10 Best Budgeting Apps for Personal Finance [2020 List]

According to The Guardian, 80% of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck. That’s over 280 million Americans who unable to pay for their basic living expenses if their job was suddenly cut off tomorrow. Scary statistic isn’t it? So what’s the reason behind this statistic? It’s the lack of a proper financial budget. In […]

11 Ways to Make Money Online From Home [2020]

Even if you have a decent, steady day-job, you may still find the need to make more money to stay on top of your finances and feel positive about your financial situation. Luckily, there are several ways you can make money from home which could help ease daily financial pressures… Unlike taking a second job […]

How to Save Money Fast – 67 Practical Tips [2020 Update]

Yet there is a vast array of articles written on how to save money, that too few of us exploit to their fullest. We spend all our lives worrying about money, and then we allow it to slide out of our grasp due to sloppy consumer practices and generally wasteful behavior. So in this article, […]

50 Remote Writing Jobs for Freelancers (Work Online from Home in 2020)

Imagine what it would be like to make $100 for a small 1000-word remote freelance writing gig. Would you like to ditch that soul-sucking 9-5 job for freelance remote writing? Or maybe you want to pay off debt or enjoy a holiday you’d probably never be able to afford otherwise. We all know the feeling. […]

46 Ways to Get Free Money Online (Earn $450+) [2020]

Need some extra money but don’t want to scramble for it? I’ve got you covered with this huge list of legitimate websites and apps that provide you with money in exchange for signing up with them, completing microtasks, or doing something you already do anyway. Going to just a few of them once in a […]

Budgeting 101: How to Make a Budget from Scratch

Budgeting is an essential skill that will help you plan your spending and meet your financial goals. While budgeting may seem complicated at first, it’s easy to get the hang of if you dedicate time to it. Developing a personalized budget can also help you pay down debt and save for major purchases. If you […]

How to Make Money Without a Job – 41 Fast Ways [2020]

Let’s cut to the chase… You need some fast cash. I’m not talking about millions of dollars, but small bursts of cash – enough to meet your monthly obligations, minor emergencies or get that nagging creditor out of your way. All you need is an easy answer to how to make money fast and now. […]

How to Become a Millionaire? (at Any Age!)

These days, the word “millionaire” gets thrown around a lot. We all would love to be millionaires. But it’s not really the money that people want, they want the freedom that being a millionaire can buy you. Freedom from your job, freedom to travel, freedom to spend time with your loved ones, these are the […]

49 Surprising Hobbies That Make You Real Money: 2020 Guide

Some people are fortunate enough to have jobs they love but…… Most people undeniably would rather spend more time enjoying their hobbies than spending time on their often-boring day job! Do You Work Just to Pay the Bills? Then listen up as we share your favorite hobbies that can make you money and replace your […]

7 Best Ways to Sell Used Appliances for Cash [Near You]

Did you know that the average life expectancy of a refrigerator is just 14 years, and that of a dishwasher is just 12 years? That new brand name microwave you just bought from your savings is only expected to last for about 8 years. So, is it true that all the hard-earned money you’ve invested […]