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Canva Review 2022: Features, Benefits, Pros, Cons, Alternatives & More

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Canva Review

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Canva is a graphic design tool that anyone can use to create stunning visual designs for both personal and business use. The platform features an intuitive drag and drop designer and over 250,000 templates that you can use to create your designs. The platform also comes with collaboration tools so you can work with others, and offers both a free version and a 30 day free trial for its pro version.

Legit & Safe

Value for Money

Ease of Use

Customer Support


  • Over 250,000 free templates to choose from – use any one of the platform’s modern templates as a base to create your own unique and stunning designs.
  • Free version available – get access to a limited catalog of free templates and over 100+ design types (social media posts, letters, slides and more).
  • Canva Pro starts from $12 per month – comes with features such as 100+ million free stock images, audio, graphics, and up to 100 GB of cloud storage.
  • Automatically post designs to social media – with Canva Pro, you can schedule your designs to be uploaded directly to up to 7 social media platforms.


  • No live chat support – if you face any issues while using the platform, you may need to wait up to 24 hours or more to get a reply from Canva support.
  • Limited free graphics – you will need to pay (from $ 1) for most of the premium graphics if you are on the free plan and use them in your designs.

What is Canva?

Founded in 2007 by Melan Perkin, Canva is an online graphics tool used by 55+ million active users to create visual content for online and offline marketing. With plenty of Canva stickers, an intuitive interface, photos, elements, fully customizable templates, Canva can help you create all your visuals.

In addition, Canva provides hundreds of thousands of elements and designs to help you create designs for business and personal use. With over 30 million users and a $6 billion valuation, Canva is one of the most popular online graphic design software. 

While you can use Canvas as a simple browser-based photo editor, its true potential lies in creating design elements such as invitations, social media posts, posters, flyers, logos, and cover images.

free logo design

How Does Canva Work?

Canva has a drag and drop feature that makes branding images simple. Whether you choose to use social media handles, a logo or a hashtag, you can accomplish these tasks within minutes. 

With the Canva transparency tool all your images will look sleek. Canva also combines photo editing, design and layout to help you create beautifully finished projects.

Moreover, Canva allows you to;

  • Choose from thousands of image templates and quality content to choose
  • Invite people to edit with you, create brand assets, leave feedback and scale your visual content.
  • Share your work with ease

Who is Canva Best For?

Canva is best for;

  • Marketing teams with little graphic knowledge
  • Educational institutes which use templates
  • Startups and small businesses owners
  • Social media marketers
  • Content creators
  • Website owners
  • Non-graphic designers
  • Pinterest users

Canva Features: What Does Canva Offer?

Access to Photos Videos and Templates

Canva allows you to access over 8000 free templates and 100+ design types. If you upgrade to pro, you’ll have 75 million photos and 420,000+ templates. Canva also lets you access videos and photos directly from Pixabay, Pexels, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google drive.


Since Canva is a compatible application, you don’t have to download it to start working. It has desktop apps for both mac and windows; hence you can work from anywhere using your mobile or desktop.

Learning Curve

Alongside its ease of use, Canva has a learning platform and huge help center designed to teach you how to maximize its use. With its drag and drop interface, you can create drop-down menus of different templates.

Drag and Drop Editor

Canva has a drag and drop editor that adds photos, templates, videos, fonts, and other elements. This feature also allows you to create visuals in minutes and display the relevant elements.

Create More Than Images

Apart from images, Canva allows you to create planners, invitations, blog banners, newsletters, certificates, menus, websites, and fliers.

Animate Effects

Canva lets you use animation effects. Once you click animate, you’ll get the effects you can use. The free ones include Fade, Block, Breath, Rise, and Pan. If you play around with these effects, you can create beautiful images.

Publish on Schedule

Canva allows you to share your image directly to social media networks and schedule your posts to social media platforms, including Facebook groups, Facebook pages, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin profiles.

Brand Kit

Canva’s Brand Kit features allow you to store your brand assets, including brand colors, fonts, and logos. With this kit, you can access the assets while maintaining a consistent look across your designs. This feature can also help you design for corporations and multiple clients that house several brands as an agency.

One-Click Image Resize

Canva has magic resize tool that lets you resize any design to fit the height and width you need.

Access to Tabs

Canva has element tabs to help you find shapes, stickers, gradients, and grids. Examples of tabs include;

Photos tab- this tab allows you to choose from millions of free, paid, and Pro-only stock photos.

Text tab: The text tab allows you to add headings, normal text, and fancy graphical text to your design.

Audio: This tool allows you to add audio elements to capture users’ attention in social news feeds.

Video-With the video tool, you can choose from thousands of free and Pro-only stock video clips.

Background tab: Background tabs let’s find free photos specifically meant for your backgrounds designs. 

Logos tab: As a Pro member, you have access to the Pro tab and upload different variations of your company logo.

Does Canva Offer Free Plan?

Canva has a free plan with limited templates. With the free plan, you get over 250,000 templates,100 design types, and 5GB of cloud storage.

Canva Pricing Plans: How Much Canva Cost?

The platform offers a free and subscription-based plan designed to fit your needs.

Free Plan(Completely Free)Pro Plan($12/month for up to 5 people)Enterprise Plan($30/month per person)
250,000 templates with over 100 design types 
access to free photos and graphics
You can invite members to your team 5GB of cloud storage
Everything the free plan has plus
A Brand Kit
Magic Resize feature
Over 420,000 free templates, premium stock
photovideo, audio, and graphic assets
Different template designs, Store up to 100GB of cloud storage
Plan your posts using a social media scheduler.
Everything the pro plan has plus
Multiple branding kits
Brand controls
Design approval workflow, editing permissionsLock-in templates
Unlimited cloud storage, Single-sign-on
24/7 Enterprise-level support.

Canva Enterprise has additional features such as Single Sign-On available for teams and supporting SSO services such as One login, Asure AD, ADFS, Duo Security, GSuite, Okta, and Salesforce.

Canva Reviews: Is Canva Reliable?

Virtually all Canva reviews on review sites like capterra 4.7, and g2 4.7 agree that Canva is reliable, easy to use, and produces decent designs. While Canva is a handy tool, it’s not a professional editor or graphic design program. 

With the program being cheaper, most reviewers agree that it’s great for nonprofessionals with limited budgets. Some even described it as an excellent app for editing and designing.

However, some reviewers were not happy that they could not manipulate the material when they downloaded it. Others complained that you could not remove the watermarks unless you’re on a paid version.

That said, Canva provides you with an effective way to design your projects.

What are the Canva Pros & Cons?

Canva Pros

  • Tons of tutorials and lessons provided
  • Free version and affordable subscription plan starting at $12/month
  • Web-based app that you can access from anywhere
  • iPhone, Android, and desktop app application

Canva Cons

  • Resizing graphics can be hard to manage
  • You cannot use it offline
  • The only contact is through online forms

How Good Is Canva Support and Knowledge Base?

Canvas is very limited in support. Although it has an extensive library with FAQs and tutorials, you can only contact them via an online form.

Its response time varies depending on the plan:

  • Canva Pro- Within 24 hours
  • Enterprise -Within 2 hours
  • Print-Within 24 hours
  • Non Profit and Education -Within 48 hours
  • Free- Within 1 week

Canva Review Verdict: Is Canva Worth it?

Canva is an affordable user -friendly app that helps you create visual designs for personal and business use. Since everything is drag and drop, you don’t need design skills to start using it. Canva also offers up to 75 modern templates and up to 100 design types to choose from.

Plus, this platform is for great small businesses, online entrepreneurs, and budding designers. If you are looking for various template models and stress-free creating, Canva could be the right option. It has a free version and offers a 14-day free trial, making it even better.

How to Sign Up with Canva?

To get started with Canva you need to;

  • Go to the homepage
  • Create an account using your Google, email address, Apple or facebook
  • Choose your account  type between small business, large company, teacher or student
  • select the templates
  • Choose whether to start with free trial, use the free version or subscribe

Sites Like Canva

CanvaCreativeToolSnappa99 Designs
Platforms supportedSaaS,iPhone,iPad, and AndroidSaaSSaaSSaaS
AudienceBusinesses looking for a video and audio editing platformOrganizations of all sizesAnyone interested in creating graphics for blogs or social media postsCompanies that need on-demand logo and graphic design 
SupportOnline24/7 live support, onlineOnlineBusiness hours, online
TrainingNonDocumentations, WebinarsDocumentation,webinarsDocumentation,live online
Free version/Free trialFree versionFree trialFree versionNo

Canva vs. CreativeTool

CreativeTool is a set of applications from Adobe Inc that gives you access to software used for graphic design. While both Canva and CreativeTool allow you to edit fonts and colors, customization varies between the two. For instance, Canva is template-based software, while CreativeTool provides you with a blank slate.

Regarding user-friendliness, Canva is very easy to use but limited in customization. On the contrary, Adobe is completely customizable but requires a bit of learning. Compared to Canva, CreativeTool gives you the flexibility to make your designs 100% custom without using any templates.

Canva vs. Snappa

Snappa is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to get the feel of online graphics. 

When it comes to ease of use, Canva wins for elegance and simplicity. While both platforms target a similar audience, Snappa focuses on ease of use and clarity.

Snappa also has over 6000 templates compared to Canva’s 60,000+ templates meaning you get various options to choose from Canva. Unlike Snappa, which only supports English, Canva supports over 30 languages. Otherwise, both Canva and Snappa are easy-to-use tools that let you get a feel of online graphics.

Canva vs. 99 Designs

99 Designs is a legitimate company that provides crowdsourced graphic designs for websites, logos, and more. Like Canva, 99 Designs can help you design logos, websites, social media pages, mobile apps, t-shirts, caps and clothing, and more. 

Both platforms are also suitable for freelancers, startups, agencies, SMBs, and enterprises.  However, while Canva has a free version, 99 Designs lacks one meaning it’s much easier to get started with Canva than 99 Designs.

Canva Landing Page Builder FAQ

Does Canva have a watermark?

Canva has a watermark feature that allows you to create unique visuals with your personal brand or stamp.

What size of video can you make with Canva?

While Canva does not put a limit to the duration of the video, any video files you send must be less than 1024 megabytes in size per file

Which is better: Canva vs. picmonkey?

Picmonkey has a greater breadth of functionalities hence is better than Canva for editing visuals.

Can I put Canva on my resume?

Since Canva is an in-demand skill, adding it to your resume can be a great advantage.

In addition to the browser-based tool, Canva has mobile versions. It has desktop clients and supports iOS and Android.

Canva Review

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