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9 Best Places to Find Free Eye Exam in 2022

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9 Places to Find Free Eye Exam

Walmart Vision Centre

(Offers free eye check-up coupons)

Walmart vision Centre is an American-based brand that offers free eye exam and eye healthcare visual products and services to its customers. For instance, it provides prescriptions, as well as a full range of sunglasses, eyeglasses, and contact lenses, among other things.

The organization occasionally conducts a free eye exam at Walmart to thank its customers, an exercise that allows free eye check-ups. You can check out for coupons for such events here. Or reach out to Walmart’s help center to stay informed regarding any current or future free eye examinations.

Last but not least, you can request an online eye test from the organization since some of their staff are self-employed doctors operating from remote locations.  Or carry out their operations from nearby locations. 

free glasses

EyeCare America

(Provides up to 1 year of follow up care)

EyeCare America is a public initiative developed for qualified senior citizens above 65 years who have never been to an ophthalmologist for over 3 years. The program’s main mission is to reduce severe visual impairments and avoidable blindness through 4 main strategies.

That is:

  1. Educating the public about eye disease
  2. Offering free eye health educational resources
  3. Enabling access to medical eye care
  4. Providing eye care programs for which individuals might qualify.

To enable the last strategy, EyeCare America puts to use two programs:

  1. The Glaucoma initiative: This plan offers a glaucoma eye examination for free to eligible individuals and the uninsured.
  2. The seniors’ program: this initiative connects qualified individuals above the age of 65 with local volunteer ophthalmologists for a free eye exam. And year-long follow-up care for any condition identified during the initial examination.

To qualify for a free eye exam or a free online eye exam for each of the programs, you must meet specific requirements.

The Glaucoma program

  • You must be a United States citizen or legal resident
  • Not attended to any eye exam in 12 months or more
  • You don’t have any eye care benefits through the VA or belong to an HMO
  • You’re at a high risk of contracting glaucoma. Such can be determined by your race, age, or family lineage.

The Seniors program

  • You must be a United States citizen or legal resident
  • Not have visited an ophthalmologist in 3 or more years
  • You are 65 years and above
  • You don’t enjoy any eye care benefits through the VA or do not belong to an HMO


(The Program helps reduce healthcare costs associated with eye infections and care)

Medicare is a federal healthcare insurance scheme for individuals who have clocked 65 years and above and younger people receiving Social Security disability benefits. In doing so, the program reduces healthcare costs; however, it doesn’t take care of all the medical expenses. Or costs associated with long-term care.

Medicare funds free eye exam for particular eye tests, but not all.

As such, the program will sponsor a free eye exam if you suffer from or are at risk of developing any of the following conditions:

  1. Diabetes to prevent you from diabetic retinopathy
  2. Glaucoma
  3. Macular degeneration
  4. And cataracts

That said, here are the specific Medicare parts that will cover the different phases of your eye exams.

  • Medicare part A: for your stay in a hospital or inpatient facility
  • Part B: for your preventive and outpatient care, medical devices, and doctor’s services expenses
  • Medicare part C:  for expenses associated with other eye care health services and products. For instance, eyeglass lenses, contact lenses and frames, and routine eye examinations.
  • Medicare part D: for medication levies related to conditions such as eye infections, dry eyes, or glaucoma


(Provides free eye exam for 6 to 12 months olds)

InfantSEE is a public health initiative managed by Optometry Cares. Its main mission is to ensure that eye and vision care is central to infant wellness care to better a child’s quality of life.

As a result, AOA member optometrists continue to offer a free complete eye and vision examination for infants between 6 and 12 months. Their services are provided to all children regardless of their access to insurance coverage or family income.

To ensure the success of the program, the American Optometric Association has partnered with other service providers. An example of such is 

Thus, you can use the below steps to ensure that your child receives a free eye check-up.

  1. Visit your favorite InfantSEE enrolled service provider’s home page (In this case,
  1. From the provided menu boxes, click the one that best describes what you want to accomplish. For example, request an appointment, register a patient, etc. 
  1. Fill in the required information on the provided online forms.

For instance: 

NameDate of birth
Patient typeLocation
Preferred Date and TimeReason for appointment
Insurance Type and insurance member identification numberphone
Best time to be reached for confirmation 

InfantSEE offers free access to an eye-care doctor who has the resources and instruments to detect and treat eye infections among 6 to 12 months old babies. Doing so improves the babies’ quality of life.


(Covers healthcare costs for the low-income earners)

Medicaid is a public insurance scheme that offers health coverage to low-income individuals and families fully registered as US citizens. 

Your state, age, and Medicaid coverage will significantly determine if the program would cover your Free eye test or not. 

For instance: 

  1. You’ll be eligible for the program’s free early and periodic screening, diagnostic, and treatment benefits if you are below 21 years of age. Besides, the costs associated with identifying and correcting your vision will be paid for by the program. 
  1. If you’re above 21 years, your state will determine if you are eligible for a free eye exam or not. This means that you’ll have to conduct prior research to determine if your state supports a free eye check-up. 

Lions Club International

(Covers eye care costs for its members and provides comprehensive eye care services to low-income schools)

Lions Club International is an international non-political service entity originally launched in 1917 by Melvin Jones. Since 2002 lions club international partners with several organizations such as Johnson & Johnson to implement the sight for kids program. An initiative that is so popular among the existing school-based eye programs.

The club brings together lions and eye care experts to provide complete eye healthcare services in low-income schools. Currently, the program is in operation in 4 countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

You can use the following simple steps to get a free vision test from the organization.

  1. On your browser, search for your nearest Lions Club. Or use the Lions club company’s locator to find one near you.
  1. Then send them a message regarding the need for a free eye exam or any other eye care needs

Wait for your reply—it might take up to seven days. If the club doesn’t respond to your message, you can search for a different lions club international near you.  Or re-send your initial message.

At the end of it, you might be lucky to get a free eye exam and glasses. 

Optometry Schools

(Provides eye care services to elementary institutions and the uninsured)

Optometry schools are a group of learning institutions across the world specializing in optometry courses. They provide different degrees of professional, academic, and clinical knowledge pieces of training; for instance, from doctoral levels to certificate levels.  

Some of these schools provide vision screenings for entire elementary institutions. Free eye exams to the uninsured populace. And eyeglasses to people who desperately need a pair but don’t have the means to afford them.

An example of such is the IU School of Optometry, whose optometry graduate doctors continue to provide eye services within the communities they work and live in. 

You can click here to find out your nearest Optometry schools.

Doing so can enable you to get a free eye exam or a free online eye exam for glasses. However, the optometry school you’ll visit will determine the tests and care offered.  

Costco and Sam’s Club

(Provides eye care services to NHS registered members, as well as carry out free vision screenings)

Costco is a publicly-traded organization that offers vision, dental and health plans to small businesses and individuals. On the other hand, Sam’s club is a Walmart affiliate that sells health insurance for businesses and individuals. 

Costco offers free eyesight test services to clients entitled to an NHS sight test.

Therefore, you have to:

  1. Become a customer to the organization
  1. Register for an NHS sight test

For you to enjoy the organization’s free service.

Similarly, Sam’s Club occasionally provides free vision screenings on particular dates. You can make use of such occasions to get a free eye exam.  

To make sure that you’re always updated, you can register yourself as a member of the Sam’s Club.

America’s Best

(Offers discounted prices for eye care products)

America’s Best is a discount provider of eyeglasses, eye examinations, and contact lenses across the US. It partners with similar organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to spread its services.

For you to get a chance for a free eye exam from the company, you need to purchase 2 pairs of lined plastic bifocal lenses. Apart from that, the organization also allows you to plan a free eye exam online without a hitch. For instance, pick your most suitable date, store, and time.

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