12 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Most Money [2021 List]

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Affiliate programs are all about making money and it is still one of the best ways to monetize your blog.

In this post, I’m going to show you the best affiliate programs with the most generous payment structure.

Before we get into the list of the companies, let’s start with the relevant definitions.

How to Make Money with Affiliates?

How Much You Can Earn Using Affilite Program

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting someone else’s products and services. Simply put, if somebody buys using your unique affiliate link, you get paid.

Essentially, affiliate marketing is based on a revenue-sharing principle.

What does that mean for you?

For example, let’s say you sign up with Amazon Associates, which offers up to 10% in affiliate commission fees. You recommend a product or service to your followers and get a 10% share once somebody buys a product via your unique provided link:

  • Product price – $10
  • Affiliate program commission – 10%
  • Amazon gets – $9
  • You get – $1

This payment structure is based on a fixed percentage per purchase. However, there is a much better payment structure – recurring commissions!

Best Sites to Start Online Business


Hostgator logo

Flexible terms. You can purchase hosting plans on a 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months basis

Up to 60% discounts for purchasing hosting plans for more than 12 months in advance

Unmetered bandwidth – no limit to traffic that your site may get


Teachable logo

One-stop-shop platform helping you create, market and sell your online courses

Website customization – choose your website template that matches your course look

You can offer different payment options (Stripe and PayPal)


Shopify logo

Sell anything and anywehere on Shopify (E-commerce, Dropshipping)

Extremely quick way to start your own e-commerce store (6 steps process)

14 days free trial with thousands of apps to improve your store

Why Recurring Commissions are the Best?

Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

The best affiliate programs provide lifetime customer commissions. This means you’ll continue to earn commissions every time your referral invests in a product from the business you referred them to.

Let’s say you sign up with affiliate program Beyond Hosting, which offers a healthy 40% in recurring commissions.

Monthly plans start from $49.90. So if you refer just 100 people at $49.99 a month and they all use the service for a whole year, you make $24,000 per year!

On the flip side, if your referrals sign up with the plan for $100, you make $58,000 per year!

In fact, it’s more than possible to make even more. Personal blog owner Michelle makes over $60,000 each month from affiliate marketing.

Now let’s go over the 12 best affiliate programs out there.

Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commissions:

1. Shopify

Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commissions

Shopify is an e-commerce platform which runs over 500,000 active stores!

You will earn an average of $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan with your unique referral link, and $2000 for each Plus referral.

Their tracking cookies last for 30 days.

Shopify Summary

  • Sell anything and anywehere on Shopify
  • Extremely quick way to start your own e-commerce store
  • 14 days free trial available
  • Thousands of apps available to improve your store

2. LiveChat

How to Promote Other Websites and Get Paid

LiveChat is an online customer service software and help desk software for businesses. Over 26,000 companies from 150 countries worldwide use LiveChat.

So far $651,183 has been earned by LiveChat Affiliates!

At the moment, they offer 20% recurring payments for customers you refer and 120 days cookies, for subscriptions plans which starts from $16 all the way to $149.

On top of that, you get up-to-date and high-converting banners, widgets and copy templates, which help you promote LiveChat and optimize your results.

3. Pure VPN

How to Find Best Affiliate Programs Online 2019

Pure VPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service, which is an encrypted tunnel that keeps your data secure and anonymous while you browse online

The monthly plans start from $3.33 to $10.95,

and the commissions are as follows:

  • 100% commission the first payment for 1 month VPN plan
  • 40% commission for first payment for 6 months or 1 year VPN plan
  • 30% commission for every recurring payment

One super Pure VPN affiliate made $47,697 in only 7 days!

They also have extra rewards for Top Affiliates:

  • 25% extra commission during the holiday season on every sale. (holiday season continues from Nov 16 till Dec 31, 2019.)
  • Top 3 performers (# of sales) get $10,000, $7,000, $5,000 bonus!
  • iPhones (iPhone XS Max) for affiliates in 4th, 5th and 6th positions.

4. Kinsta

Best Hosting Affiliate Deals 2019

Kinsta is a top WordPress hosting company, offering cloud-based hosting.

You can earn from $50 to $500 after every signup based on the type of plan you refer + 10% monthly recurring lifetime commissions.

There is a 60-day cookies period

According to Kinsta, less than a 5% customers leave it, so recurring commissions hold real value.

5. SEMrush

Affiliate Program to Earn for Subscriptions

SEMrush is a (SAAS) software as a service company. In short, they analyze your competitors, research keywords, and gain competitive intelligence, which helps to grow your business!

You can earn up to 40% recurring commission for SEMrush subscription sales.

Subscription plans are quite expensive and start from $99, but one referred customer brings you $40 for a starter plan. Find someone who needs services for a $400 business plan, and you pocket $160.

It’s worth mentioning that they offer a unique “first cookie wins” attribution model with an unprecedented 10 years of cookie life! Not bad!

In addition, they provide a range of promo materials in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian.

6. Printful

Best Affiliate Program for Graphic Design Blog

Printful is a print-on-demand order fulfillment and warehousing service that fulfills and ships products including clothing, accessories, and home & living items for online businesses.

Product prices on Printful range from $10 to $40. You can earn a 10% commission on every order for the first 9 months.

Printful affiliates so far have made $600K+ in commissions.

7. Instapage

How To Monetize Website Using Affiliate Programs

Instapage is one of the leading landing page platforms out there which enables the user to increase their conversion rate by designing a high-converting landing page.

Plans on Instapage are $29 per month for basic, $55 for Pro and $79 for Premium.

You’ll earn a 50% revenue share on the first payment and a 30% lifetime revenue share on all self-serve plans. Plus, you get 120-day cookies.

They also give you the resources you need to succeed, including promotional materials and a dedicated affiliate manager.

8. ConvertKit

Most Popular Affiliate Programs

ConvertKit is a smart blogger and creator-focused email automation marketing tool.

You’ll earn a 30% commission each month from everyone you refer, and the program has a 60-day cookie window. Depending on the subscribers your referral has, plans begin from $29 to $79 per month.

CovertKit is a relatively new company and has 20,000+ customers globally, so if you came up with the idea to convince 450,000+ MailChimp users to switch over, you would make a fortune!

9. Teachable

Most Profitable Affiliate Progrmas

Teachable is an online learning management platform for creating and teaching courses.

It’s worth pointing out that the online learning industry is expected to exceed $300 Billion by 2025 ($107 Billion in 2015), so it is a real opportunity to make some $$$.

Teachable perfectly illustrates this point – they had 10 million students enroll in over 125,000 courses, and sales generated by the instructors grew from $5m in 2015 to $90m in 2017.

As of now, they offer 30% commissions with a 90-day cookie for plans ranging from $29 to $399.

Also, Teachable offers several A/B tested promotional funnels which you can use for your marketing campaigns.

Teachable Summary

  • One-stop-shop platform helping you create, market and sell your online courses
  • Website customization opportunity – you have your custom domain and can choose your website template that matches your course look and feel
  • You can offer different payment options (Stripe or PayPal account)
  • Course completion certificates are offered on the Professional plan & up

10. ClickFunnels

Most Popular Affiliate Program for Marketing Blog

ClickFunnels is an online sales funnel builder that helps businesses market, sell, and deliver their products online.

They have a Startup plan – $97 per month, and Full Suite – $297 per month.

You get 40% recurring commissions on sales of ClickFunnels, as well as 40% commissions on all the related products in the ClickFunnels ecosystem.

Even better, if you Sign up 100 paying ClickFunnels customers, they will pay an additional $500 a month toward the lease of your dream car. If that’s not enough, if you get 200 signups, they’ll even pay you $1000 per month.

Sounds good? You can see all current car winners here.

11. Aweber

Best Email Marketting Affiliate Program

Aweber is an email marketing service provider that allows customers to collect email addresses and send out automated emails, as well as broadcast emails and even create entire email campaigns.

They offer a 365-day cookie with a recurring commission of 30%, and subscription plans range from $19 to $149.

As an affiliate, you get access to:

  • Custom links
  • Email Swipes
  • Video Ads
  • Banners you can use to promote Aweber
  • A Free eBook you can use to send to your customer

A nice feature they have is that you can subscribe and instantly know when each sale takes place.

12. LeadPages

Long Term Affiliate Sales Program

LeadPages is a landing page tool for growing email lists in order to send lead magnets or make sales pages.

You earn 30% recurring commission for annual $25-$199 plans for as long as your referral remains a Leadpages customer. This includes renewals and upgrades of their Leadpages plan with a 30-day cookie life.

How to Promote Affiliates?

How To Grow Audience and Start Promoting Affiliate Links

Okay, so affiliates are great, but how can you grow an audience and start referring products or services?

A blog is probably the most effective way to promote your affiliate link.

Some ideas for you to write about are:

  • Your personal experiences using the company
  • A comparison with other similar companies
  • A tutorial on how to use service/product

Keep in mind that you don’t just want to sell to people, you want to recommend a service or product your audience will actually be happy to use.

Remember this as the base for all your efforts, and make sure that whatever you’re recommending will be of interest to your audience.

What are you waiting for? Start referring and make money today!