draw, paint or create something using the traditional mediums such as pencil, water, watercolors, and charcoal.

You may also train them on how to use digital cameras or computer software for their arts. Other art classes may dwell on art appreciation, art history, and art theory.

At the minimum, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in fine arts or other related fields. While private online arts teachers may not require additional qualifications, employers may want to see their portfolio before hiring you to teach online. 

It would help if you also had a computer and reliable internet.

Here are a few steps to help you get started;

  • Find your niche
  • Define the skills you’ll teach
  • .Plan your lessons
  • Create Your Schools Platform
  • Find your students online

You should also register with websites such as StudyPool. StudyPool not only offers several online classes but also allows you to teach different students.

creative ways to make money

Create and Sell an eBook

If you are already into blogging, selling eBooks can be your next step. It’s much easier to market and sell your eBook to people who are already interested and trust you. 

As one of the best ways to make money fast, you can complete a simple guide on drawing and making an electronic version that can be downloaded.

Your eBook doesn’t have to be about art techniques or theory. Additionally, you can put together an ebook with some of your best paintings and illustrations. You can also look for a publisher and publish a book together.

Follow these steps to create eBooks and start making money;

  • Choose a popular topic
  • Make sure your eBook is of high standards
  • Publish a series of books
  • Choose the correct eBook format
  • Place approach
how to publish a book on amazon


Coaching involves teaching, training, and guiding artists on different themes and artistic techniques. Many artists and creatives are now sharing their experiences through coaching. 

You may not begin your career as an art coach, but this could be your best option if you get serious about blogging and teaching.

To get started;

  • Create a niche for yourself
  • Create professional website with BlueHost
  • Focus on network marketing
  • Offer complementary services
  • Map out your coaching program
  • Pitch your target market
how to become a consultant

Working in the gallery involves doing some behind-the-scenes services like selling, curating, and promotion. Besides making money, you expose yourself to opportunities that you would have otherwise. 

Typical assignments include positions such as events coordinator, gallery associate, and office manager. To start working in the gallery, it’s best if you take an internship and gain first-hand experience. 

To work in the gallery, you just need to be passionate and know the current trends. But if you’re looking for better opportunities, you can consider earning a degree in fine arts, art history, or some other major with arts as a minor.

Getting first-hand experience by volunteering at an art gallery or exhibition will give you more ideas about the work and the path to take.

Skills Needed

  • Knowledge of the industry
  • Be able to handle fragile, fragile equipment carefully
  • Be able to write reports
  • Communication skills

Tips to Make Money as An Artist

Check Different Revenue Streams

By bringing cash through various revenue streams, you’ll discover what you love most. A few revenue streams to consider include teaching, selling arts, and creating online tutorials.

Find Your niche

As an artist, you need to differentiate yourself from other artists by finding your niche and style. Having an online presence and making your brand is crucial for your success. To do this, start a website or get into social media platforms like Instagram, where people can identify with you.

Make Your Art and Share it

The key to success as an artist is creating things and sharing them with people. By doing this, you’ll get different options or advice on how to improve your career.

Be Patient and persistent

Persistence and patience are some of the qualities that allow you to continue doing what you’re doing even if other people oppose you. With patience and persistence, you’ll learn new skills and build successful arts careers.

Have Passion and Sense of Adventure

Your artistic passion is what will motivate you to create.  An adventurous spirit is also vital if you want to explore new themes or tackle familiar subjects differently.

Some of the best selling arts include traditional landscape Paintings,seascape paintings, abstract paintings, figure studies.

JobBasic Requirements
Sell original piecesBill of sale, copyright certificate and certificate of authenticity, platform to sell your arts
Sell arts on InstagramInstagram account, computer, clear pictures
Teaching arts face to faceA certificate or training, teaching materials, and room
Become an online arts tutorComputer, stable internet and the curriculum
Create an art blogComputer, internet, web host, domain name, and content
Create and sell eBooksComputer, internet, platform to sell
CoachingCoaching materials
Work for galleries and marketplacesTraining and experience in the field
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