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5 Best Places to Find Camper Cleaning Jobs (Earn up to $15+ per Hour)

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5 Websites to Find Camper Cleaning Jobs

Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a great job platform for finding camper cleaning jobs.

The company collects job listings from:

  • Niche job websites
  • Company career pages
  • General web listings
  • Job boards
  • And more

In fact, there are jobs from over 700,000 employers on SimplyHired across 24 different countries and 12 languages. Employers appreciate the site because posting a job here will boost visibility, as it will be seen on more than 100 different job boards.

For job seekers, Simply Hired offers lots of resources. There are guides to help you create a resume, write cover letters and even secure interviews. 

If you’re looking for camper cleaning jobs or any other work, Simply Hired should be one of your first options. 


SnagaJob is a popular choice when searching for a job. This is essentially a job search engine where you can browse through listings without even needing to create a profile. 

If you do create a profile, you can increase visibility to help attract interest from potential employers. 

Like most of the online recruitment sites, you can filter your search by location and keyword. There are approximately 500,000 new jobs added to the site each month. This creates great opportunities to find available work. 

Whether you’re looking for a full time job, a part time gig or seasonal work, it is worth taking a look at SnagaJob. 


Indeed is a well known site that aggregates job listings from company career pages. It also offers employers the option to pay to list their vacancies on the site. There are almost three million active job listings on Indeed at any one time. 

It is less common to find smaller job opportunities on Indeed now. This is because the company no longer allows free agency job postings. However, it is possible to find full time jobs and cleaning contracts. 

You can easily create your online Indeed resume. This will allow potential employers to directly contact you. You can also search the job listings on the website or using the Indeed mobile app. 


While it may not have as sleek a site as others, WowJobs continues to be one of the best ways to find work. You can search for jobs on the website or on your mobile device. This platform pulls job listings from a variety of other sites, loading them into one list for you.

If you find a job that appeals to you, you can then click through to the employer’s website to apply. This makes it easy to find and apply for any camper cleaning jobs. 


Housekeeper Summary

  • You determine the amount you want to be paid
  • Constant flow of gigs
  • Determine your working schedule
  • Reliable cleaners that connect with clients

As its name suggests, has a focus on connecting professionals with those looking for cleaning services. This includes camper cleaning jobs and other professional services. 

You can browse the available jobs or post your profile to attract clients. offers a number of plans for job seekers. 

  • Annual: $144 
  • Quarter: $72
  • Monthly: $29

However, there is an option of a basic free plan with limited calls and contacts. 

What’s Required for Camper Cleaning Jobs?

Camper cleaning is more involved than car washing. There are three primary exteriors for campers; fiberglass, painted metal, and metal. Each of these materials tends to require a special kind of brush or washing solution. 

Cleaning the Exterior

Metal is a common material for trailers and older campers. It is also used for certain new brands. The metal is usually stainless steel or aluminum that needs a prewash to remove any grit and grime. You will then need to clean using a non abrasive product and a soft bristled brush. 

Painted metal can be cleaned in the same way as your car or truck. You can use standard car wash cleaning products and soft bristled brushes. 

If you’re cleaning a camper with a metal body, you need to take care. They are clad and riveted, so water can seep between the seams. So a high pressure washer can actually cause damage. You may need to take care of any stubborn grime with a sprayer attachment on a hose and some elbow grease. 

Fiberglass is a more common material in new campers. The lightweight nature of the materials allows the camper to be more fuel efficient without compromising on durability. Some fiberglass campers are painted, while others have decals. So, you’ll need to use a wash and wax product that cleans and protects. You should also avoid using a pressure washer if the camper has decals or they will peel straight off. 


Generally, awnings are simple to clean. In part, this is due to the fact that awnings don’t typically get very dirty unless it is a particularly dusty area. In most cases, you’ll just need to hose off the fabric. You can simply spray away any dust or dirt and allow it to fully dry before rolling up. Where possible, avoid scrubbing as it may weaken the fabric or damage the finish. 

Weather Seals and Gaskets

Every door, window and slide on a camper has a flexible weather seal or gasket. These rubber pieces protect the camper from the elements. So, it is crucial to keep the parts clean to help preserve and protect them. 

Fortunately, cleaning the weather seals and gaskets is remarkably simple. You can use a silicone based cleaner that will help the gaskets from drying out. Many of these products can be sprayed on with no need for additional cleaning or wiping. 


Most campers have one of three types of wheels; aluminum wheel covers, painted rims or chrome rims. You can use any basic rim cleaning products as you would on your own vehicle. 

Just be sure to avoid using abrasive cleaners or hard bristles that could damage chrome rims. 

The Roof

Cleaning the roof of a camper can be the trickiest part of the process. While some campers have a roof that you can walk on, others don’t. So, it is best to err on the side of caution and avoid stepping on the roof as there is a risk you could step through it. 

Campers tend to have either a fiberglass or rubber roof. Rubber roofs were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. If a camper has a rubber roof, you may notice black streaks of grime on the roof or even running down the sides of the camper. 

To clean a rubber roof, you should use an appropriate cleaning product. The roof will need to be cleaned every couple of months to ensure it will remain in good condition. You should never use a sealant product on a rubber roof as it may prevent it flexing, which will cause damage. 

If a camper has a fiberglass roof, it can be easily cleaned. You can use the same products as you would with a fiberglass exterior. 

How Much Can You Earn with Camper Cleaning Jobs?

You can expect to earn up to $15+ per hour. This will depend on the size of the camper and the type of cleaning job.

Set Up Your Own Camper Cleaning Business

Another option to get camper cleaning jobs is to set up your own camper cleaning business. This will allow you to not only secure small contracts from job sites, but also search for your own clients in your local area. 

You could post ads and flyers in recreation spots or camper sites, as a low cost way to find jobs. Alternatively, you could create a website and advertise on social media sites. 

Setting up your own business will allow you to set your own rates and manage your own schedule. Just be aware that you will need to carry insurance and you may need a permit to operate in your state. 

Are Camper Cleaning Jobs a Good Gig?

As you can see camper cleaning jobs can be a great way to make a little extra cash or establish your own business, as a side gig or full time career.

Of course, you’ll need to develop your skill set, but you don’t need formal qualifications. So, you could even get started today. 

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