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23 Top Selling Crafts to Make And Sell for Profit in 2023

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23 Easy Crafts to Make & Sell

Soap (one of the best handmade items to sell)

Handmade soap is one of the most common gifts many people buy for friends and family on special occasions.

And what’s great about making soaps is that it’s easy and cheap to prepare them. Just make sure you check for potential ingredient restrictions not to avoid upsetting overseas clients.

Scented Candles (easy DIY projects to sell)

What’s better than cozying up on the couch with some scented candles that relax you on the coffee table?

Making scented candles to sell online is another great low-cost idea that can leave you with a large profit margin.

Bath Bomb (one of the trendiest DIYs to sell)

Bath bombs are fun and people like not only gifting them to others but also using themselves. 

Plus, it’s another super easy product to make and doesn’t require much investment.

Graphic T-shirts (best selling handmade items)

Creating graphic t-shirts is the idea of another easy craft. You can either paint t-shirts manually or use a special machine to print graphics on t-shirts to sell.

Plus, you can also use a print-on-demand (POD) service to get your t-shirts printed. However, it will cost you slightly more than doing it yourself.

Scrunchies, Headbands & Bows

Scrunchies, headbands and bows are gaining popularity in recent years. Plus, they don’t require much sewing.

Face Coverings

Since Covid-19 made us all wear face coverings, many people have decided to make it more appealing and started creating custom face coverings. Nice face coverings have become a new fashion accessory that we’ll need for the next few years.

Knitted or Sewn Clothing

The handmade fashion industry is currently in the hype because more people are turning eco-conscious and think about sustainability.

So whether you enjoy knitting or sewing, you can as well turn your hobby into a profitable business.


Just like clothing, hand-made jewelry is a step towards sustainability. Plus, you can price the most creative pieces of jewelry for higher rates.


Let’s face it, key bundles aren’t nice, but keychains make them fun. Just create personalized or fun keychains to sell and you’re good to go.

how to sell on etsy


There’s always a demand for unique pieces and pottery items are no exception.

If you have pottery skills, you can as well put them to work and make money out of your hobby.

Stenciled Pallet Signs

Many people use stenciled pallet signs to shake up the vibe in their kitchens or living rooms. Stenciled pallet signs are usually fun, motivational or spiritual. Plus, they are easy to produce.


One of the most annoying things is the stain coffee mugs and glasses leave on the table. And coasters typically not only protect our furniture but might also be fun because of what’s printed on it.

Tote Bags

Tote bags support sustainability as they are a great way to carry groceries or any things easily. Plus, they don’t require much design or sewing skills as you can just put a fun print to it. 

Knitted Scarves & Socks

Knitted scarves and socks are many people’s favorites. However, most fashion stores either don’t offer a great variety or set high prices. So if you’re skilled in knitting, you can easily knit scarves and socks and put them on sale.

Notebook or Day Planner

Stationery is one of the ever-popular things to sell that is easy to make. People like to shake things up and write down their daily plans and to-do lists in nice, fun-looking notebooks.

Phone Cases (one of the best DIY crafts to make money)

Since all the phones look the same, people like having custom phone cases that are nice (and maybe fun as well). All you need to do is design or pick the print and contract the print-on-demand (POD) service provider like Printify to produce your products.

Pro tip: Offer customized phone cases with your customer’s name on them.

Pencil Cup

What’s more annoying than a lot of pencils dropping on the floor while you try to make art. A customized pencil cup is a great organizing tool for people who draw or make some kind of craft.

Plush Toys

Plush toys make a great gift for children. But many adults also enjoy the cuddly, fluffy toys on their couches or beds. And the best thing is that if you’re good at sewing, it’s extremely easy to make them.

Wooden Furniture

If you enjoy working with the wood, you can as well turn your hobby into a lucrative business – make furniture for sale. Woodwork is one of the oldest crafts around that many people value and adore. 

Wooden Home Decorations (easy wood projects to sell)

Just like furniture, wooden home decorations are valuable as well that can make you a profitable business.


A suncatcher or light catcher is a small reflective ornament that’s made of glass or nacre pieces and is hung indoors, near the window to “catch” sunlight.

Dream Catcher (one of the best craft ideas to make money)

Dream catchers originated with a group of native North Americans. They used to hang dream catchers above the bed like a charm to protect sleeping people from nightmares. 

Today, the dream catcher is a nice accessory many people enjoy having at home.

Glasses/Sunglasses Bag

People who use either glasses or sunglasses typically always need a bag to safely carry their glasses. And what’s better than a nice and unique bag that can protect your glasses?

Is Selling Crafts Profitable?

Crafts and DIYs can be a great way to make an additional income, while you can even turn your hobby into a full-time business.

If you’re wondering what are the most profitable handmade crafts, then you’re on the right page as this article will give you an idea of crafts that sell well.

Pro tip: Stay up-to-date to trends, but make sure your product is unique and stands out from the competition.

Here’s how much you can make selling different handmade crafts and DIYs:

CraftEstimated Price
Scented Candles$20
Graphic T-shirts$15 – $20
Wooden Furniture$250
Plush Toys$15+

Where to Sell Your Crafts?

Etsy Summary

  • Easy to set up & maintain your store
  • 45+ million active Etsy buyers
  • List your first item for just $0.20
  • Automatic deposits and secure transactions

The best place to sell your DIY crafts is Etsy. Etsy is a platform that gives you an opportunity to create your listing and put it in front of 45.7 million active buyers on Etsy.

While Etsy is one of the largest e-commerce platforms specifically developed to sell crafts, there are other e-commerce options.

To maximize your earnings, I’d recommend selling your crafts on multiple platforms.

Some of the best platforms you can sell your crafts on include:

sites like etsy

Now that you know where to sell your handmade items, let’s see what are the most trending crafts to make and sell.

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