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15 Best Platforms To Get Brand Ambassador Jobs (Online Companies)

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15 Brand Ambassador Agencies

Fourstarzz allows you to create your brand ambassador profile so that brands who’re open to paid collaboration can find you.

To get listed as a brand ambassador on Fourstarzz, simply sign up as an ambassador and set up your profile.

The brands, who turn to Fourstarzz to find brand ambassadors will go through the database. If your profile fits their campaign requirements, they will reach out to you via email to present their project. You can negotiate the terms directly with brands and keep 100% of your compensation.


Tapinfluence is another popular platform helping you to get exposed to top brands.

In order to get a job as a brand ambassador, follow the simple steps below:

  • First, sign up to create your profile and connect your social media accounts.
  • Next, set your rates and add more information about your personal brand and the type of content you share.
  • Finally, if your profile matches campaign requirements, marketers will send you invitations to their projects to place your bid.


Markerly connects you with brands that match your interests, style, niche and audience. 

Getting a job as a brand ambassador with Markerly is very simple. All you need to do is sign up for Markerly and set up your profile by linking your social media accounts. 

Markerly consistently receives projects from brands looking for brand ambassadors for their campaigns. Markerly does the search within its own platform and contacts you if your niche and style match with brand’s requirements.


Tidal is another large influencer network that allows you to connect with brands and receive opportunities to work with them.

In order to get a job as a brand ambassador, first you should sign up for Tidal and create your profile. A complete profile must include information about you and your interests and have connected social media accounts.

When there’s a project opportunity that matches your profile, you’ll get the request and can negotiate with the brand.

Grapevine village

Grapevine Village is another agency helping you to find brand ambassador programs.

To be eligible for the platform, you must have 10,000+ Instagram followers or at least 10,000+ YouTube subscribers. If you meet this requirement and are at least 18 years old, you can sign up for Grapevine Village. 

Once you complete your registration and set up your profile, you can access the database of projects posted by brands. When you find the project that interests you, read the campaign goals and requirements carefully and apply to be considered.


Captiv8 lets you get exposed to brands who’re looking for brand ambassadors for their influencer campaigns. In order to get into the Captiv8 database of influencers, you need to sign up and fill out your profile. 

Brands like when they see the complete profiles. So make sure you link your social media and showcase your posts.

Marketers browse through Captiv8’s influencer database and if your profile matches their needs, they will contact you with an offer.

Open Influence

Open Influence has another great database of influencers. In order to get listed and considered for the future campaigns, you should sign up and fill out your profile.

Once Open Influence receives a project which they think matches your profile, they will contact you directly with the details. If the project is interesting for you as well, Open Influence will then connect you with the brand marketer directly.


Tribe lets you promote the brands you’re already using or monetize the posts you’ve already created. The way Tribe works is simple:

  • You sign up for Tribe
  • Next, choose the brand you’d like to promote
  • Upload a photo or a video clip of your favorite product in use
  • Set your own price for the post and submit it for review
  • Finally, if your post meets brand’s requirements, they will pay you to share it

Here’s the potential earnings per post based on your audience size:

Audience SizeRate Per Post
3k – 10k$50 – $100
10k – 25k$100 – $180
25k – 50k$180 – $250
50k – 100k$250-$350


PopularPays allows you to connect with brands and apply for open collaboration opportunities.

Getting a brand ambassador jobs through PopularPays is simple:

  • Sign up as a creator.
  • Apply for the gigs that you find interesting.
  • Once a brand accepts you for collaboration, you’ll need to create high quality content that fits the brand requirements.
  • Next, you’ll either post the content on your social media or allow brands to post on theirs.
  • After all deliverables are met, you’ll get paid.


Scrunch strives to create the database of most authentic influencers for brands to reach their marketing goals. As a result, they value quality over quantity. 

In order to get offers from brands via Scrunch, you should follow the procedure:

  • First, sign up and fill out information about you
  • Next, brands will browse the database. If your audience matches with their target audience, you’ll receive an offer to collaborate.
  • Finally, if you like the project, you’ll negotiate the terms with the brand.


Takumi claims to be an ‘influencer-first platform’. This means they value influencers and let you choose the brand you’d like to collaborate with. 

As a result, Takumi  provides you a large database of brands you can find, reach out and offer collaboration. 

To get a job as a brand ambassador via Takumi, just sign up as a creator and contact available brands. Takumi allows you to get started with as low as 1,000 followers.


Klear helps you showcase your experience along with audience insights and metrics so the brands can match you to their campaign goals more easily.

In order to start getting personal offers from top brands, you need to sign up as a creator.

Once you’re approved and listed on Klear, brands who browse the database will find you. And if your profile matches their needs, they will reach out to you directly.


Even gigantic brands need authentic brand ambassadors to spread their story. Publicfast virtually puts your profile in front of the world’s largest brands like Nescafe, Weleda and others.

In order to get listed among Publicfast’s network of influencers, you need to sign up as an influencer. Once your profile gets approved, you’ll start getting invites from the brands whose campaigns match your values.


Reachbird is another great influencer platform giving you an opportunity to be discovered by brands.

Getting brand ambassador jobs via Reachbird is simple. You just need to sign up as an influencer, build your profile and set your own pricing. 

Once you get approved, you will get listed on Reachbird’s robust influencer database, where brands can find you. If the project aligns with your profile, brand marketers will reach out to you to discuss the project and negotiate the terms.


Zine lets you create your media kit showcasing your social media stats and previous posts (including brand collaborations, if applicable).

In order to find collaboration opportunities through Zine, simply sign up as an influencer and set up your media kit. Once you do that, you’re free to browse through available projects and apply to those that match your interests. 

After the brand responds to your application, you can negotiate the terms directly with the marketer.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador, alternatively called an influencer is a person, who represents the brand in a positive way. Brands usually choose to work with influencers, who have an engaged audience trusting them and taking their suggestions. 

Brand ambassadors are typically in a paid collaboration with brands, who need to increase their brand awareness and/or sales.

In order to become a brand ambassador, you don’t necessarily have to be famous – you can start completely from scratch.

Here’s the list of 10 most popular brand ambassadors:

How to Become a Brand Ambassador?

The very first step to becoming a brand ambassador is choosing your niche and building your audience around it. It’s more effective to build a niche audience rather than a mixed one. For example, people who are obsessed with fitness will probably not engage with your content when you promote alcoholic beverages. 

On the other hand, if you constantly post about fitness and healthy habits, they’re more likely to engage with you. An engaged loyal audience is a powerful asset as they trust you and are ready to purchase from you.

Once you have a loyal audience, you can start negotiating with brands to set up paid campaigns. Most often, having 10,000 followers is enough to start collaborating with brands. 

There are various influencer management agencies that connect ambassadors with brands. This article contains a list of 15 best platforms helping you to find paid collaboration opportunities.

how to become an instagram influencer

Is Being a Brand Ambassador Worth it?

Becoming a brand ambassador might be an interesting job for many people. On the other hand, looking at the numbers we can clearly see that you can turn it into a lucrative job.

Here’s how much brands are paying per post based on your audience size:

  • Up to 10,000 followers – $88 /post
  • 10,000 to 100,000 followers- $200 /post
  • 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers – $670 /post
  • 1,000,000+ followers – $3,000+ /post

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