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14 Best Platforms Providing Babysitting Jobs (Earn Up to $15 per Hour)

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14 Best Babysitting Jobs


Babysits is an online platform that allows you to set up your babysitting profile and get job requests. Alternatively, the platform gives you an ability to search for available jobs and apply. This will eliminate the time as you won’t have to wait for the requests to come in.

In order to become a Babysits contractor and get babysitting jobs, follow the steps below:

  1. First, sign up as a babysitter and fill out your profile.
  2. Next, browse the open jobs 
  3. Contact the parent who posted the job to negotiate the terms and the schedule.
virtual babysitting jobs

Care Summary

  • Earn $15 to $20 per hour on average
  • Payments processed quickly within 2 days
  • Get up to $500 in benefits each year
  • All caregivers get 4 different benefits is one of the most popular platforms connecting you to parents.

Follow the simple steps below to become a babysitter:

  1. Sign up as a babysitter and set up your profile. Make sure you showcase your experience and mention what type of jobs are you interested in.
  2. Once your profile is fully set up and approved, click the ‘Find Jobs’ button and start applying to jobs.


Sittercity Summary

  • Free to use
  • Large online job marketplace
  • Apply to jobs that best suit you
  • Set your hourly rate

Sittercity’s mission is to provide Americans babysitters in the shortest time possible. As a result, it created one of the largest babysitter communities.

When you become a member of Sittercity, you’ll get requests directly from parents who need your service. Alternatively, you can apply for open job postings.

In order to get your profile listed, simply sign up as a babysitter and fill out information about yourself. Once you get approved, you’ll be able to apply for jobs and receive requests.


Bambino Summary

  • No fees for sitters to use the platform
  • User-friendly app
  • At least 13 years old to join Bambino
  • Get paid after each sit

Bambino is a smartphone app helping you find a job as a babysitter. 

Here’s the step-by-step process to getting started with Bambino:

  1. First, download the Bambino app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and sign up as a babysitter.
  2. Next, you’ll be required to provide at least one recommendation from the parent.
  3. Once you provide all the requested information and a recommendation, your application will get reviewed.
  4. After you get approved, you’ll start getting requests from parents to babysit their children.
  5. Finally, negotiate the terms and schedule with the parent and get paid through the app. 


Urban Sitter Summary

  • Earn over $1000 per week as a babysitter
  • You get to keep 100% of all your earnings
  • Flexible hours – apply for jobs on the go
  • 10+ job types available to choose from

UrbanSitter is a platform connecting you with parents who are seeking babysitters. To get a job through UrbanSitter, simply sign up as a babysitter. What’s good about UrbanSitter is that you will keep 100% of earnings, without paying a commission to the platform.

Once your profile gets approved, you’ll be able to contact parents who placed babysitting ads or they can contact you directly from your profile.

You must meet the following requirements to join Urban Sitter:

  • Be 18 years old
  • Have a clear criminal record
  • Pass the CPR training


Sittercity Summary

  • Free to use
  • Large online job marketplace
  • Apply to jobs that best suit you
  • Set your hourly rate

Sitter gives you two options to get a babysitting job. 

Either way, parents may ask you to pass a background check before trusting you with their kids. Background checks usually require you to provide your social security number, criminal record and review of the nation-wide sex offender list.


SittingAround differs from other babysitting jobs mentioned in this article. It connects you with people in your area who may need babysitters. However, instead of cash payment, the parents you work with will babysit your children when you need it. SittingAround is basically a babysitting exchange platform.

Simply make a registration to become a SittingAround member and find people in your neighborhood to exchange babysitting service with.

SittingAround membership costs $5/month or $15/year.

Seeking Sitters

Seeking Sitters is another platform connecting you with parents who are seeking for babysitters. As the security is important for the platform, they require both parents and babysitters to pass a background check.

In order to start babysitting through Seeking Sitters, simply sign up as a sitter. Make sure you showcase your experience on your profile as it will help you get more jobs.


Bubble is an app making it easier for you to connect with parents who need babysitters. The platform is exceptionally flexible as it allows you to work on your own terms. This means, you have the freedom to choose when to work and how much to charge your clients.

Becoming a Bubble member is simple. Just follow the steps below to start your babysitting career:

  • Download the Bubble app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • Sign up providing information about yourself and set up your profile showcasing your experience.

Once Bubble approves you, you will start getting requests from parents who need you to take care of their kids. The app has a built-in time tracker to track how many hours you have spent babysitting making the payment process fair and easy.


If you have a vehicle and drive safely, Zum connects you with parents, who need someone to drive their kids around. Depending on parents requirements, you may also be required to take care of their kids before, after or even during the ride.

Here’s the step-by-step process to becoming Zummer:

  1. First, submit your application and claim up to $500 sign-up bonus Zum offers.
  2. Next, Zum will call you the same day to schedule the online meeting or meet them in person.
  3. Finally, you’ll be required to pass a background check and vehicle inspection.

Once you are fully approved, the Zum app will notify you of available rides for the next day that you can accept or decline.


Komae is a cooperative childcare app. It simplifies the process of how people help each other babysitting. Komae basically offers a babysitting service exchange platform. This means when you are a member of Komae, you will babysit kids in your area while their parents will babysit your kids when you need it.

Using Komae is completely free to use for everyone. 

In order to become a member of the Komae community, simply download the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and sign up.


Helpr is an online platform recruiting only experienced babysitters and connecting them to parents who are seeking them.

As Helpr focuses on experience and security, you’re required to:

  • Have at least 2 years of babysitting experience.
  • Provide 3 references related to professional childcare.
  • Pass criminal and social media background checks.
  • Provide CPR certificate or be willing to take one.

If you qualify for Helpr, simply browse open job positions in your state and apply online.

eNannySource allows you to post your profile on the platform. Once your profile is listed, families who are looking for a nanny will be able to contact you.

In order to get a job, you’ll be required to provide a babysitting certification. And eNannySource offers you 10% off Nanny Certification from NannyTraining when you use the code NannyTraining.

To become an eNannySource member, simply create your account and set up your nanny profile showcasing your experience. gives you instant access to jobs posted on its platform right after you make a registration

Make sure you include details about you and showcase your work experience in your application. Submitting a complete application will definitely enhance your chances of employment.

Is Babysitting an Easy Job?

Yes and no. If you’re babysitting a sleeping child, it can be an easy job. On the other hand, it may be challenging if you’re required to spend the day and interact with the kid.

Either way, babysitting is a job that requires your full attention and high sense of responsibility.

How Much Money Can You Make from Babysitting?

On average, you can earn $10 – $15 per hour babysitting.

How Do You Get a Job as a Babysitter?

  • First, learn the basics of taking care of the children. If you don’t have practical experience, you Red Cross offers you the Babysitting Basics Online Course for $45.
  • Optionally, learn first-aid basics and CPR. While it’s not mandatory, some recruitment platforms require you to pass the CPR certification.
  • Next, advertise yourself within your neighborhood or apply to babysitting jobs online. You will find 14 best platforms that connect you to parents in this article.
  • Finally, expand your network to gain experience and get even more jobs.

What Should You Not Do While Babysitting?

While most of the things may be obvious, here’s the list of things you should never do while babysitting:

  • Don’t leave kids unattended.
  • Don’t take kids out of their home without parents’ permission.
  • Never smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs.
  • Never watch shows or videos that are inappropriate for minors.
  • Don’t host your friends or family.

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