Is Withdrawing Money from PayPal the Smart Thing to do?

If you want to receive money from a friend or family member, you might consider doing so through PayPal. It’s certainly the daddy of electronic payments. In the second quarter of 2019, PayPal’s net payment volume totaled $172.36 billion, an increase of around 23% in the same quarter of 2018 (source: Statista). We’re going to […]

The 7 Best Online Flea Markets. Find Deals & Bargains

We can do pretty much anything we want online these days. From buying antiques to ordering Mexican food, online marketplaces are easily accessible and make it simple to find a bargain online. Online flea markets have grown in popularity over the past decade and mean bargain hunters can find unique treasures from the comfort of […]

How to Calculate Opportunity Cost to Make Better Investments

Opportunity cost is an economic rule that savvy investors consider with every investment decision they make. But it’s also a rule that will help you make better decisions in everything you do and manage your money more effectively. In fact, pretty much every decision you make has an opportunity cost associated with it. That’s right. […]

Finding Success after Dropping out of College (Practical Advice)

Have you heard that you can’t be a success if you drop out of college? Well, that’s simply not true. Some of the most successful people in the world are college dropouts. Even though the average debt accumulated by college dropouts is up to $10,000 (according to the US Department of Education), leaving college could […]

Checking vs Savings Account – Which Do You Need?

I think you’ll agree that the United States is moving increasingly toward being a cashless society. Recent research has found this to be true. In 2018, payment processor TSYS found that only 14% of people it surveyed prefer cash as a payment method. To operate successfully in today’s financial world, you need a bank account. […]

Should You Rent Your Wedding Dress? Pros & Cons

Wedding dresses aren’t cheap. They are often one of the major costs involved in planning a wedding. The reality is that weddings are expensive, and the grand occasion you dreamed of as a child may not be in your budget. Research form The Knot’s 2017 Real Weddings Study found that on average, an American wedding […]

5 Best Places to Get Free Furniture for Your New Apartment

So, you want free furniture. I don’t blame you. According to, the average American spends $8,176 on furniture for their apartment – that’s enough money to make anyone cry. If you know where to look, you can furnish an entire apartment for free. Really. In this article, you’ll learn how to get free furniture […]

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Car out of State

Buying a car is always an adventure—doubly so if you decide to take on the extra challenge of making the purchase across state lines. When buying a car in your home state, you will need to work through the lengthy process of registering the vehicle and making sure that it meets your state’s standards before […]

How Long is a Check Good for? (2020 Guide)

If you run a small business, it’s likely that at least some of your customers want to pay you by check. In fact, according to research by Fiserv, checks are the second most popular method to pay bills, beaten only by payment on the biller’s website. Whether you have accepted a check as payment for […]

What Happens If You don’t pay a Parking Ticket on Time?

Maybe you mistook that parking spot for one that was actually legal. Maybe you weren’t paying attention and missed a sign. Maybe you cheated and took one you knew was off-limits because, how often do they check these things anyway? Whatever the cause, you’ve now got a ticket mocking you from under your windshield wiper, […]