How to Find the Affordable Wedding Venue of Your Dreams on a Budget

One of the biggest decisions any couple makes when planning their wedding is on the venue for the ceremony and reception. According to, couples spend an average of $9,000 on the wedding venue alone. Even if your budget is stretched tighter than your wedding-day shape wear, you can find a venue that satisfies both […]

50 Companies that Send Free Hydro Flask Stickers

As important it is to carry water bottles to keep yourself hydrated, it has become equally essential to flaunt stickers on them. After all, the kind of stickers you flaunt says a lot about your personality. Yes? With this in mind, let’s explore companies that are currently offering free hydro flask stickers that can oomph […]

500+ Companies Who Mail FREE Stickers [2020]

Who doesn’t love FREE stuff? We all do! And free stickers are not an exception, too! You can use them to add sparks to your project, or you can simply flaunt sticker on your accessories – car, laptop, water bottle, mobile back cover and the like. On a serious note, you can showcase stickers related […]

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20 Legitimate Ways to Get FREE Internet at Home and in Public

Internet access is an essential utility for everyone in today’s world. Internet access enables us to connect with friends, work, shop, pay bills, access entertainment, and keep up-to-date with news. But Internet access is expensive, and costs will keep going up. The average Internet bill is $66.17 per month in the US. It’s unaffordable for many […]

7 Ways to Save Money by Going Green

Wondering if you can Save Money by going green? Here are seven tips for reducing your energy use and wasteful practices to help your wallet and the environment

How to Get Free Shoes? (from Nike, Adidas, Under Armour)

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How to Save Money Fast – 67 Practical Tips [2020 Update]

Yet there is a vast array of articles written on how to save money, that too few of us exploit to their fullest. We spend all our lives worrying about money, and then we allow it to slide out of our grasp due to sloppy consumer practices and generally wasteful behavior. So in this article, […]