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13 High-Paying Best Jobs for Extroverts in 2024

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13 Jobs For Extroverts

Event Planner

As the name suggests, your duties as an event planner include organizing and coordinating events, including weddings, birthdays, and corporate parties. 

Your mission is to oversee the successful execution of events. As a planner, you’ll work closely with your client and carry out the following duties;

  • Choosing venues
  • Developing the event’s menu
  • Printing materials
  • Taking care of the budget
  • Organizing transportation
  • Track budgets
  • solicit bids from third parties, including caterers.
  • Managing lodging and accommodation services for the guests
  • Open communication with all the parties
  • Delegate tasks to staff
  • Marketing skills, including product knowledge and ability to build networks.

To become an event planner, you need a degree or diploma in public relations, hospitality management, communications, and business management. However, if you don’t have a degree, you can also qualify for a junior position and 1-2 years of experience.

Because these are jobs for fun personalities, you’ll enjoy executing your tasks and meeting clients’ needs.

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Occupational Therapist

An occupational therapist helps patients recover from injuries and improve their quality of life. It’s one of the jobs for extroverts that pay well with top earners getting up to $80,000 per year.

While working as one, there are some activities which you must execute every day.

These include;

  • Develop treatment plans for a patient
  • Evaluate the needs of a patient depending on their illness
  • Assess a patient’s home or work surrounding
  • Train patients as well as their caregivers on how to use any equipment as prescribed by the doctor
  • Evaluate the hospital bill.

To become an occupational therapist, you need skills, including communication skills, problem-solving, patience, flexibility, and compassionate skills. Because it’s a healthcare occupation, you need extensive training to get a practising license. 

Most often, you’ll need a master’s degree in occupational therapy alongside other certifications such as;

  • Mental health
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Low vision
  • Pediatrics
  • School systems
  • Driving
  • community mobility
  • Gerontology


The primary duty of a teacher is to prepare lessons for students depending on the subjects. Before becoming a teacher, you need to first enroll in teacher education courses. 

The minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in education or developmental psychology. However, you can also further your education and earn a Master’s degree. In addition, you need to meet your state’s licensing requirements such as;

  • Completing a teacher prep program
  • Fulfilling student teaching requirements
  • Pass the state’s examination for teachers
  • Apply for teacher certification

In-demand subjects for teachers in the US

MathematicsGeometry, Calculus, Algebra, and Trigonometry.
SciencePhysics, Chemistry, and Biology
Foreign subjectsJapanese, Spanish, French, Chinese, Latin, German, and Italian
Bilingual EducationPrograms for non-English speaking students
Special EducationTeach students with disabilities including emotional, dyslexia, hearing problems, and vision impairments
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Sales Manager

A Sales manager’s job is yet another occupation that you can choose as an extrovert. The position requires you to have sales forecasting, coaching skills, management, marketing, communication, and planning skills.

When working as a sales manager, your primary responsibilities will include;

  • Relationship management with clients
  • Sales or lead generation
  • Coordinating sales teams
  • Meeting and exceeding sales targets
  • Product knowledge

To get started, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in business management, marketing, or a related field. You also need up to three years of experience as a sales officer or sales associate.

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Registered Nurse

Nursing is an in-demand profession across the states and currently ranks in position three. It’s one of the highest-paying occupations, and you can earn up to $36.97 per hour.

As well, it’s a rewarding profession with the possibility of career growth.

To work as a registered nurse, you need formal training and meet the education requirements, including;

  • Graduation from an accredited program
  • Have a license to work as a registered nurse or RN
  • Have an RN experience of at least two years


To work as an attorney in the US, you must have a JD degree from a law school. Subsequently, this enables you to enroll for the bar example and be allowed to practise. 

A few states such as New York, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Alabama allow international students to sit for bar exams.

You can never go wrong by choosing a law career because it’s one of the top-paying professions where you can earn up to $130,000 per year.

Also, law is one of the best careers that allows for specialization. For example, you can work as a Government or private attorney in a law firm. In addition, you can work as a legal advisor in companies where legal services are needed such as financial institutions.


If you like beauty and enjoy looking or feeling good, you can choose a career in cosmetology. As well, it’s one of the best jobs for extroverts without a degree

Overall, working as a Cosmetologist has advantages since there’s a lot of flexibility and specialisation. For example, you can work as a barber or hairstylist. 

In addition, as you gain more experience, you can enjoy the flexibility that comes with being your own boss.

Some of the most common cosmetology jobs include;

  • Hairstylist
  • Theatrical makeup artists
  • Skincare specialist
  • Manicurist
  • Hair product specialist
  • Nail technician

Public Relations Officer

If you want to work in a flexible environment, a fast-paced industry where you can learn different things, working as a public relations officer can be an exciting thing to do. 

Public relations specialists are some of the best-paid professions, with an average of $83,170 per year.

To become a PR officer, you must have a communication or journalism degree specialising in PR.  In addition, work experience of up to 5 year years can boost your career prospects.


Being an actor is another rewarding job for extroverts. First of all, it’s a fun job that requires talent and creativity. 

The advantage of acting is that it improves your communication skills, and you can face different situations with courage. In addition, you have an opportunity to shine and become a celebrity.  

You don’t need formal training to become an actor; however, a degree in performing arts, drama, or acting can boost your career prospects.

Flight Attendant

A career as a flight attendant is prestigious and highly rewarding that offers you an opportunity to meet many people and explore the globe. 

A flight attendant job is one of those jobs that require human interaction. Your work will involve working in commercial airlines and private charters to ensure passenger safety and comfort by providing food, drinks, and quick response to issues.

Even though you don’t need formal training beyond high school, a bachelor’s degree can boost your career prospects. Also, you can undertake other courses involving flight rules, emergency procedures, and first aid. 

Lastly, you need to possess public relations and communication skills.

Social Media Manager

As the name suggests, a social media manager’s job involves managing social media accounts, including Snapchat, Pinterest, linkedin and Twitter.

With experience, you can earn up to $63,294 per year, whereas as a top earner, you can pocket up to $97,000 every year.

Your main roles as a social media manager include;

  • Building an audience, 
  • Ensuring optimal customer engagement, 
  • Monitoring performance metrics
  • Responding to comments
  • Designing social media pages
  • Creating valuable content on your client’s platform

To get started on social media manager jobs, you need formal training, preferably in business, management and marketing. 

In addition, you can take online courses in online platforms such as Udemy to bump up your skills, including;

  • Social media certification 
  • Fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Social ads 101
  • Social media training for beginners
  • Content marketing training


Dentists are professionals who treat dental illness and general oral disease. They also apply preventive care techniques in children and adults.

Dentistry is a lucrative profession, one of the best jobs for extroverts that can get you up to $208,000 per year.

It can take up to 8 years to train as a dentist. First, you must acquire an undergraduate degree in medicine and earn a DMD in a dental school. If you need specialization, you must complete a dental residency.


A counselor guides people with mental health and general well-being issues. As a counsellor your main role involves working with individuals to improve their mental health. You also encourage people to open up about their situations, emotions, experiences, and what they face in their everyday lives.

Such a job is rewarding since there’s a high chance of upward mobility, it’s flexible, and it has low-stress levels. Additionally, it’s an example of part time jobs for extroverts.

To become a counsellor, you need a degree or a diploma in psychotherapy or counselling. In addition, you can undertake other courses in combination with your study, including criminology, sociology, and psychology. 

Depending on your state, you may require to upgrade your training to include a master’s degree.

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Best Jobs For Extroverts FAQ

What are the best career choices for extroverts?

Extroverts’ jobs require interacting with other people because generally, they are sociable, enthusiastic, talkative, and action-oriented. You need to select jobs for “people person”.

Examples of careers you can choose include dentistry, counseling, social media management, acting, and nursing.

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