How to Quit a Job Your Just Started? (Practical Guide)

Jeez, what have you done? This job you just started is not what you thought it would be. In fact, you hate it. Even though you’ve been here less than a week, you want to quit already. Whatever your reason for wanting to quit, you’re not alone. A survey by Joblist found that almost half […]

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Budgeting 101: How to Make a Budget from Scratch

Budgeting is an essential skill that will help you plan your spending and meet your financial goals. While budgeting may seem complicated at first, it’s easy to get the hang of if you dedicate time to it. Developing a personalized budget can also help you pay down debt and save for major purchases. If you […]

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Should you go back to school in your 30s? There are pros and cons that must be considered before deciding how to further your career.

How to Become a Millionaire? (at Any Age!)

These days, the word “millionaire” gets thrown around a lot. We all would love to be millionaires. But it’s not really the money that people want, they want the freedom that being a millionaire can buy you. Freedom from your job, freedom to travel, freedom to spend time with your loved ones, these are the […]