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6 Companies That Pay For Adverts on Cars

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6 Companies That Pay For Adverts on Cars


Wrapify Summary

  • Get up to $452 per month of passive income
  • Ad campaigns last between 1 to 6 months
  • $0.20 payment for every mile you travel
  • 4 wrapping options to choose from

Wrapify is an advertising company that specializes in offline adverts. The company primarily acts as a middleman between regular drivers and businesses. Drivers can sign up with Wrapify to have their cars wrapped with adverts from various companies. 

How Wrapify works?

Companies that want to advertise have to first pay Wrapify a fee. Wrapify will then offer drivers the opportunity to have their cars wrapped in the company’s adverts. Once they have had their vehicle wrapped, drivers can carry on with their regular driving routine.

As they drive along the streets, other drivers and road users will see the prominently displayed adverts on their cars. Thus, the company that placed the advert will be able to gain publicity as drivers drive around with their adverts on cars. 

Where is Wrapify available?

Wrapify is available nationwide in all 50 states across the country. To find out if Wrapify is available in your city, download the app and sign up for an account.

How much can you earn with Wrapify?

The amount you can earn from Wrapify varies based on the extent to which you wrap your car.

Level of WrappingPotential Earnings
Static+ Rideshare Topper$174 to $280 per month
Lite$181 to $280 per month
Partial$196 to $280 per month
Full$264 to $452 per month

Wrapify Pros

  • Easy and convenient to make money
  • No upfront fees or costs
  • Low effort – you just need to have a vehicle in good condition and a good driving track record

Wrapify Cons

  • Inconsistent app service
  • There may not be any advertising campaigns available in your area
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Carvertise Summary

  • It is free to join since there is no registration fee required
  • Drivers can choose advertising brands for their campaigns
  • It is a good source of passive income since you can earn up to $300 per month
  • You can get more campaigns after completing the first one

Carvertise brands itself as America’s largest car advertising company. The company has been around since 2012 and has been offering car advertising services since then. 

Carvertise mainly caters to rideshare and delivery drivers who want to supplement their income. However, regular everyday commuting drivers can also sign up to have their cars wrapped with adverts. 

How Carvertise works?

To advertise on Carvertise, all you need to do is sign up for a driver account on the company’s website. 

To sign up for a driver account, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Contact information
  • Car information (including make and model number, year, color, condition, and driving routine)
  • Home city
  • Work city
  • The average number of miles you drive each week
  • Whether or not you are a rideshare or delivery driver. If yes, which platform do you work for

Once you have signed up for an account, Carvertise will match you with a company that is willing to put its ads on your car. They will then wrap your vehicle, and you will drive with the company’s adverts on your car. 

At the end of the campaign, Carvertise will also help you remove the wrapping from your car. 

How much can you earn with Carvertise?

According to the company’s website, drivers can earn anywhere between $450 to $1500 per advertising campaign. Most campaigns start at $100 per month but can go up to $300 per month. 

Carvertise Pros

  • Drivers can choose which brands can have adverts on their cars
  • There are no upfront fees, and it is free to get started driving with Carvertise

Carvertise Cons

  • It is only available in 75 marketplaces in the United States
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StickerRide is another mobile car advertising platform available in the United States. The company is originally from Europe but has since expanded its services to cover the US as well.

How StickerRide works?

Like most car advertising companies, StickerRide offers drivers payments in exchange for using the exteriors of their cars as billboards for advertising. 

However, one key difference is that StickerRide not only pays drivers for each mile that they complete but also for completing additional tasks such as quests and flash mobs. To earn money, drivers must turn on the app while they are driving. 

How much can you earn with StickerRide?

StickerRide does not publish earnings figures for its US-based drivers. However, its European website states that drivers can earn up to $50 per month. 

StickerRide Pros

  • Quests available for drivers to earn extra cash

StickerRide Cons

  • The app is buggy and does not track miles at times
  • Customer service is unresponsive
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Free Car Media

Drivers can also sign up with Free Car Media for the opportunity to earn money simply by driving around with adverts on their cars. Advertising campaigns with Free Car Media range from as little as two months to up to two years in length.

How Free Car Media works?

Compared to some of its competitors, Free Car Media has a somewhat outdated website and system. The company does not use a GPS tracker to track the miles that a driver travels with the advertising decal on his vehicle.

Instead, drivers will need to indicate the number of miles that they drive regularly on their applications. Free Car Media will then match drivers with potential advertisers. Drivers who have been selected by Free Car Media to participate in an advertising campaign will be contacted via email.

How much can you earn with Free Car Media?

According to the company’s website, drivers can earn up to $400 per month. 

Free Car Media Pros

  • High potential earnings for drivers

Free Car Media Cons

  • Outdated software and user interface
  • Not available in many US cities


ReferralCars is another car advertising program. However, unlike its competitors, ReferralCars distinguishes itself by offering two different types of advertising campaigns for drivers: commission-based and non-commission-based.

ReferralCars claims that 95% of its drivers are matched with an advertiser, which is significantly higher than its competitors, who only match less than 1% of their drivers with advertisers. 

In addition, most of the decals that ReferralCars offers are small, see-through rear window decals. As a result, drivers will not need to worry about razor blade scratches on their vehicle’s paint jobs that might result from full decals. 

How ReferralCars works?

To get started with ReferralCars, you will need to sign up for a driver account on the website. Once your application has been approved and you have been matched with an advertising campaign, you will need to pay a fee to have a car decal shipped to your location. 

You will then need to apply the car decal on your own and have it remotely verified by the company. Once you have been verified, you will gain access to a dashboard that tracks the number of leads that your decal has generated for the advertiser. 

How much can you earn with ReferralCars?

Drivers get paid based on the number of leads that their car decal generates. Thus, this means that if you drive more, you are likely to earn more. 

However, this also means that if you get an old campaign or a campaign with low interest, you may earn close to nothing if your car decal does not generate any leads for the advertiser. 

ReferralCars guarantees a $100 gift card for all drivers who keep the car decal on their car for at least 90 days. 

ReferralCars Pros

  • High chance of getting matched with an advertising campaign
  • Decals are mostly small, rear window decals that won’t affect your car’s paintwork

ReferralCars Cons 

  • Earnings are variable, and some drivers complain that they don’t earn anything despite driving significant distances daily
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Last but not least, Car-Bucks is also another car advertising company that drivers can consider for earning an extra income. The company describes itself as a web service that matches commuters who are willing to display adverts on their cars with advertisers looking to drive new business.

How Car-Bucks works?

To advertise with Car-Bucks, start by visiting their website and signing up for an account. Car-Bucks offers 3, 6, and 12-month engagements for drivers. Longer engagements will pay more, and drivers can renew their advertising contracts as many times as they want.

Car-Bucks adverts are small decals that measure 6″ by 30″. Drivers can display up to three Car-Bucks decals on their cars. The decals are easy to apply and can be stuck on like a regular bumper sticker. 

How much can you earn with Car-Bucks?

Car-Bucks pays drivers $1 per commuting hour per banner. Thus, this means that with a maximum of 3 banners and a 1-hour daily commute, you stand to earn up to $90 per month. 

Drivers must install the Car-Bucks GPS tracking app on their mobile devices and keep it on while they are traveling for Car-Bucks to verify the amount of time they spend commuting. 

Car-Bucks Pros

  • Monthly payments via PayPal
  • Easy to sign up for an account and install the app

Car-Bucks Cons

  • Relatively low earning potential compared to some alternatives

What’s Involved In Getting Ads On Your Car?

When you sign up to get ads on your car, you are allowing companies to use your car for their advertising in exchange for payment. Thus, you will typically need to wrap your vehicle with the advertiser’s decals.

The wraps used for these car adverts are usually vinyl and will not damage the paintwork on your car. In addition, the car advertising company will also remove the wrapping for you at the end of the advertising campaign.

How Much Can You Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car?

On average, most car advertising companies pay drivers between $100 to $400 per month to advertise on their cars. The actual amount depends on the brand that ordered each campaign, the level of wrapping, and the car advertising company. 

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What Delivery & Rideshare Companies Allow Advertisements on Cars?

Delivery and rideshare companies tend to hire drivers as subcontractors and not employees. As such, they do not have control over the adverts or decals that drivers put on their cars. Thus, most if not all delivery and rideshare companies allow drivers to have adverts on their cars. 

It is perfectly legal to advertise on your car. As long as you do not promote any offensive or illegal material, you will not be breaking the law by wrapping your vehicle with adverts.

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