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FullyBookedVA Review – Horkey Handbook Virtual Assistant Course

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FullyBookedVA Virtual Assistant Course Review

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FullyBookedVA is an in-depth virtual assistant course that is ideal for beginners. The course is run by Gina Horkey from Horkey Handbook, a well-established training platform that helps beginners start up and run their own virtual assistant business. The FullyBookedVA course is one of the most comprehensive courses on the market and teaches you all the essential skills you need to be successful.

Legit & Safe


Flexible Schedule



  • Over 275 skills you can offers as a VA – offer services ranging from social media management to customer support and even managing product launches.
  • High earnings potential – if you follow the steps provided in the course, you can stand to earn up to $60 per hour and over $2000 per month.
  • Affordable mini course – if you don’t want to commit to the full course, the Jumpstart Mini Course costs just $19 and provides a good overview.
  • Generous referral program – get a 20% commission via PayPal or Mass Pay simply by referring your friends or family to sign up for the course.


  • High cost – the full course costs $497 or 3 $199 payments for 90 days of access to the FullyBookedVA system. This can be very expensive for beginners.
  • Not easy to get a refund – you need to submit your completed course work and not have found a paying client within 90 days in order to get a refund.

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What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

In case you’re unsure of what or who a virtual assistant is, we’ll go over it first.

A virtual assistant is someone who works remotely, providing administrative services to clients as an independent contractor. These administrative services may be related to any field in the management of companies such as Social Media Management Bookkeeping, and so many other services.

Basically, anyone from an independent Social Media Manager to an Email marketer can be considered as a virtual assistant.

How Much Can You Make as a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A Virtual Assistant can make anything between $3 to $60 an hour. The amount you make will totally depend on the time you put in plus the quality of your work. 

Become a Virtual Assistant full time, then you can earn some good money every month (but it’s best to try it out first – being a virtual assistant is not for everyone).

If you follow this course and follow the instructions exactly as it is, you’re most likely to earn over $2,000 a month (there are students of the course who already earn over $4,000 a month).

What Do You Need to Become a VA?

You don’t require any special skills to become a virtual assistant. But if you do, that’s a huge plus. Let’s say you’re already into writing or know your way around making graphics, then you can be a VA who provides SEO or Graphic Design services.

But if you don’t have any such skills, there are many other services that you can provide as a virtual assistant such as:

  • Project management
  • Event management
  • Public relations
  • Email marketing
  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Administrative services like making reservations and booking flights and hotels

You can get to know of 275+ other services you can provide as a VA from the Horkey Handbook website itself.

Where Can You Find Virtual Assistant Jobs?

You can find hundreds of virtual assistant jobs every day on freelance work sites such as Fancy Hands, Zirtual, or Upwork

You can always use other methods that you will learn with the Horkey Handbook VA course to find VA jobs. Plus when you become a Horkey course member, you’ll get some leads along with the many other benefits that you get. 

virtual assistant jobs

What is a Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA Virtual Assistant Course?

Gina Horkey, the author, and instructor of this course is a virtual assistant herself. She has started earning around $4,000 a month with 6 months of starting from her virtual assistant business. So fear not, you are learning from the best. 

FullyBookedVA Virtual Assistant Course is one of the best virtual assistant courses. It’s a detailed virtual assistant training on how to start your own VA business and how to manage it. 

This course will take you from knowing nothing to knowing everything about being a virtual assistant.

Who is the Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA Virtual Assistant Course For?

Whether you’re a work-at-home mom, a full-time student, or even someone who’s working a 9-5 job, this is one of the easiest ways to make some extra money (at least with the right guidance it is).

Since this is an online program, you have the flexibility to complete it whenever you can. 

Even if you are a beginner, this course will guide you through everything you need to know about being a virtual assistant and how to make money out of it.

But remember this is not some magic trick that’s going to make you thousands of dollars overnight. You have to follow the course exactly as it is and be very patient in the process.

Jumpstart Mini Course for $19

Whether you’re not sure if the FullyBookedVA Course is right for you or don’t want to make a full-price commitment, you can try out a mini course – Jumpstart Mini Course for just $19.

This mini course is designed to give you a jumpstart in the VA world in just 4 steps.

FullyBookedVA Virtual Assistant Course Price

The monthly membership is priced at $199 and you’ll get access to:

  • The VA Foundations Course
  • The #FullyBookedVA Community
  • Client Leads (both proprietary and non-proprietary)
  • Virtual Assistant Certification
  • 5+ Skills Courses
  • Specialization Tracks
  • Live Coaching and Masterminds
  • Bonus Video Walkthrough of the VA Foundations Course Modules 
  • Customizable, Printable Templates, Workbooks and Trackers (to give you a turnkey approach to building your business)

You can get access for the whole year for $1,194.

This is not cheap by any means and I won’t argue it is, but you can earn this back in less than 6 months many times over.

I recommend you to go with the month’s plan to try out first, but I’m pretty sure like many Horkey students you’ll love it and will renew access for the following months.

So let’s sum up the Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA Course pricing:

Course TypePrice
Jumpstart Mini Course$19
FullyBookedVA Course$199 /month
FullyBookedVA Course$1,194 (one-time payment)

VA Certification

Since a lot of businesses require VAs to have a virtual assistant accreditation, Horkey gives you a VA certification upon successfully completing the course foundations.

Once you have your VA certification, you can share it with the world to let your prospective employers know that you’re a professional.

Horkey Handbook Success Stories

Horkey Handbook can boast with excellent success stories its students have shared.

Make Money with Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA Affiliate Program

If you’re running a personal blog or a website yourself, and have a reasonable audience for your content, you can join the Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA Affiliate Program, to earn some extra money. 

Every time one of your readers joins the Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA course, you will get a 20% commission out of the sale.

Note that the payouts are made the month after the sale is generated and you’ll see it delivered on your PayPal or Mass Pay account on (or around) the 10th of each month. 

And what’s best about the Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA affiliate program is that visitors are “cookied” when they click on your affiliate link. And the cookies are good forever, meaning no matter how long after clicking your link someone makes a purchase, you’ll still get your commission.

Is the Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA Virtual Assistant Course Legit?

In short – yes, the Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA course is a legit one. You don’t have to take my word for it, there are many success stories of Horkey Handbook students on their website itself. 

However, along with positive reviews, you’ll come across some negative reviews as well. The main highlight of all these bad reviews was that there’s no way to get a refund if you’re unhappy with the course.

But now, the FullyBookedVA course has a refund policy. You have 7 days to go through the content and get your money back if you’re not satisfied.

Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA Course Pros & Cons


  • It’s a valuable course for absolute beginners as well as people with experience in the VA industry
  • You’ll not only learn how and where to get clients, but you will also get some leads!
  • The course provides a list of several niches for you to choose from, according to your liking and skills
  • The refund process is pretty straightforward (you’ll get your money back no questions asked).


  • This program is a little expensive especially for students who’re looking to earn some cash. ($199 a month)
  • This is a subscription-based course and you cannot get the full course by paying upfront (if you fail to complete the course soon, you’ll end up paying extra).

Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA Course Alternatives

Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA vs. $10k VA

$10K VA is very similar to Horkey Handbook in terms of the training they provide. It is also a very comprehensive course that will give you a detailed guide on how to start your VA business. 

The only downside is, there’s no return policy with $10k VA. You have to bear with it if you don’t find it very useful. Plus, it’s more pricey, costing $497.

Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA vs. 90 Day VA

90 Day VA has an almost identical monthly subscription to Horkey Handbook and things covered are pretty much alike too. You have to pay $197 a month to get access to all the content of the course.

You can get a refund here too if you’re not happy with the content, but it’s not as easy as the Horkey Handbook. You’ll have to show that you really gave it a try (that’s exactly what their refund policy says). This looks like you’re not getting your money back – that easy!

Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA vs. Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant (Udemy Course)

You can get this Udemy course for $12.99 (this is a discounted price – might change) but you won’t get the same benefits of course as the Horkey Handbook. It covers the basics of being a Virtual Assistant.

This course is for absolute beginners, and you will end up learning nothing new if you already know a little about being a Virtual Assistant.

Is the Horkey Handbook FullyBookedVA Course Worth it?

This is always a tricky question to answer especially when it costs you $199 a month. But if you’re seriously thinking about becoming a full-time virtual assistant, then the FullyBookedVA course is definitely worth trying. And what’s best about FullyBookedVA course is that you can start with mini course before committing to a full course.

Not only the course provides you with extensive knowledge of what you should be doing, but it also gives you a list of leads you can start working with.

Many of Gina’s students have shared their success stories on the website, who knows maybe it’ll be your story up there next.

FullyBookedVA Virtual Assistant Course

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