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14 Best Free Translation Websites in 2024

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14 Free Translation Websites

Google Translate’s Free Translation

Google Translate is a free service that automatically interprets words, web pages, and phrases between English and 100 plus languages, including French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Turkish, and Hungarian. 

You can install the Google Translate app that syncs with your iOS or Android to automatically interpret texts and messages in your preferred language for free. 

The audio feature lets you communicate with another person in a different language by simply talking or typing in your language. It’s ideal if you are traveling to another part of the world where language barrier is a problem.

DeepL Translate

DeepL Translator was launched in 2017 by DeepL GmbH Company in Cologne, Germany, and is an AI-powered tool that interprets texts and pages. 

It’s a reliable and alternative translator to Google Translate and interprets language pairs including; Spanish to English, Japanese to English, or French to English. 

You can download DeepL for free on your windows and translate your documents. 

You won’t pay anything to use the DeepL Translator, however, one glossary is only limited to ten entries. In addition, you can only translate three files per month of up to 5MB each. 

DeepL has several plans which are billed either annually or monthly and these have advanced features including: 

  • Unlimited translate text
  • Privilege to translate whole files
  • Multiple glossaries with unlimited entries
  • Team administration

Here is a summary of the DeepL pro plans 

Deep TranslatorFree
Starter$6.99 per user per month (billed annually)
Advanced$22.99 per user per month(billed annually)
Ultimate$45.99 Free Translation is an online translation software company based in the UK that interprets texts from English to French, English to Arabic, and English to Spanish.

It also has a Text to Speech service that lets you hear pronunciations in a foreign language when you type in your language. However, this service doesn’t support local accents such as Cockney, Scottish, African, New Zealand, and Australian. 

Another feature is Voice Translate, which helps you to interpret, speak and install audios of texts in an MP3 format.

The website translation service encompasses interpretation of; 

  • Emails
  • Spreadsheet and Word documents
  • Phrases
  • SMS messages
  • Proposals
  • Software leaflets
  • Business descriptions
  • Business cards

You can also request professional translation services of books, manuals, and projects by completing a form on the website with a small description of what you need.

Bing Translator

Bing Translator is a free Microsoft-based translation software that was established in 2009. You can use it on your PC, smartphone, or iPhone to translate words or phrases between English to Russian, French, German or Spanish.

You can download the Microsoft translator from Google Play and the App Store and interpret texts, phrases, or messages. 

The app supports an OCR and text recognition feature that lets you hold the device over texts and characters for automatic translation. 

Additionally, the Outlook add-in feature enables you to read messages in any language. 

You can also download the Microsoft Edge plug-in and translate foreign languages into over 90 languages or dialects.

Yandex Translate

Yandex Translate is developed by Yandex and is available in over 98 languages.

It offers free online translation services from English to Russian, French, and Japanese. 

There is an advanced OCR translator that interprets texts on photos or images. 

Yandex for Business is a premium service that costs $15 depending on the number of characters or requests. 

Yandex app is available for download from Google Play and the App Store, and you can use it to translate texts and messages. 

For all translation websites, you start by typing, pasting the text on a text box, selecting the language, and translating.

Translatedict Free Translation

Translatedict is a free translation service that allows you to translate English and over 50 languages, including Spanish, Persian, Indonesian, Turkish, and French. 

You can also use the Voice Translator feature to translate pronunciations in your preferred language. Text to speech translates written messages to languages.

You can request a professional translation by filling a form, and support will get back to you.


Reverso Company specializes in AI translation tools, including spell checking, grammar, concordances, and contextual dictionaries. 

The platform offers free online translation in English, Hebrew, Russian, Italian, and German. 

You can download Reverso for windows and automatic translation of Word documents, PDF spreadsheets, expressions, documents, and phrases. 

The Reverso app is available for download on your Android or iOS devices. 

Reverso also has the Voice Translator for translating voice messages into texts and text to speech that changes the text to conversations.

Babylon Translator

Babylon Translator is an Israeli-based online translation and computer dictionary service.

You can get a free online translation of languages such as English, Japanese, and German in more than 75 languages. 

You can download the software to your desktop to automatically translate any word that appears on your computer screen, receive dictionary and Wikipedia results. 

The Babylon Translator app is available on Google Play and the app store, and you can download it to access the results on the go even with no internet connection.

MyMemory Translation

MyMemory Translation is an online collaborative translation database with over 1 billion words and collects translation memories from other databases such as the United Nations and European Union. It also aligns domain-specific multilingual websites. 

The platform is organized into parts that contain language pairings including English to French, English to Spanish, or French to German.

To get started, you can download it on your computer by installing the TMX file on the website.

PROMP Online Translator

PROMP Online Translator is a Russian-based company established in 1991 to provide translation services, translation software, online translation, and dictionaries for German, English, French, Turkish and Chinese. 

You can use the PROMO Online Translator to interpret texts for personal and professional use in over 40 languages. 

You can get the Translator PROMT. One app from Google Play or theApple store to use the services in your android phone, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Day Translations

Day Translations is a professional translation service that offers interpretation and localization solutions for the IT, Finance, and Medical industries. 

The platform offers free translations to and from over 100 languages of the world, including Afrikaans, English, German, Chinese and Spanish. 

You can download the app for instant translation of messages on your devices. 

If you have a business, you can get a free quote for bulk translation services by submitting a request on the website.

Babelfish Free Translation

Babelfish was launched in 1997 and was a free online multilingual translation software. However, it was replaced by Microsoft’s Bing Translator software, to which all queries are redirected. 

The platform offers only free translation services for languages like Spanish, English, and German on the website. As well, you can download the app from Google play and use the service on the go.


Linguee is a web-based bilingual company that offers a dictionary for language pairs, including German to English, English to Portuguese, English to French, and Spanish to English. 

You can search for over 1 billion translations at no cost. Also, you can download the Linguee dictionary app and access the services even when you don’t have an internet connection. uses the power of Google Translate to interpret documents for free. 

The platform supports over 100 languages, including; Afrikaans, Estonian,  Georgian, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, German, English, and Norwegian. 

What makes it unique is that it supports the right to left languages such as; 

  • Arabic
  • Hebrew
  • Pashto
  • Urdu
  • Persian 

You can also get other services from this platform, for example; 

  • Automatic conversion of PDF documents into word format
  • Splitting a large PDF file into smaller pieces
  • Changing PDF to image files
  • Counting the number of words in a Word document
  • Compressing images

Free Translation Frequently Asked Questions

What are Online Translations?

Online translations are tools or platforms where you can translate sentences, words, paragraphs, or texts from one language to another. 

On the other hand, human translator job services can cost up to $35 to $60 per hour, and therefore, online translators are a free alternative.

Are Online Translations Accurate and Reliable?

Online translations are not 100% accurate; however, they quickly interpret documents, phrases, texts, and sentences. For example, Google translate can produce results within 10 seconds. 

Further, the quality of the translation results depends on the language pairs; for instance, common translations such as English to French or Spanish are more accurate than other languages such as Chinese to Spanish or Russian to French.

For business documents, you can check if the translation platform offers professional translation services.

Do Online Translation Tools Detect Grammatical Errors? 

Online translation tools don’t have an auto-detection system for errors and therefore don’t take into account grammatical mistakes. After translating your document, you can proofread the text or use online grammar tools such as Grammarly.

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