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Ask Wonder Review: Can You Get Paid as a Researcher?

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Wonder Review

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Ask Wonder is a crowdsource research platform, where you can earn up to $30 per hour researching and summarizing answers to questions. While the work is more involved than basic surveys, it is typically more interesting and you can also learn as you earn.



Legit & Safe

Earning Potential

Ease of Use

Payout Process


  • Earn up to $30 per hour
  • No minimum cash out
  • Challenging work
  • Flexible schedule


  • Tough sign up process
  • No ability to choose your own topics

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How Does Ask Wonder Work?

Ask Wonder allows you to;

Complete the Application

You can complete an Ask Wonder application by telling the company about your background, what makes you a strong researcher, and why you’re interested.

Claim the Research Tasks

After completing your Ask Wonder application, you have to wait for approval to join the team, usually taking seven business days.

If everything goes well with your skills assessment, you should become an Ask Wonder researcher without any problems.

Complete Assignments

Assignment length depends on how difficult a task is, plus your research experience and knowledge of the subject matter.

Once you submit your research, you also get an email from Ask Wonder that shares what the client thought about your work.

Get Paid

You get paid with PayPal after every two weeks.

How Much You Can Earn on Ask Wonder?

There is no set Ask Wonder salary, and the amount you receive will depend on the difficulty of the question and how much research is required. 

As an Ask Wonder researcher, you can receive between $8 and $35 per question. This allows experienced researchers to earn up to $30 per hour. 

Ask Wonder may also select you to join a review team. After researchers submit an answer, the platform passes it to its review team before the answer is sent to the client. As a review team member, you’ll receive an additional $1 per answer. 

Who is Ask Wonder Best For?

Ask Wonder is for researchers who like to do research and make money from it. If you are the kind of a person who likes to give answers to tough questions then Ask Wonder can give you this kind of a challenge.

Ask Wonder Features: What Does Ask Wonder Offer?

Free To Join

The most important thing is that it is free to join. You do not need to pay a single dime while joining.  

Amazing Support

When you are building an online business, sometimes it becomes lonely. It would help if you had encouragement and support from others. This platform has an inbuilt support system in the form of a fantastic community of more than 1.5+ members. You can get support from the community through Live chat, PM, and Blog.

Beginner Friendly

This online platform is for anyone who wants to build an online business.

Useful Tools and Training

Most of the tools and training you need to be successful are available on the platform, so you do not need to go elsewhere for further additional services.  


The platform teaches you the most popular earning method of online marketing, such as affiliate marketing.

Ask Wonder Fees: How Much Does Ask Wonder Charge?

It is free to apply to become an Ask Wonder Research Analyst. 

Ask Wonder Payout Terms and Options?

Ask Wonder pays out to their researchers every two weeks, and they will payout through PayPal. This means you don’t have to wait until you accumulate a certain amount of money. 

Ask Wonder Reviews: Is Ask Wonder Legit?

While Ask Wonder is a legit company that allows you to make money, there are quite a lot of negative Ask Wonder review comments. Some of the complaints include low pay, intense pressure and inconsistent oversight. 

The overall ratings for Ask Wonder are average;


However, the fact that the platform to work according to your own schedule and make money from home really pleased some users/

Ask Wonder core values include curiosity, humility, and tenacity.

What are the Ask Wonder Pros & Cons?

Ask Wonder Pros

  • Ask Wonder assignments can dramatically vary, so you’ll be researching various subjects that allow you to learn new and interesting facts.
  • Unlike many basic survey sites, there is the potential to earn up to $30 per hour.
  • You’ll receive a PayPal payment for your work every two weeks, regardless of how many assignments you complete.
  • The system allows you to select the questions you’d like to answer

Ask Wonder Cons

  • The signup process is quite complex. 
  • If the review team rejects your answer, you may not receive any payment for your work.

Ask Wonder Review Verdict: Is Ask Wonder Worth it?

Ask Wonder is a reliable company that offers researchers and analysts an opportunity to earn. It offers the potential to make up to $30 or more per hour if you’re a quick researcher and like this sort of work.

However, because of the lack of regulation in approving the work done by their researchers, there is a risk of not being paid for your efforts. There is no assurance that every work you have done for them will be approved. That said, Ask Wonder is a great way to make extra spending money without getting a second job.

How to Start Freelancing with Ask Wonder?

Ask Wonder sign up process is not as simple as with many other market research platforms.   

With many market research or survey sites, you simply need to provide some basic demographic information and you can join. However, Ask Wonder is more complex. So, here we’ll need to take a look into the Ask Wonder sign up process.

Initially, you’ll need to provide the similar basic information that is necessary for any research site.

This includes:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Age
  • Household details

After this, you will need to take an Ask Wonder “become a researcher” assessment. This is a test that simulates the type of assignment you’ll need to complete as a team member. 

Ask Wonder will provide a sample question and you’ll need to research and summarize an answer. 

Depending on how well you accomplish this will determine if Ask Wonder will accept or decline your application. 

The company standards

While this may appear daunting, Ask Wonder is one of the most demanding ways to earn money from home, so the company needs to ensure all researchers meet the company standards. The company wants assistants that offer creative solutions to any questions, as most questions will not have a simple answer. 

You may need to research several sources to form an educated answer. 

If Ask Wonder does accept you, you’ll also need to complete several steps before you can start completing assignments.

This includes:

  • Reviewing the guidelines
  • Completing a short course on how the company operates and how to write an answer
  • Reviewing the company database of information sources
  • Joining Slack- Ask Wonder encourages members to communicate using this online messaging platform. 

Once you complete these steps, you’re ready to start answering questions and you can obtain help from other members on Slack if you run into difficulties. 

Just remember to link your PayPal account to your Ask Wonder profile to avoid payment delays.

Sites Like Ask Wonder

Potential EarningsPayout Options
Ask WonderEarn up to $35 per questionGift cards or PayPal
Branded Surveys$0.50 – $3 on average per survey with bonus pointsPayPal, Direct Deposit or gift cards
Survey Junkie$1 – $3 per survey + extra ways to earn up to $100 with focus groupsPayPal, e-gift cards or bank transfer 
LifePointsEarn up to $20 each monthPayPal, gift cards, donations

Ask Wonder vs. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys Summary

  • $1 sign up bonus
  • Earn $0.50-$5 on average per survey
  • Average survey length is 15 min
  • Pays by bank transfer, PayPal & gift cards

Branded Surveys is a platform open to US, Canadian and UK residents. You’ll earn up to 300 points for completing each survey. Each point is worth 1 cent. 

While Branded Surveys allows you to $0.50 – $3 on average per survey with bonus points, Ask Wonder’s potential earnings is $35 per question. Branded Surveys also process payments quickly. You can expect to receive your funds within two business days.

Ask Wonder vs. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Summary

  • $1-$3 average earnings per survey
  • Extra points if you screened out of survey
  • Additional ways to earn up to $100
  • Install Survey Junkie extension for bonus

Survey Junkie is a market research company that pays you to complete surveys. Compared to Survey Junkie, Ask Wonder allows you to answer questions, carry out research and make money. 

While Survey Junkies’ average earnings are $1-$3 per survey, Ask Wonder allows you to earn up to $35 per question. Survey Junkie also pays via PayPal, eGift cards, and bank transfers compared to Ask Wonder, which sends money to your PayPal every two weeks.

Ask Wonder vs. LifePoints

LifePoints Summary

  • On average, earn up to $20 each month
  • Survey times vary – 10 min to 20 min
  • Surveys are available in 40+ countries
  • Only $5 minimum payout threshold

LifePoints is an online app that allows you to earn points for taking surveys and completing other tasks. While Ask Wonder offers detailed research opportunities, most tasks on LifePoints are simple and easy. LifePoints also pays in points form compared to Ask Wonder that pays you real PayPal cash. 

As for payout options, you can redeem LifePoints points for Amazon gift cards, donations or PayPal cash. Otherwise, websites can provide you with an opportunity to complete tasks and earn extra income.  

Ask Wonder vs. Toluna

Toluna Summary

  • Get paid from $0.01 to $15 per survey
  • Receive up to 7 surveys in a single day
  • Complete surveys on iOS or Android
  • Earn extra money by playing games

Toluna has been around for over 20 years and has millions of members. Unlike Ask Wonder that specializes in researching questions, Toluna offers multiple ways to earn. This includes testing products, participating in polls and completing surveys. 

There is also sweepstake draws and an active community. You can even earn 500 points for each successful referral. Once you accumulate 95,000 points, you can claim a $30 PayPal payment. 

Ask Wonder vs. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion Summary

  • Easy to understand point system
  • Longer surveys can pay up to $50
  • Product reviews pay between $50 to $200
  • Low minimum payout threshold of $10

ACOP (American Consumer Opinion) has millions of members who earn cash for participating in surveys. The short surveys only take a minute or two and pay up to 50 points. There are occasionally longer surveys offering more points. 

Additionally, unlike Ask Wonder, ACOP has a referral program to boost your earnings.

The minimum cash out is 1,000 points or $10. You can also claim your earnings via PayPal, entries into sweepstake draws, or charity donations. 

Other Sites Like Ask Wonder

Ask Wonder Freelance Platform FAQ

What is Ask Wonder?

Ask Wonder is a market research company that has been operating since 2015. This is a platform offering companies a tool to get answers to complex questions without needing to spend valuable time on research.

The aim of Ask Wonder is to help companies and individuals to answer tough or complex questions with its network of contractors. 

Ask Wonder was founded to bring knowledge to the world faster, cheaper, and in ways that allow us as a society to discover ideas. More so, the company’s purpose was to make learning human again and to create a place where questions can call home. 

The company is building a future where curiosity drives success, and where anyone can empower themselves to learn what they need to do what they love.

Who Is Ask Wonder for?

Ask Wonder is a great option for detail-oriented people who enjoy spending their time trawling the internet for interesting information. The company assigns topics, so you’ll get to learn about new subjects as you complete the work. This makes it one of the best online freelancing platforms.

Is Ask Wonder a scam Or legit?

As a freelance website, Ask Wonder is a legit company that offers research jobs and pays. 

Is Ask Wonder global?

You can apply to become an Ask Wonder researcher from anywhere in the world as long as you’re 18 or older.

Where is Ask Wonder headquartered?

Ask Wonder’s headquarter is in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Why was Ask Wonder founded?

Ask Wonder was founded to bring knowledge to the world faster, cheaper, and in ways that allow us as a society to discover new ideas.

Since it takes time to learn what sort of research quality you need to provide on Ask Wonder,  getting started might be frustrating.

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