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43 Best Cash Jobs: Ways to Make Money Under the Table

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43 Cash Jobs:

Dog Walker

Rover Summary

  • 6 different ways to earn money available
  • Get up to $25,000 pet care coverage
  • You get to decide how much to charge
  • 24/7 support, Including vet assistance

If you love animals, one of the best cash jobs is as a dog walker. While there are platforms, such as Rover, where you can connect with clients, this will create earnings records.

If you want to stick to strictly under the table jobs, you can find dog walking clients in your local area through fliers and posters. You can even approach vet clinics or dog owners to find work. 

Reliable dog walkers can expect to earn up to $1000 per month. 

dog walking jobs


Babysitting is a traditional cash job that is often favored by teens. Many parents are in need of responsible, trustworthy and reliable carers for their children. 

You can find clients through your own personal network or post ads on local bulletin boards and social media. 

The average rate for babysitters in America is $16 per hour. But, if you’re looking after more than one child or working anti social hours, you may earn more. 

Delivery Driver

Uber Summary

  • Earn up to $1034 per week including tips
  • Receive payments up to 5 times per day
  • Earn more during surge pricing periods
  • You get to keep 100% of all rider tips

Another great job to make some extra cash is delivery driving. While it is possible to drive for Uber or Lyft, this is not really under the table. 

If you want to work under the table, you can take driving gigs or become a personal driver. You can find jobs on Craigslist working for local restaurants. It is possible to earn $10 to $20 per hour. 

how to make money with lyft


eBay Summary

  • High user traffic – over 187 million users
  • No listing fees for small scale sellers
  • Promote your listing from as little as 1%
  • Quick processing time for payouts

A job you can start immediately is as a reseller. Resellers are essentially people who buy items and sell them at a higher price. 

You can buy items at garage sales, thrift stores or Facebook Marketplace. Once you have inventory, you can sell the products on eBay or in person. 

This is a great job for people who love bargain hunting. Just be sure to consider your selling costs before you make a purchase. 

Renting Extra Space

AirBnb Summary

  • Over 150 million users worldwide
  • Earn an average of $924 per month
  • Rent out your property whenever you want
  • Quick turnaround time for payouts

This may not be suitable for everyone. However, if you have a spare room in your home, you can rent out this extra space through AirBnB. 

You don’t need to commit to renting your space all year round, as some people do it seasonally. 

According to AirBnB, the average earnings is $924 per month. The actual earnings will vary according to your location, space and the services you offer. Some people have managed to earn $60,000 or more a year. 


Another of the most popular cash jobs is photography. Whether you take pictures at weddings, parties or other events, or sell stock photos, you can make up to $30,000 or more per year. 

Obviously, you’ll need equipment that can deliver quality results. So, if you only have a basic camera, you will  need to invest in new equipment. 

You can market your services within your local area or network to develop a great cash job. 

photography jobs


As a cleaner, you’ll be responsible for ensuring a home or specific rooms inside a house are cleaned to a high standard. Each homeowner may have specific requirements for their cleaner.

However, the common tasks include washing and drying clothes, sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, washing dishes and wiping counters. 

The average national rate for cleaners is $13 per hour. 

cleaning jobs


If you enjoy the outdoors, you could work as a gardner. This could involve mowing lawns, tidying yards or weeding flower beds. But, you’ll be helping homeowners to have a yard they can enjoy using, even if they don’t have the time, energy or fitness to do the work themselves. 

As a gardener, you can set your own rates. You will need to consider your costs before you give quotes, as you’ll need to think about blade sharpening, gas and other expenses. You can expect to earn up to $25 for a ¼ acre yard. 

There are lots of ways to find clients for your gardening enterprise, but some of the most effective are neighborhood social media pages, going door to door or handing out flyers.

Personal Trainer

Fitness enthusiasts can get a cash job as a personal trainer. This can be a lucrative job, earning up to $50 for a one hour session. 

Personal trainers instruct people to help them to reach their fitness goals. You can increase your earning potential by getting your personal trainer certification. However, you don’t need certification to find work. 


In these tough times, many people can’t afford dealership service center prices, but need to keep their cars running. If you’re more mechanically minded, you can turn this into a job. With some tools, you can work in your own backyard or driveway.

Offer your services to friends and family, and word of mouth will start to spread. You’ll need to consider the cost of parts before you give a quote for a job. But, you can earn up to $20 per hour. 

House Mover

Bellhop Summary

  • Flexible working hours that are up to you
  • Earn up to $21 per hour as a mover
  • Get reimbursed $0.30/mile after 15 miles
  • Payment within 5-7 days of a move

If you are physically fit and have access to a truck, you could offer house mover services as your cash job. People need to move home all the time and most don’t have a vehicle large enough to transport their belongings. 

While being a house mover can be hard work, you can earn up to $50 or more per hour. You can even scale your business to create a full time income or small business with employees. 

Music Gigs

If you have musical talent, one of the best cash jobs is to play music gigs. You can perform at bars, clubs and events in your local area for cash. The rates will vary according to the venue. But, it is not unusual to make $100 a night. 

You can even turn your talents to providing music for weddings, birthdays and other events, to make even more money. 

Tour Guide

When you live near a tourist attraction, you could turn this into a cash job by being a tour guide. While you can work for a tour company, these are not under the table jobs. If you want a purely cash job, you can take clients on your own.

You’ll need to be familiar with the local area and be able to explain the significance of the attractions to visitors. 

Massage Therapist

As a licensed massage therapist, you should find it easy to get clients and make some extra cash. You can take your table with you to your client’s homes or businesses, or set up a workstation in your own home. 

You can set your own prices, but you can expect to earn up to $50 per hour.


Another easy option to make extra cash is as a housesitter. Many people go on vacation, but worry about their pets, plants and home security. As a housesitter, you’ll provide reassurance for people on vacation or traveling for work. 

Your duties will include checking the mail, watering plants and ensuring the property remains clean and tidy. 

Many house sitting jobs only pay a little cash, such as $10-$20 per night. However, you’ll get to stay in a nice home as a cheap break. 

house sitting jobs


The term consultant is very broad, but it can be a great way to put your skills and experience to good use. You can be a consultant in practically any niche or industry, with the appropriate skillset. 

There are marketing consultants, IT consultants, financial consultants, fitness consultants and more. 

Depending on your area, consultants can earn up to $100 or more per hour. 

how to become a consultant

Personal Chef

As a great home cook, you could get some under the table work as a personal chef. While being a chef in a restaurant will be a strictly on the books operation, you can cater parties and events or even provide cooking services for individuals and households. 

You can start by offering a cooking service and then get clients through word of mouth. 

Farmers market

When you have a backyard at home and enjoy growing vegetables as a hobby, there is an earning opportunity with farmers markets. You can easily sell popular vegetables including tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. However, you can also jar or pickle unsold vegetables for an even higher price. 

Most local farmers markets are relatively inexpensive venues, so you don’t need to shell out most of your profits on a pitch. Of course, you will only be able to sell when you have fresh produce, so it is a seasonal enterprise. Additionally, you need to be sure that you keep plenty of fresh veggies for use in your own home. 


Most homes require continuous maintenance, but many homeowners lack the skills, time or inclination to do this work. If you’re confident in your DIY skills, you could become a handyman. 

This could involve practically anything around the home. From unclogging toilets to repairing flooring and fixing holes in walls or fences. 

You will need to have a basic toolbox and only work on projects that are within your experience and skill set. You can also increase your skills with online tutorials

Handymen typically earn up to $15 per hour. You can find clients in your local area by posting flyers, going door to door or posting on Facebook. 

Tutoring Summary

  • Convenient to look for clients
  • Receive payments regularly
  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • Choose your preferred work hours

Tutoring can be an excellent side gig to earn cash around your other commitments. There are lots of tutoring platforms such as You’ll need to complete an application and most platforms require a skills test or interview. 

But, if you use a platform, it will not be a completely cash job. 

If you’re looking for purely under the table jobs, you can put flyers up in libraries and schools or post on social media pages to advertise your services. You can expect to earn up to $20 per hour.

online tutoring jobs


Well painted fences and walls can make a home appear neat and tidy. Unfortunately, this aspect of property maintenance is often a neglected chore. So, you can earn $1 to $2 per square foot painting homes. 

Many people are willing to pay painting, so finding clients should be easy. You can even go door to door to find customers. Just bear in mind that you’ll need to consider the costs of brushes, paint and other materials before you provide a quote. 

Car Washing

Most people enjoy driving in a nice car, but car washing can be a chore. Fortunately, this makes room for budding entrepreneurs to make some cash. 

You can offer mobile car washing services, cleaning cars at offices, businesses or homes. 

Once you have shown customers you can do a great job, you’re sure to have plenty of work. You’ll need to wash the cars properly and ensure a streak free finish.

You can expect to earn $10 or more per hour.

car wash jobs


If you often receive praise for your cakes, cookies and pies, you could make some cash selling your delicious treats. 

There are a number of ways you can turn baking into an income. You could sell your items at bake sales or advertise your services making cakes for special occasions.

If you’re really creative, you may find your services become in great demand, making birthday cakes, wedding cakes and other celebration bakes.


As a speaker of multiple languages, one of the best cash jobs for you is to become an interpreter. 

Many people need an interpreter for a variety of reasons. From dealing with administration issues to medical appointments, if someone cannot speak the language, it can be extremely daunting. So, you can help people and earn some extra cash. 

You can place an ad with Craigslist or post flyers offering your services. Interpreters set their own rates, but you can expect to earn $10 to $25 per hour. 


Plumbing is a crucial part of any home. When a pipe leaks, a drain is clogged or a sink is blocked, most homeowners don’t know what to do. So, you can step in and earn some extra cash. 

You’ll need to have sufficient skills and experience to deal with any plumbing issue. But, you can expect to earn an average of $20 per hour. 

Graphic Design

Businesses need graphics for almost every aspect of operation. From logos and branding to marketing materials such as banners and flyers, graphics are a crucial part of the image of a business. For this reason, graphic designers are in high demand. 

If you have design skills and are comfortable working with graphic design software, you could make up to $18 or more per hour. 

remote graphic design jobs


Whether you like to style hair or have a talent for applying make up, there are lots of aspects of being a beautician that can earn you cash on the side. You can offer the convenience of your services in people’s own homes. 

You can expect to earn up to $20 per hour. 

Personal Shopper

Instacart Summary

  • 2 different types of work available
  • Earn up to $10 per full-service order
  • Get $10 for each friend you refer
  • Work as much or as little as you want

A fairly simple under the table job is to become a personal shopper. This role involves picking up groceries and other items for people. You can be helping busy parents, seniors and those with mobility issues to ensure they have everything they need. 

If you enjoy shopping, this could be a great job for you. You can find work on your own in your local area or work for a platform like Instacart. As a personal shopper, you can expect to earn up to $20 per hour. 

Bicycle Repair

Cycling is a popular hobby, helping people to keep fit and live a greener lifestyle. Unfortunately, many cyclists don’t know how to repair their bicycles. But, this creates the potential to earn some cash. 

Your start up costs for bicycle repair are fairly low. You’ll just need basic tools, a work stand and some bike repair tools such as a tire pump, chain breaker and spoke wrench. 

You can set your own rates, but you can expect to charge $50 or more for a tune up. 

Appliance Repair

Craigslist Summary

  • Posts are anonymous
  • Quick and easy listing in a matter of minutes
  • Little to no seller fees, most auctions are free
  • Sell within your local area

Another area of repair that offers cash jobs is appliance repair. New appliances can run to thousands of dollars. So many homeowners prefer to try to keep their appliances running with maintenance and repair. 

If you have skills and experience fixing appliances, you can charge money for this job. Once you develop a reputation as a reliable repair technician, you could earn up to $1,000 a week. 

You can find jobs locally or even post an ad on Craigslist offering your services. 

Yoga Instructor

Yoga is a great way to relax and relieve the stresses of your day. If you’re already an accomplished yoga practitioner, you could become a yoga instructor. 

To attract clients and increase your earning potential, it is a good idea to get certified as an instructor. However, it is possible to offer instruction without certification. You can expect to earn up to $35 per hour. 

how to become a yoga instructor

Furniture Upholstery

Many people take great pride in having a clean home, but furniture upholstery can be a challenge. You can earn $20+ per hour cleaning furniture upholstery. This may involve cleaning chairs, couches or beds to ensure they look good and are fresh. 

You can find clients in your local area by posting flyers or advertising on Facebook groups. It is a good idea to target homes with pets to maximize your earning potential.

If you’re handy, you can also make money repairing furniture upholstery.

Selling Used Books

eBay Summary

  • High user traffic – over 187 million users
  • No listing fees for small scale sellers
  • Promote your listing from as little as 1%
  • Quick processing time for payouts

If you love books, you’re likely to have lots around your home. This can provide the starting point for a cash job. You can start selling your unwanted books and then look to source other books at garage sales, thrift shops and flea markets. 

You can use a third party platform such as eBay or Powell’s or set up your own website. Depending on your stock of books, it is possible to make $200 or more per week.


Peddle Summary

  • Sell used, damaged or junk car nationwide
  • Get instant quote on (855) 925 4302
  • Free towing within 48 hours after offer
  • Receive payment upon car collection

If you have a truck or other suitable vehicle, you can make some cash salvaging. Many people have junk they need to get rid of, but don’t necessarily have a vehicle to dispose of it. You can earn money by collecting the junk and then dumping it.

You may even find some great finds in the items you salvage. If you’re handy, you could repair damaged items for resale, weigh in scrap metal or trade in materials. 

You could even salvage junk cars and trade earn cash through Peddle.

Street Musician

If you play an instrument well or have a great singing voice, why not make some money as a street musician. You can play for commuters near bus or train stations, entertain shoppers at marketplaces or serenade people near bars and restaurants. 

There is no set rate you can make as a street musician. Your earning will come from tips. But, it is possible to earn $20 or more per hour. 

Disk Jockey

Another musical cash job is becoming a disk jockey. You can provide music for parties, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. You’ll need some equipment to work as a DJ, including lights, decks and mixing equipment.

However, you could earn up to $200 per gig. You can post ads offering your services, but you can also approach venues in your area to see if they will allow you to put up flyers.

Party Planner

Party planners are always in demand. From birthdays and weddings to corporate celebrations, most people need someone to organize the event and ensure it runs smoothly. 

You can even specialize in specific types of events. So, if you love weddings, become an expert in this niche. There is the potential to earn $25 or more per hour. 

The key to finding clients for your party planning is to maintain a strong presence on social media, particularly Instagram and Pinterest. However, you can also canvas for clients in your local area with flyers and ads on Craigslist. 

Personal Assistant

Organized people can make $20 or more per hour as a personal assistant. The job may involve running errands, organizing schedules or managing personal details. 

This isn’t the most “under the table” opportunity. But, it is a well paying job that can be kept off the books.

personal assistant jobs


If you’re good at fixing or sewing clothes, you could become a tailor or offer sewing work to make extra cash. 

Many people need clothes altering to ensure a good fit. You can also offer custom made clothing such as suits or dresses. 

You can find work by placing ads in local media. Once you’ve a few happy clients, word of mouth should also increase your workload. You can set your own rates, but expect to earn $12 to 15 per hour. 

Computer Repairer

Computers are expensive, but many apps, software and programs require the latest technology to correctly operate. If you have the tech skills, you can help people with this potential problem by offering computer repair and maintenance. 

You can find computer repair clients by posting Facebook messages or through word of mouth. This is a flexible job that could offer $20 to $30 per hour. 

Phone Repairer

In this modern world, our cell phones are more than just a way to make and receive calls. Many people use their phones for online shopping, banking, emails and more. So, when a screen breaks or there is some other repair issue, it can be a massive problem.

As a mobile phone repairer, you can offer a convenient service without needing much investment capital. You’ll only be able to work on one device at a time, but you can charge $50 or more for each. 

Construction Worker

If you don’t mind manual labor, becoming a construction worker could be one of the best cash jobs for you. This is a hard work job, but you can earn $15 or more per hour. 

Many jobs on the construction site are unskilled. But, as you gain experience and expand your skill set, you can command a higher rate. 

Some construction companies even pay in cash, so you can stay off the books. 

Snow Remover

Another job that has great earning potential, but is hard work is working as a snow remover. In the winter time, many people struggle when their driveways are snowed in and they can’t get their vehicles out. 

You can expect to earn as much as $20 per driveway. You will need to be up early, so you can clear the driveways before people need to head out to work. 

It is possible to remove snow using hand tools, but you can make the job easier using a snowblower or snow plough. Just bear in mind that if you’re using power tools, you’ll need to consider the cost of gas in your prices.

How Do I Make an Extra $1000 a Month?

You can make an extra $1,000 a month in a variety of ways. You can also choose a few gigs to meet your financial requirements.

For example, you could walk dogs during the day, babysit in the evenings and DJ on the weekends.

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