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12 Best Places to Find Affordable and Free Online Will in 2022

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12 Places to Find Free Online Will

Do Your Own Will

(Is a free option that offers 10 free legal documents for estate, business, and personal use)

Do Your Own Will is a free online will platform that allows users to easily compose their own legal will.

The site is 100% completely free and will allow you to create your will in a 5 step simple process using its free will template.

That is:

  1. Select the “start your will button” on the sites home page
  2. Enter your basic information in the provided spaces. For instance, your children details, marital status address, and name
  3. Provide the name of your will executor
  4. Explain how you would want your wealth to be distributed among the beneficiaries
  5. Download and save your completed form in editable .docX, or adobe.pdf
free legal advice


(Allows the creation of a mirror will)

Fabric is a web-based site that allows users to develop a free online will for themselves and their spouses and name their children’s guardians. Thereby providing a comprehensive legal will online.

With two witnesses, a pen, and a printer, you can make your will legally binding via a simple procedure provided by the platform.

As mentioned before, the platform is completely free. However, you’ll have to open an account with the platform to access your will.

Free Will

(Offers revocable living trusts for California residents)

Free will is an online-based free legal aid will maker that enables users to compile their last will and testament freely.

The platform allows you to make your will legally valid by allowing you to sign its printed version in front of 2 witnesses.

Importantly, the site partners with world-renown entities such as the American Red Cross organization to plan and get your financial affairs in order.

This makes it one of the best online will makers that you can look out for if you don’t want to spend a penny creating a helpful will. 


(Offers over 150 legal templates)

LawDepot is a web-based site that allows users to design and customize a free online will to cater to their estate, business, real estate, etc.

However, you must first create a free LawDepot account or log in using an existing one to use the platform. Upon signing in, the site will help you write a will online free. And also allow you to download over 150 legal document templates you can use across the US.

Nonetheless, the free service is only available for 7 days (trial period). After that, you’ll have to pay a $33 per month subscription that you can cancel at will.

LawDepot pros

  • Allows the creation of legally binding documents
  • Offers HR documents and corporate amendments

LawDepot cons

  • Does not offer 24/7 support
  • Doesn’t provide cloud storage options

Compact Law

(Provides up to 14 legal documents and free legal information)

Compact Law is a web-based UK organization that provides free legal information, packs, and documents to consumers and businesses. 

Its free legal will kit includes Free:

  • Debt letters
  • Business documents
  • Wills for women
  • Wills for men
  • Living will
  • Prenuptial agreement

Other than that, you must have an account to use the platform—which is free. Having one will allow you to access the free resources, as well as the paid ones. 

Rocket Lawyer

(Gives access to all its estate planning documents for a single monthly price, and allows users to update them at will)

Rocket Lawyer is a web-based legal, technological organization that provides small to medium-sized businesses and individuals with free will forms online, as well as affordable legal services.

If you aren’t sure of what to include in your will, you can use the site’s free templates, which you can customize to your situation. Not only that, but the platform will also guide you through the entire process. As an example, help you decide on the exact things to include in your will.

Apart from that, you can pay a yearly subscription of $39.99 for additional legal services. 

Alternative Places to Find Affordable and Free Online Will

(Offers 40% off forms for spouses or partners)

US Legal Wills is an online-based organization that provides users with estate planning documents and free printable forms for last will and testament.

The platform integrates interactive software that initially asks you questions about how you intend to divide your estate. This makes it easy for you to design a will for your family. And above all makes it easier for your executor to distribute your wealth amicably.

Not to forget, you can use the site’s mirror feature to share information between your spouse’s account and yours. 

To sum it up, you require $39.95 for a will. However, you’ll have to factor in additional costs for extra services such as storing your documents for more than one year or using an attorney. 

(Provides comprehensive legal services such as DIY estate and business planning documents, as well as discounted and free services from attorneys via its TotalLegalTM plan)

Total Legal is a web-based platform that provides self-help legal documents to users.

Using the platform is pretty easy as its online interview feature can help you understand what is needed in a will beforehand.

After designing your will, you can then choose to get it by mail or print it out.

Last but not least, the website will instruct you on how to get your will signed in your state. 

Here are the different prices for the various estate planning documents:

Membership tiersPricesFeatures
Tier 1$14.95 to $19.95 for each legal document for estate planning, such as the last will testamentDocuments purchased individually, no subscription
Tier 2$89 per year or $9.95 per monthOnline document storage vault service, discounted and free legal services from attorneys, all legal documents.

TotalLegal is relatively easy to use and completely capable of developing a comprehensive and legal last will and testament.

3. LegalZoom

(Pricing plan of between $79 and $349)

LegalZoom is an online personalized legal documents and legal solutions provider for families and small businesses.

Specifically, the platform will provide you access to an independent attorney who knows the ins and outs of your state’s law.  As a result, ease the will-making process.

In this case, you can seek the expert’s advice before you get started. Or you can use the self-guided questionnaire provided by the platform. And then seek the services of an attorney at the latter stages when addressing concerns or making updates for up to 1 year.

Here is a list of the different plans and prices:

PlanPriceEstimated processing time
Economy$79 plus state filing fees30 business days
Standard$329 plus state filing fees15 business days
Express gold$349 plus state filing fees10 business days

4. Nolo

(Offers estate planning forms such as living trusts, wills, powers of attorney, quitclaim deeds, and transfer-on-death deeds at a reduced price (25% off sitewide))

Nolo is an online database that provides users a catalog of DIY products and a comprehensive library of free legal articles and online will software.

In this light, you can use the said free resources in several ways.

For instance, use:

  • The provided books and articles to understand what to include in your free online will
  • The offered legal forms to design as many personal and business forms as you require with NoloCloud
  • The provided software to protect your loved ones

The site is free when finding legal information, guides, articles, and an attorney for your case.

On the other hand, software, ebooks, and business books will cost you somewhere between $25 and $40 while customer legal forms and forming an LLC will cost you $9 to $15 respectively. Lastly, you’ll require $99 plus state fees if you decide to form a Corp or nonprofit. 

5. Trust and Will

(Makes it simple for subscribers to get their documents legally binding by providing complete instructions and free mailing of completed documents)

Trust and Will is a web-based platform that offers users an easy way to design, make changes, keep and share their will or trust documents. This makes it one of the best online will software as it integrates all the necessary will-making tools and services.

For instance, it incorporates state-specific curated wills and guidelines to take you through the entire process. These can enable you to create your will in just under 10 minutes.

That said; you’ll require at least $159 for you and your spouse to acquire wills, or $89 if you’re alone.

6. Tomorrow

(100% free for families on its mobile app)

Tomorrow is an online will writing software that provides users with a simple way to develop a will and get life insurance to prepare their loved ones.

It provides you with a simple walk-through video that highlights every stage you require and what you need to know when creating a will, for example. 

Not only that, its mobile app is 100% free for families. Therefore, you can add your job benefits, belongings, accounts, and family to design a customized will without requiring any premium features.

Conversely, employers have the choice of purchasing Tomorrow plus plans for their employees. It covers issues like disability and life insurance, among others.

Nevertheless, if not covered as an employee, you can purchase yours at $39.99 per year.

Tomorrow pros

  • You can use its one-click sharing feature to add individuals to your plan
  • Simple and sleek design
  • An easy to use mobile app that can enable you to plan off the bat

Tomorrow cons 

  • Offers limited support
  • Has a lengthy process in each step
  • Mobile-only formatting can at times be challenging

Are Free Online Wills Valid?

Your free online will is valid as long as it complies with your state laws concerning valid wills. And it also has the same legal implications as a will created by an attorney. 

The content on is for informational and educational purposes only and cannot replace any professional financial advice.
Conduct your own research and seek the advice of a licensed financial advisor. Please read the full Terms of use and Privacy Policy.